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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

WATCH: Benedict Cumberbatch Tries Out New Names

Originally posted 01/20/2015 12:55PM

Don't judge Benedict Cumberbatch by his cover.

There's no doubt Cumberbatch is a talented and captivating man. But behind all those award show nominations lies a performer that simply has one of the most alluring names in the business. It moves through the mouth like crisp iced tea on a steamy summer's day.

So, what would happen if this majestic person was stripped of his equally splendid title? Jimmy Kimmel Live! decided to find out on Tuesday's show with the sketch "Benedict Cumberbatch Tries New Names."

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Johnny Depp's Daughter Helps Him Get into Character (VIDEO)

Originally posted 01/16/2015 08:50AM

For Johnny Depp, making a successful movie is child's play – literally

The Big Bad Wolf of the current Into the Woods, 51, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday and shared how his 15-year-old daughter Lily Rose is responsible for shaping many of the characters he has brought to the big screen.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

WATCH: College Football Players, Coaches and Broadcasters Read Mean Tweets About Themselves

Originally posted 01/13/2015 01:50PM

Here's a treat for all the college football fans who weren't rooting for Ohio State during Monday's championship game.

Jimmy Kimmel Live! brought back its popular Mean Tweets segment, this time playfully targeting the coaches, broadcasters and former players of college football.

Just like the celebrities who came before them, the sports figures in this video are asked to read not-so-nice (and often misspelled) Twitter tirades about themselves out loud.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Joaquin Phoenix: 'My Mom Can Boogie' (VIDEO)

Originally posted 01/09/2015 02:20PM

Joaquin Phoenix has confessed to fibbing on talk shows, so let's hope he isn't lying about his mom's dance moves.

The actor, 40, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday and revealed that his mother, Arlyn, showed off her wild side at last year's Golden Globes.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ryan Seacrest Opens Up About His Childhood Insecurities to Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

Originally posted 12/05/2014 01:45PM

As a radio superstar, American Idol host and executive producer, Ryan Seacrest appears to have celebrity life all figured out. But this wasn't always the case.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Meghan Trainor Sings 'Uncle Dan Hates Obama' & More Mock Thanksgiving Carols (VIDEO)

Originally posted 11/26/2014 03:00PM

If you've ever lamented the fact that the Thanksgiving holiday has a dire lack of carols that the Christmas season has in spades, Jimmy Kimmel and Meghan Trainor have got your back.

On Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the "All About That Bass" singer appeared in a filmed short singing some soon-to-be holiday classics, including "My Flight Got Canceled in Denver (I'll Be Sleeping at an Airport Quiznos Tonight)," and "I Would Like to Leave (To Get Drunk with My Friends)."

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Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jim Carrey Surprises Jimmy Kimmel with a Pony for His Birthday (VIDEO)

Originally posted 11/14/2014 09:30AM

Prepare to be envious, young girls of the world, because Jimmy Kimmel just got the birthday gift of your dreams.

On Thursday, Jim Carrey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to talk about his new movie Dumb and Dumber To and to help the host celebrate his 47th birthday. Instead of opting for the usual tie clip or Target gift card, Carrey, 52, trotted an adorable white pony onto the stage for the birthday boy.

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Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
Alex From Target & 4 Other Times the Internet Totally Tricked Us

Alex From Target & 4 Other Times the Internet Totally Tricked Us

Originally posted 11/05/2014 02:00PM

It was just another day on the job for Alex from Target: He pulled on his red shirt for a shift filled with bagging customers' purchases and, you know, going viral on the Internet.

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Ellen Pompeo Describes Watching Her New Daughter Be Conceived

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Ellen Pompeo Describes Watching Her New Daughter Be Conceived (VIDEO)

Originally posted 10/03/2014 09:20AM

Surprise! Ellen Pompeo is a mom again.

The Grey's Anatomy actress and her husband, Chris Ivery, welcomed their second child, Sienna May Ivery, two months ago, but kept the bundle of joy a secret until Thursday.

After announcing the arrival of Sienna, who was born via surrogate, on Twitter, Pompeo, 44, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to share more details about the baby, including how she was conceived.

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Why Jimmy Kimmel Was Not Sold on Courteney Cox's Friends Reunion Skit

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel Was Not Pleased with Courteney Cox's Performance in His Friends Reunion Skit

Originally posted 09/23/2014 09:55AM

Remember that Friends reunion Jimmy Kimmel hosted on his show a little while back? Do you remember each and every mistake?

Well, Kimmel does.

Courteney Cox was a guest on the show Monday night, and the actress's performance during her last appearance apparently wasn't up to snuff for Jimmy.

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