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From Chloraseptic Commercials to Howard Stern Movies: Stars Share 'How I Got My SAG Card' | Claire Danes

Nominees Share 'How I Got My SAG Card'

Originally posted 01/18/2014 08:20PM

The Screen Actors Guild Awards is the one awards show where fellow actors get to decide the best performances.

To land a coveted spot on the 4,400 member voting panel, you need to be a card-carrying member of the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists.

It may sound intimidating, but a SAG card can be earned through smaller roles on TV, film or radio. This means the evening's biggest stars, the SAG nominees, earned access to the guild through some surprising parts.

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Julie Bowen: I Don't Want a Full-time Nanny | Julie Bowen

Julie Bowen: I Don't Want a Full-time Nanny

Originally posted 01/08/2014 08:30PM

"I felt that it was important that we do have three kids and we need to know how to be with three kids," the Modern Family star tells PEOPLE

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Video: Sofia Vergara Sings 'Jingle Bells' (Very Badly)

Sofia Vergara Sings 'Jingle Bells' (Very Badly)

Originally posted 12/20/2013 03:05PM

When Sofia Vergara sings, something amazing happens – people laugh.

The Colombian bombshell may be a 10 as far as looks go, but when it comes to carrying a tune, well, let's just say she gets points for trying.

The 41-year-old performed a unique rendition of "Jingle Bells" in an Instagram video captured by her Modern Family costar Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

"I feel this this will be a new holiday tradition. @sofiavergara caroling for us," he wrote.

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Sofia Vergara: I'm Not Ashamed to Say I Love Making Money

Sofia Vergara: I'm Not Ashamed to Say I Love Making Money

Originally posted 12/10/2013 08:30PM

She's the highest-paid actress on TV, but Sofia Vergara didn't get there on her looks alone.

The Modern Family star tells Glam Belleza Latina that she's a tough negotiator.

"I think that the concept of being sexy and smart is difficult for many to grasp," she says. "Most people are more comfortable with the notion of 'sexy bimbo.' And I have to admit that I've capitalized on that to negotiate a couple of times, when the 'smart ones' think I have no idea what I can deliver, and I end up costing them more."

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson: My Husband and I Are 'Baby Crazy'

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita Are 'Baby Crazy'

Originally posted 12/07/2013 04:40PM

Just over four months into his marriage to Justin Mikita, Jesse Tyler Ferguson happily admits that he has yet to abandon that coveted honeymoon phase.

But like many newly married couples, the two are finding it increasingly hard to ignore the pitter-patter of just about any feet.

"We're baby crazy right now," the Modern Family star told PEOPLE while hosting the grand opening of the couple's Tie the Knot store at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles on Thursday.

"We see kids with families walking around, and if those parents look away for too long, someone has to hold us back to not steal them."

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Why You Might See Pickles On Sofia Vergara's Wedding Cake

Nick Loeb Talks Cooking for Fiancée Sofia Vergara

Originally posted 12/02/2013 03:00PM

Sofia Vergara hasn't been shy in admitting her wedding day will be a big affair, and luckily fiancé Nick Loeb is on board with whatever his future bride wants – with just one little suggestion.

"We may use Pickle Crunch as a cake topper at our wedding," Loeb, 38, jokes to PEOPLE.

The entrepreneur, who has his own food line, is often seen toting jars of his latest Crunchy Condiment product to the Emmy awards and Golden Globes while supporting Vergara, 41, and it's now a "running joke" among friends, he says.

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson Wants Kids Within 5 Years – and Lots of Them

Jesse Tyler Ferguson Wants Kids Within 5 Years – and Lots of Them

Originally posted 11/19/2013 09:20AM

Jesse and Justin … plus eight?

Jesse Tyler Ferguson joked Monday that he and new husband Justin Mikita would like to have "a Kate Gosselin situation" when they start having kids.

"At least eight, minimum!" the Modern Family actor told PEOPLE at the 13th annual The 24 Hour Plays on Broadway charity event presented by Montblanc in New York.

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How Scandal Can Hide Kerry Washington's Pregnancy | Kerry Washington

How TV Shows Have Hidden Stars's Pregnancies

Originally posted 11/14/2013 09:00AM

It's the baby news heard 'round the world: Kerry Washington is expecting her first child, and while we're excited for the actress, it leaves fans of Scandal scratching their heads about what Washington's bump means for Olivia Pope.

Producer Shonda Rimes has remained mum since Washington's October announcement about whether the pregnancy will be written into the show, but should she choose not to, there's plenty of past precedent to draw from on how to handle a star's changing shape, ranging from the subtle to the downright ridiculous.

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Modern Family Cast Gets Animated in Goofy GIF

TV News

Modern Family Cast Gets Animated

Originally posted 09/20/2013 11:00AM

Missing your Modern Family?

Well, this funny animated GIF of the Emmy-nominated cast should keep you laughing until the fifth season premiere of the hit ABC comedy.

The stars appears elegantly dressed and perfectly poised at first glance, but – upon closer inspection, and just like on the show – their quirks quickly surface for all to see.

Can you look fast enough to spot the changes, which pay homage to previous episodes of the Emmy-winning comedy?

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Modern Family's Familiar Strangers

Modern Family's Familiar Strangers

Originally posted 09/16/2013 04:00PM

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