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Rescue Me

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Rescue Me's Manny Perez Is Married – See the Wedding Photos!

Manny Perez Marries Yumilka Valerio

Originally posted 07/09/2014 01:45PM

Manny Perez is a married man.

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Rescue Me's Finale: Why It Worked | Denis Leary

TV News

Rescue Me's Finale: Why It Worked

Originally posted 09/08/2011 07:00PM

The series finale of a beloved TV show is like the last bite of a great dinner: You want all the flavors and complexities of the meal to blend together, creating that perfect note to end upon and savor.

It's a tall order.

So, as a longtime fan of FX's post-9/11 firefighter drama Rescue Me, I wondered whether the final episode could live up to such high hopes.

Turns out, the opening sequence alone was among the most satisfying of the entire series.

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Inside the Series Finale of Rescue Me

Rescue Me's Denis Leary: Ending the Show Was 'Very Emotional'

Originally posted 09/08/2011 08:50AM

Nothing like a room full of tough guys to help keep your emotions in check.

"It was very emotional," Denis Leary tells PEOPLE of shooting the series finale of Rescue Me at a screening of the episode Wednesday night in Manhattan. "But I couldn't really cry there. There were firefighters there ... it wasn't one of those things where you could cry if you were a guy."

It was a different story for Leary's costar Callie Thorne. "It was really traumatic for me to think about not seeing these people every day," she says of wrapping the post-9/11 firefighter drama. "I loved this family so much. I don't even want to admit that it's over!"

But before it was over for good, the cast, crew, and scores of FDNY bid farewell to the series at the finale party. The guests of honor? More than 30 firefighters who responded on 9/11.

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Callie Thorne: Wrapping Rescue Me was 'Terrible!' | Callie Thorne

TV News

Callie Thorne: Wrapping Rescue Me was 'Terrible!'

Originally posted 07/13/2011 08:15PM

After seven seasons with the Rescue Me "boys club," Callie Thorne says she can more than hold her own with the guys.

"I developed my own truck driver mouth," the actress tells PEOPLE with a laugh. But when the cast filmed the final season – which will air Wednesdays (10 p.m. ET) on FX – the gang of tough guys softened up.

"The final days of Rescue Me were terrible," she says. "There were a lot of tears. Especially when people heard, 'That's a series wrap on Denis Leary.' A lot of the guys got really choked up."

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Callie Thorne Laughs Her Way Through Sex Scene with David Duchovny | Callie Thorne, David Duchovny

Callie Thorne Laughs Her Way Through Sex Scene with David Duchovny

Originally posted 06/28/2010 01:05PM

Making love on screen is rarely easy, but actress Callie Thorne found playing opposite Californication's David Duchovny was a piece of cake – thanks to her leading man.

"I was a big sweaty mess because it's nerve racking enough doing a guest spot on something and then to have it be [a sex scene], but David made me feel very comfortable," Thorne, 40, who guest-starred on his Showtime series, told PEOPLE at the season-six premiere of her FX show Rescue Me.

"By the time we situated ourselves under the covers, I took my robe off … and by the time we shot it, David was making me laugh so hard that it didn't cross my mind that we were in this really strange situation," she says.

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Rescue Me's Andrea Roth Expecting a Baby


Rescue Me's Andrea Roth Expecting a Baby

Originally posted 01/08/2010 02:05PM

After five months spent attempting to start a family, Rescue Me actress Andrea Roth and her fiancé, producer Todd Biermann, have received their wish: The couple are expecting their first child, they tell TV Guide.

Due in mid-April, Roth, 42, says that despite a pregnancy bout with swine flu, everything since has been smooth sailing.

According to the mom-to-be, her announcement received a warm welcome by all on the set of her show, including from executive producer Peter Tolan. "He was, and is, nothing but incredibly happy and really, really accommodating for me," Roth says.

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Maura Tierney Goes from ER to the Firehouse

TV News

Maura Tierney Goes from ER to the Firehouse

Originally posted 04/03/2009 08:05AM

On the night ER's County General shut its doors for good, Maura Tierney hit the town in support of her new show, the FX firefighter drama Rescue Me.

At Thursday's New York season-five premiere and Rescue Me Comedy Tour, benefiting the Leary Firefighters Foundation, Tierney, 44, told PEOPLE of the ER finale, "I haven't seen it. I'm TiVoing it. There was a party this weekend, so I got to see everybody and say goodbye." And, she adds with a laugh, "I've moved on!"

Indeed, after starring opposite her on-air husband, Goran Visnjic, she'll play a potential love interest for Denis Leary's Rescue Me character, Tommy Gavin.

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Lenny Clarke Loses 144 lbs. on 'Denis Leary Diet'

Lenny Clarke Loses 144 lbs. on 'Denis Leary Diet'

Originally posted 09/12/2007 02:00PM

When Rescue Me actor Lenny Clarke hit 380 lbs., his best friend and costar Denis Leary took notice – and action. He encouraged Clarke to get healthy and with Leary's help (and that of Weight Watchers), Clarke has lost 144 lbs. and counting. PEOPLE sat down with the two comedians for a funny, tough-love take on taking off the pounds.

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