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Sesame Street

Christina Hendricks and Elmo Talk Technology on Sesame Street

Originally posted 05/19/2015 11:50PM

[YOUTUBE "x4_ZVWUot2A"] Sesame Street has united two of our favorite redheads!

In a new clip from the educational show, Christina Hendricks and Elmo team up to give kids a primer in technology. One by one, Hendricks explains how a laptop, a cell phone, a digital camera, a tablet and an e-reader are all forms of technology we use to make life easier.

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Credit: Zach Hyman
5 Things You Should Know About the Man Behind Big Bird | Sesame Street, Sesame Street, Big Bird

5 Things to Know About the Man Behind Big Bird

Originally posted 05/15/2015 04:55PM

Caroll Spinney has played one of the most iconic characters on American television for over 45 years, but he knows you probably don't know his name.

The puppeteer, 81, has voiced and provided the movements for Sesame Street's Big Bird since the show hit the air in 1969.

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Credit: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; Jemal Countess/WireImage
Sesame Street's Let's Cook! May Just Be the Cutest Cookbook Ever

Sesame Street's Let's Cook! May Just Be the Cutest Cookbook Ever

Originally posted 05/14/2015 07:15AM

Get Cookie Monster's favorite cookie recipe!

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Watch Cookie Monster Hulk Out in Sesame Street's Avengers Parody

Originally posted 04/27/2015 07:50PM

[YOUTUBE "AHPn5d7wRtk"] You've got to hand it to the Sesame Street crew: They go all-in on their parodies.

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Elmo Encourages Kids to Get Vaccinated in Hilarious New Video

Originally posted 04/18/2015 02:40PM

Even Sesame Street's residents get shots!

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Zach Galifianakis Learns the Word 'Nimble' in New Sesame Street Spot

Originally posted 04/15/2015 11:15PM

[YOUTUBE "Y8kjhbJq1GY"] "Zach be nimble"? He gets there eventually.

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Sesame Street Plays Musical Chairs in Amazing Game of Thrones Parody

Originally posted 04/06/2015 11:40PM

Travel to the land of Jesteros, where major decisions are decided by rousing rounds of musical chairs and everyone looks like a Game of Thrones character – just a little more felty.

Sesame Street has created another parent-friendly parody, this time with a play on the HBO dragon drama. Instead of Game of Thrones, viewers find Grover Bluejoy engaged in a "Game of Chairs."

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Ed Sheeran Brings Down the House on Sesame Street (And Reminds Us of Our Favorite Celeb Cameos)

Originally posted 04/03/2015 02:10AM

From the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show to the streets of Sesame, Ed Sheeran is clearly an everyman performer – no venue is too big, too small, too sexy, too childish.

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Sesame Street

Sesame Street Brilliantly Spoofs House of Cards (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/23/2015 04:45PM

[YOUTUBE "92NXMtVtv8o"] With four days until House of Cards' third season premiere, fans started the week with a couple of treats to hold them over until Friday.

On Monday, the parody geniuses at Sesame Street combined a childhood favorite with the dirty dealings of Kevin Spacey's powerhouse politico Frank Underwood.

In a House of Cards/Three Little Pigs mashup, Frank Underwolf has his sights set on the White Brick House.

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