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Sesame Street

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Robin Williams Teaches Sesame Street 'What It Means to Be Alive'

UpdatePosted 08/12/2014 01:00PM

Life Lessons from Robin Williams's Sesame Street Appearances

Originally posted 08/12/2014 12:05PM

Those of us who grew up watching Robin Williams movies no doubt took away a life lesson or two. Aside from perhaps Dead Poets Society, Williams was never more in teaching mode than he was during his guest appearances on Sesame Street. At this moment, it feels especially heartening to look back on what the actor helped us learn.

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UpdatePosted 06/25/2014 07:30PM

Watch One Direction's Harry Styles and Liam Payne Sing with Sesame Street's Bert!

Originally posted 06/25/2014 11:00AM

One Direction may have a new member – Bert from Sesame Street.

Ernie's roommate is normally known for being a neurotic curmudgeon. But when he had a moment of downtime with One Direction's Liam Payne and Harry Styles, he couldn't resist getting them to sing along in an impromptu rendition of the ABCs.

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Don't Be a Grouch: Watch This Sesame Street Parody of True Blood

Originally posted 06/23/2014 01:00PM

In honor of True Blood's final-season premiere Sunday night, Sesame Street brought back its "True Mud" parody, which replaces all the HBO series's sex and violence with adorable lessons about rhyming.

The plot is simple enough for a 4-year-old to follow: A puppet version of Bill Compton appears at Merlotte's Bar and Grill, in desperate need of some "true mud." Unfortunately for him, the patrons only want to give him things that sound like mud – from cud, to a spud, to some guy named Bud.

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Seven Iconic Characters You Never Knew Were Voiced by Casey Kasem

UpdatePosted 06/15/2014 05:45PM

Seven Iconic Characters You Never Knew Were Voiced by Casey Kasem

Originally posted 06/15/2014 11:20AM

Casey Kasem, the iconic radio host and voice actor, passed away Sunday at the age of 82.

For a certain generation, Kasem was the inimitably raspy voice of the American Top 40 countdown. However, Kasem had a long career as an actor, particularly as a voice actor. Here are seven memorable characters you may not have realized that Kasem was behind.

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Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Cleared of Sexual Abuse Charges

Elmo Puppeteer Kevin Clash Cleared of Sexual Abuse Charges

Originally posted 04/23/2014 05:30PM

The puppeteer who voiced Elmo for decades has been cleared of three sexual abuse charges.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Deduces Math Problem on Sesame Street

Originally posted 02/04/2014 01:00PM

Unfortunately for Benedict Cumberbatch, the star of hit BBC series Sherlock, there's no shortage of foes wanting to test his super sleuthing skills, and that includes the Muppets of Sesame Street.

In a new clip from the children's show, Murray Monster, now known as Murray-arty, puts Cumberbatch on the spot, and asks him to deduce whether there are more apples or oranges. Much like his onscreen counterpart, the Brit turns to a good friend for help – no, not Dr. Watson – the Count.

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Sesame Street

Sesame Street Spoofs Lord of the Rings

Originally posted 12/10/2013 02:00PM

Sesame Street has a pretty great track record with parodies, so it's no surprise that when they turned their googly eyes to Lord of the Rings, they knocked it out of the park.

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VIDEO: What do Jennifer Lawrence and Cookie Monster Have in Common?

Jennifer Lawrence and Catching Fire Get Spoofed in New Sesame Street Video

Originally posted 11/18/2013 04:15PM

One is an Academy Award-winning actress and the other is a blue puppet, but Jennifer Lawrence and Cookie Monster have at least one thing in common – they both star in adaptations of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire this week!

While Lawrence will hit theaters strong-willed heroine Katniss Everdeen in big screen adaptation of the hit book on Friday, Sesame Street will air a segment parodying the popular book starring Cookie Monster as Cookieniss Evereat on Thursday.

In the PBS children's program version, Cookiniss must complete patterns and learn healthy eating habits to win "The Hungry Games" along side her companions Tick-Tock Lady, Finnicky, and Pita (a bread version of Josh Hutcherson's Peeta Mellark).

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Credit: HBO
Adorable! Homeland Gets the Sesame Street Treatment

Homeland Gets the Sesame Street Treatment

Originally posted 10/28/2013 03:45PM

Carrie's cry-face just got a whole lot cuter because Homeland's been given the Sesame Street treatment.

From the moody jazz-infused opening sequence to Special Sheep Agents, the Showtime drama is parodied in "Homelamb," a segment for the iconic children's show.

Nicholas Ba-a-a-a-rody – who sports Damian Lewis's trademark red locks – comes under fire for being a wolf in sheep's clothing. While Saul (who is played by Mandy Patinkin on the series) dons trademark glasses, Carrie breathlessly delivers why she thinks Ba-a-a-a-rody's is deceiving the Special Sheep Agents in a performance that rivals Claire Danes's portrayal on the actual Emmy award-winning series.

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Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS
Young and the Restless vs. General Hospital for Top Daytime Emmy Nods

The Young and the Restless Earn Top Daytime Emmy Nods

Originally posted 05/01/2013 11:45AM

CBS soap The Young and the Restless leads the pack for the 40th annual Daytime Emmy awards with 23 nominations, the academy announced Wednesday. They are followed by ABC rival General Hospital with 19.

The award ceremony will be held June 16 in Beverly Hills, Calif., televised for the second year on the cable network HLN.

PBS' venerable children's show Sesame Street and the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives both earned 17 nominations.

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