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VIDEOS: Stephen Colbert's 5 Best Moments on The Colbert Report | Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report

Stephen Colbert's 5 Best Moments on The Colbert Report (VIDEOS)

Originally posted 12/19/2014 02:15PM

After nearly 10 years on the air, The Colbert Report ended its run Thursday with a star-studded farewell for its host, Stephen Colbert. (Or "Stephen Colbert," as it were.)

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The Colbert Report

The Colbert Report Signs Off with an Epic Sing-Along and Sleigh Ride (VIDEO)

Originally posted 12/19/2014 10:50AM

He went out like he came in – in absurdly epic fashion.

Stephen Colbert, who perfected biting political satire as the faux-bloviating host of The Colbert Report, wrapped up the Comedy Central show Thursday night after almost a decade on the air. And he had plenty of friends around to send him off right.

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President Obama Makes First Appearance on The Colbert Report (VIDEO)

Originally posted 12/09/2014 08:35AM

Ready for some truthiness?

President Barack Obama took a while, but he made his first official visit to The Colbert Report as president Monday night.

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What's the Deal with Gwen Stefani's Colbert Report Emmy Flub?

What's the Deal with Gwen Stefani's Colbert Report Emmy Flub?

Originally posted 08/26/2014 03:55PM

We've already answered many of your burning Emmys questions, but one remains: Why hasn't "Colbort Report" become the new "Adele Dazeem"?

For the unfamiliar: On Monday night's Emmys, Gwen Stefani and PEOPLE's current Sexiest Man Alive Adam Levine were presenting the award for outstanding variety series when Stefani mistakenly announced the name of the eventual winner as "The Colbort Report."

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Watch Hillary Clinton Outwit Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report

Hillary Clinton vs. Stephen Colbert: Battle of the Names

Originally posted 08/06/2014 03:15PM

Hillary Clinton beat Stephen Colbert at his own game when she made a "surprise" appearance on The Colbert Report on Tuesday night.

Colbert introduced Clinton's new book, Hard Choices, which was published on June 10, and began to poke fun at the politician, calling the book "656 pages of shameless name-dropping."

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Stephen Colbert, Late Show Regular: Watch 5 Memorable Visits with Dave | Late Show With David Letterman, David Letterman, Stephen Colbert

UpdatePosted 04/12/2014 12:00PM

WATCH: 5 Times Stephen Colbert Sat Down with David Letterman, and Proved He Had the Skills for the Late Show

Originally posted 04/10/2014 04:00PM

It's official: CBS has named Stephen Colbert the new host of the Late Show.

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Stephen Colbert Hilariously Riffs on Replacing David Letterman

Originally posted 04/11/2014 01:15PM

[YOUTUBE "VX5y2oo3ydo"] Stephen Colbert is so happy about landing the job as host of the Late Show on CBS, all he can do is get laughs about it.

Speaking to the audience on The Colbert Report, which Comedy Central executives say will end its run in eight months, Colbert, 49, paid homage to his Late Show predecessor.

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Stephen Colbert Replacing David Letterman

Stephen Colbert Replacing David Letterman

Originally posted 04/10/2014 12:35PM

Get ready for the late show with … Stephen Colbert.

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Stephen Colbert Destroys His Show's Social Media Account After Controversy | Stephen Colbert

The Colbert Report

UpdatePosted 04/01/2014 02:45PM

Stephen Colbert Destroys His Show's Twitter Account After Controversy

Originally posted 04/01/2014 01:00PM

Forget simply pressing delete. Embattled late night host Stephen Colbert went to much more dramatic measures to blow up the Twitter account that sparked last week's #CancelColbert social media movement.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone appeared on The Colbert Report Monday night and channeled Wile E. Coyote as he helped destroy the @ColbertReport Twitter handle for the Comedy Central host.

Colbert's virtual nightmare began Thursday when a Tweet originating from @ColbertReport – a promotional account for the show – angered many in the Asian-American community and prompted the hashtag that trended on Twitter late last week into the weekend.

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Why Did Stephen Colbert Host a Wedding?

Stephen Colbert Hosts Wedding Because of Government Shutdown

Originally posted 10/04/2013 06:00PM

Emmy-winning TV pundit Stephen Colbert won't let the government shutdown get in the way of love.

Colbert stepped in Thursday to host a wedding for real-life couple Mike Cassesso and MaiLien Le, whose own planned nuptials at the Jefferson Memorial turned out to be a casualty of the Congressional rift in Washington, which has shut down the federal government and shuttered all U.S. National Park Service facilities around the nation, as shown on The Colbert Report website.

It was not your typical solemn nuptials. Smokey Bear stepped in as best man – his previously schedule duties curtailed as national forests were closed. The bride walked down the aisle not with a bouquet but carrying one of Colbert's Emmy statuettes.

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