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The Hills

6 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets from The Hills Anniversary Special We Can't Stop Talking About

Originally posted 08/03/2016 01:50PM

It's been 10 years since Lauren Conrad first began filming The Hills – back when she was getting her start in the fashion industry as an intern at Teen Vogue and in a relationship with bad-boy Jason Wahler (remember him?).

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The Hills

Spencer Pratt Went on (Yet Another) Wacky Tweet Spree After The Hills Anniversary Special

Originally posted 08/03/2016 01:00PM

Spencer Pratt might not have watched The Hills' anniversary special, but that doesn't mean he didn't have plenty to say about it.

In fact, the star – who has a long, well-documented history of negative feedback about the show that made him famous – had a lot to say about it. He took to Twitter to unleash his anger, and the tweets below are just a small sampling of a classic Pratt tweet spree.

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The Hills Stars Share Their First Impressions of Each Other – Who Was 'Crazy' and Who Was a 'D---'?

Originally posted 08/02/2016 12:45PM

If you've ever wondered what the stars of MTV's The Hills thought of one another from day one, here's your chance to find out.

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Why Lauren Conrad 'Still Gets So Embarrassed' Watching The Hills

Originally posted 08/01/2016 03:55PM

Ten years have passed since Lauren Conrad made that fateful drive from Laguna Beach to Hollywood, captivating audiences as a young twentysomething on MTV's The Hills, but the lifestyle maven says she still cringes at certain memories.

"I get so embarrassed for myself," Conrad tells PEOPLE with a laugh. "We were so unfiltered and I think that's what made the show. We were honest, and we just didn't know any better. I said some of the stupidest stuff!"

The 30-year-old designer and Celebrate author revisits iconic scenes from the show on an MTV special, The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now, premiering Aug. 2.

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Credit: MTV
The Truth Behind Lauren Conrad's Famous Mascara Tears from The Hills

The Truth Behind Lauren Conrad's Famous Mascara Tears from The Hills

Originally posted 07/30/2016 05:05PM

Turns out they aren't made of mascara


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Lauren Conrad Promises to 'Reveal Things We Haven't Talked About Before' in The Hills' 10th Anniversary Special

Originally posted 07/28/2016 03:50PM

Ten years after its premiere, The Hills is finally lifting the veil on it all.

And who better to walk us through the big reveal than Lauren Conrad? The show's heroine is returning to the network that launched her career with the highly anticipated anniversary special, The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now.

"So often we would say if you knew the real story, you would understand," says Conrad, 30, in the promo clip. "And what I'd like to do is tell that story."

The show will take a look at what things are like now, "and then we're going to take a look back at this show and reveal things that we haven't talked about before," Conrad promises.

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Spencer Pratt Admits 'I Lost the Plot' at the Height of Reality TV Notoriety

Originally posted 07/28/2016 12:35PM

By his mid-20s, Spencer Pratt, along with his wife Heidi, had reached the upper echelons of reality TV fame and fortune. Unfortunately, he admits now, The Hills stars let their egos get the better of them.

"When you get caught up in magazine covers and stories, you start believing your own hype," Spencer tells PEOPLE exclusively. "There were movie stars with egos smaller than mine."

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Spencer Pratt Says He and Heidi Were Once as Big as Taylor and Calvin

Originally posted 07/28/2016 09:10AM

In 2009, there was TomKat, Brangelina and … Speidi.

Spencer and Heidi (Montag) Pratt, the villainous stars of MTV's The Hills, were ubiquitous in the Hollywood scene – gracing magazine covers, hosting nightclub events and followed by the ever-present paparazzi.

"Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris? That was us," Spencer tells PEOPLE exclusively. "We were that for a moment, so to feel so different now, it's like, 'Wow.' "

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Heidi Montag Opens Up About Her Infamous Plastic Surgeries and Finally Removing Her Size F Breasts

Originally posted 07/27/2016 12:35PM

Six years ago, Heidi (Montag) Pratt made national headlines when the former Hills star underwent 10 cosmetic procedures in one day (an experience she shared on the cover of PEOPLE). Now, the reality star, wed to Spencer Pratt since 2009, is opening up about her regrets about the drastic decision.

"I was in way over my head with the surgeries," Pratt, 29, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I had no idea what I was getting into or that it was a lifelong commitment. It was very challenging, both physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, on my husband and on our lives."

In fact, Pratt, 29, admits, "It was a huge turning point for us in such a negative way. There was a fallout with The Hills and a lot of backlash with the things we were doing. We spent more money and it was so unnecessary. Sometimes I can't believe I did that to us and to me. It's been a lot to overcome."

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