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The Killing

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Finally! The Killing's Murderer Speaks About 'Long Journey' to Finale

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The Killing's Murderer Speaks About 'Long Journey' to Season Finale

Originally posted 06/18/2012 11:35AM

After two rainy seasons – and a meticulously crafted (and some critics may say sluggish) plot, AMC's The Killing wrapped up its second season Sunday night and finally answered the question: Who killed Rosie Larson?

Major spoilers follow, so stop reading if you haven't seen the episode ...

At first, it appeared that newly-minted Mayor Darren Richmond's campaign manager Jamie Wright (Eric Ladin) was the cold-blooded killer. And, true, he did enable Rosie's death after beating her and placing her in the trunk of his car after discovering she overhead the details of a political deal that would threaten to ruin many – including Richmond.

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