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Gisele Bündchen Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Walk the Runway and Shares How Modeling Helps Her 'Be the Best Mom I Can Be'

Originally posted 04/28/2016 10:20AM

[YOUTUBE "kMXPnEnUExk"] Step aside rookie, let the queen show you how it's done!

On Wednesday, Gisele Bündchen appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to teach the late-night host how to be a supermodel.

Bündchen enthusiastically taught Fallon how to strut his stuff like a model. The host, while donning a pair of royal beaded heels, left his desk and walked with his guest down to the stage.

"Put the chest forward, squeeze the belly in, [and] shake the hips," the model instructed him while strutting her stuff down the stage. After one walk, she stepped aside to let the host give it a whirl.

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Chelsea Handler: 'I Didn't Have a Big Enough Ass' for E!

Originally posted 04/27/2016 11:30AM

[ YOUTUBE "GnuIHgGx40o"] Chelsea Handler says her, ahem, assets weren't up to standard for E!

While the former Chelsea Lately headliner promoted her new Netflix show Chelsea on Tuesday's Tonight Show, host Jimmy Fallon broached the topic of Handler's departure from the entertainment network.

"I want to know two things: One is, you have this show on E! You're the biggest name on E!" Fallon began – but Handler quickly cut him off: "Was I the biggest name on E!?"

Replied Fallon, "That wasn't a Kardashian? Yeah, I think so."

Handler, 41, quipped, "I didn't have a big enough ass to stay on that network."

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WATCH: Prince's Star-Studded Performance from SNL's 40th Anniversary Party Is Now Available for Your Viewing Pleasure

Originally posted 04/23/2016 05:25PM

A year after Prince performed "Let's Go Crazy" at the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary special's afterparty, a full video of the incredible performance has finally been released.

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Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Prune Juice & Salsa Verde? Watch Cameron Diaz & Jimmy Fallon Down Disgusting Cocktails During Drinking Game

Prune Juice & Salsa Verde? Watch Cameron Diaz & Jimmy Fallon Down Disgusting Cocktails During Drinking Game

Originally posted 04/07/2016 09:30AM

Word to the wise: Don't challenge Cameron Diaz to a drinking game.

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