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Credit: Courtesy Stephanie Izard
It's a Boy! Top Chef Winner Stephanie Izard Welcomes Son Ernie – See His First Photo

It's a Boy! Top Chef Winner Stephanie Izard Welcomes Son Ernie – See His First Photo

Originally posted 05/26/2016 04:15PM

Ernie William is the first child for the Girl and the Goat owner

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Padma Lakshmi Shares Her Memories of Getting to Know Prince, Reveals He Was a Fan of Top Chef

Originally posted 04/27/2016 12:25AM

Although she was celebrating the most influential people at the TIME 100 Gala on Tuesday, Padma Lakshmi was thinking of her late friend Prince, who died on April 21.

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Top Chef Winner Paul Qui Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Girlfriend

Originally posted 03/21/2016 04:20PM

Top Chef winner Paul Qui was arrested Saturday in Austin after his girlfriend accused him of assault, according to an arrest affidavit obtained by PEOPLE.

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UpdatePosted 03/13/2016 08:05PM

Bullied for Her Skin Color, Padma Lakshmi Changed Her Name to Angelique in High School

Originally posted 03/11/2016 12:05PM

By all accounts, she's one of the most stunning women on television. But in her new memoir, Love, Loss, And What We Ate, Padma Lakshmi reveals there was a time she wasn't so comfortable in her own skin.

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UpdatePosted 03/13/2016 02:25PM

How Padma Lakshmi Keeps Her Figure During Top Chef: 'I'm The Only Person Who Eats Everything'

Originally posted 03/09/2016 02:05PM

If there's one enduring mystery about Top Chef, it's how does Padma Lakshmi, the show's host and executive producer, stay so slender?

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Padma Lakshmi on Love, Loss, and What She Ate: Watch The Jess Cagle Interview with the Top Chef Star

Originally posted 03/11/2016 10:40AM

From living in America as a young Indian woman to her rollercoaster of relationships, Padma Lakshmi is revealing intimate details about her life in her new memoir Love, Loss, And What We Ate.

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Why Padma Lakshmi Is Still Storing Her Frozen Eggs – and Why She Ate Her Placenta After Her Daughter's Birth

Originally posted 03/09/2016 11:45AM

In Padma Lakshmi's new memoir, Love, Loss, And What We Ate, excerpted in this week's PEOPLE, the star reveals she ate her placenta after the birth of her daughter Krishna in 2010.

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Top Chef's Padma Lakshmi on Gaining 17 Lbs. in One Season – and Having Dresses in Three Sizes

Originally posted 03/08/2016 03:50PM

Padma Lakshmi is known for her knockout figure, but she believes there was one season of Top Chef where she got, well, a bit too curvy.

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UpdatePosted 03/08/2016 02:15PM

Padma Lakshmi Describes Her Pregnancy Joy After Being Told She Would Never Conceive Naturally

Originally posted 03/08/2016 09:40AM

As a woman with severe endometriosis, Padma Lakshmi was pretty much told by her doctor she would never conceive "the old fashioned way." So when she discovered she was pregnant in 2009, the news, she says, "sent a shock through my body."

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Padma Lakshmi: 'I Think I Am a Heterosexual Woman Mostly'

Originally posted 03/06/2016 01:30PM

When Padma Lakshmi was a young model in Milan, Italy, in the early nineties, it was a time of experimentation, losing her inhibitions and indulging what she describes as her "curiosities and fantasies."

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