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3 Reasons to Love Vikings Star Travis Fimmel

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Its sturdy narrative prow cutting through onrushing waters, the hit History series Vikings starts season 4 with consternation rising among the ranks: Following the Viking attack on Paris, warrior Rollo (Clive Standen) has been won over by the richer, more advanced Franks. Hey, civilization happens! Even Travis Fimmel's Ragnar, the Viking king, has allowed himself to be baptized. (More consternation rising among the ranks.) Now he dreams that the golden gates of Valhalla, the Viking resort destination on the far side of death, are closed against him.

But it's better, isn't it, to have Fimmel hanging around? Series creator Michael Hirst has said that this bloody, lusty saga could carry on even without the legendary Ragnar. And, true, the show isn't called Viking, singular. But Fimmel, 36, has owned it – owns it – thanks to his ...

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Vikings Goddess Katheryn Winnick Says 'Strong Is Sexy': How She Stays Fighting Fit


Vikings Goddess Katheryn Winnick Says 'Strong Is Sexy': How She Stays Fighting Fit

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It's no surprise when Katheryn Winnick says she's "not a girly girl."

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Ragnar Is Ready to Raid in Vikings Sneak Peek

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[BRIGHTCOVE "4048718037001" "" "" "auto"] The rise of Ragnar is nearly upon us.

The History Channel's hit is back for a brand new season, and the Vikings now have a new king.

In a clip of the season 3 premiere, we see the newly appointed Ragnar (Travis Fimmel) and his son Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) discussing their next raid on the shores of Wessex.

"I feel my blood warming," Bjorn says of claiming the land that King Ecbert (Linus Roache) promised. "I want to fight, I want to raid."

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5 Things to Know About Cable's Hottest New Star (Emphasis on Hot)

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Clive Standen: 5 Things to Know About Cable's Hottest New Star

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Swoon alert!

Handsome British actor Clive Standen is best known for his roles on Starz's Camelot and the BBC's Robin Hood and Doctor Who. But he's now breaking out into leading-man territory and causing blood pressures to rise as the fearsome, seafaring Norse warrior Rollo on History's new hit series Vikings, airing Sundays at 10/9c.

Standen, 31, may play a brooding hottie on the tube, but he recently opened up to PEOPLE and revealed his softer side. Here are five things to know about the charismatic actor:

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