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Wonder Woman

VIDEO: Lynda Carter and Beyond – Bringing Wonder Woman to Life on the Big and Small Screens

Originally posted 11/04/2015 02:05PM

[BRIGHTCOVE {4592558936001}] She's easily the most famous female superhero of all time, and most important, she's doing it on her own. She's Wonder Woman, and she's been a solo superhero since her first DC Comics appearance in 1941. But the best-known depiction of Wonder Woman has to be the Lynda Carter version, which first premiered 40 years ago this week: on Nov. 7, 1975.

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Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Is All-In for Hillary Clinton, the 'Smartest Person in the Room'

Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Wants You to Vote for Her Friend Hillary Clinton

Originally posted 05/08/2015 11:25AM

Hillary Clinton can officially count Wonder Woman among her supporters.

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Credit: Everett Collection; NBC
What Does Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter Think of the New Version?

Wonder Woman

Lynda Carter: Adrianne Palicki 'Looks Fabulous' as Wonder Woman

Originally posted 03/19/2011 03:00PM

Adrianne Palicki knew she had big boots – and a super-sexy, skin-tight suit – to fill when she signed on for NBC's upcoming re-launch of Wonder Woman, an iconic role originated by Lynda Carter in the '70s.

But there's no rivalry. In fact, Carter has nothing but wonderful things to say about the new TV incarnation.

"I think [Palicki] looks fabulous," Carter, 59, tells E! Online. "It's a new look and, jeez, her body looks fantastic."

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