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Tyra Banks Sued for Featuring Girl in 'Sex-Addict' Episode | Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks Sued for Featuring Girl in 'Sex-Addict' Episode

Originally posted 10/18/2010 06:20PM

When 15-year-old Jewel Ciera Washington appeared on Tyra Banks's talk show in October 2009 as a self-proclaimed "sex-addict," no one was more shocked than her mother Beverly McClendon.

McClendon filed a $1 million lawsuit against Banks, 36, alleging negligence and violating a right of privacy. The lawsuit claims the mom never consented to have her daughter appear on the show. In fact, she says her daughter hasn't even been diagnosed as a sex-addict.

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Tyra Banks: Kiss My Fit Behind

Originally posted 11/03/2009 07:20AM

The former Sports Illustrated cover girl is back in modeling shape – but not because she wants to retake the catwalk. Tyra Banks has regained control of her eating habits.

On The Tyra Show this Wednesday, the host reveals her longtime struggle with chronic stomachaches. "I would get major attacks," Banks, 35, says. "I would be in bed for days, it was so painful."

Thanks to the help of nutritionist Heather Bauer, Banks re-evaluated her eating habits by keeping a food diary. "I switched up my unhealthy eating habits for healthier eating habits, and I haven't had a tummy attack since December '08," she says.

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Sex and the City Helped Tyra Banks Lose Weight

Originally posted 09/10/2009 03:50PM

Is there anything the ladies of Sex and the City can't do? Not only do they live out cosmopolitan fantasies in boardroom-sized shoes closets – they've also helped Tyra Banks lose weight.

In an episode of The Tyra Show to air Friday, Banks describes how a new treadmill and watching the show about Carrie Bradshaw's romantic travails helped her get her supermodel body back.

"I got rid of one of my couches in my living room and I watched Sex and The City episodes on the treadmill or the elliptical," she says. "So Sex and the City lasts 30 minutes – that's how long I'm on the elliptical."

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Bianca Golden: Nikki Blonsky Kicked My Mother

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Bianca Golden: Nikki Blonsky Kicked My Mother in Airport Brawl

Originally posted 10/01/2008 06:30PM

America's Next Top Model contestant Bianca Golden is speaking out for the first time about the Caribbean airport brawl, saying both Hairspray star Nickki Blonsky and her father attacked Golden's mother.

Golden says on the Oct. 8 episode of The Tyra Banks Show that her family was at the Turks & Caicos airport on July 29 returning from a family reunion for her dying grandfather when Nikki Blonsky became "very rude to my aunt."

An argument erupted between Blonsky's and Golden's families, then Blonsky's father Carl "punched my mom."

"He knocked her out," says Golden. "He hit my mom with such force she stumbled back and when she stumbled back the whole family got up and attacked my mom."

Then, when her mother was on the ground, Nikki "takes her foot and kicks my mom in her vagina, and that's when my mom fell out completely," says Golden.

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Credit: Michael Loccisano/Warner Bros
Tyra Rocks Out with Mike Huckabee | Tyra Banks

Tyra Rocks Out with Mike Huckabee

Originally posted 02/08/2008 01:10PM

Talk about rocking the vote. Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee showed off some musical moves to Tyra Banks during a taping of her talk show this week.

Instead of a lesson on government, the former Arkansas governor gave Banks lessons on the bass guitar for the show set to air Friday, Feb. 29.

"I took guitar before ... well for two months but I remember nothing," said Banks. "My fingers used to hurt really bad when I played guitar. I stopped because of it."

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