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It's Official: Zayn Malik Has Quit One Direction

Zayn Malik Quits One Direction

Originally posted 03/25/2015 01:15PM

After five years as part of a legitimate musical phenomenon, Zayn Malik has officially left One Direction.

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X Factor New Zealand Names New Judges After Dramatic Firing of Old Ones

X Factor New Zealand Names New Judges After Dramatic Firing of Old Ones

Originally posted 03/20/2015 12:15PM

X Factor New Zealand has named two new judges, and is hoping they won't be quite as razor-tongued as the old ones.

Stepping up to the judges' table are Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Shelton Woolright, Billboard reports.

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The X Factor

UpdatePosted 03/19/2015 11:50AM

Natalia Kills and Willy Moon Speak Out: X Factor 'Encourages Judges to Be Forthright and Opinionated'

Originally posted 03/18/2015 08:20PM

While her tirade against contestant Joe Irvine – and the firing that followed – seemed fairly straightforward, former X Factor New Zealand judge Natalia Kills insists that there is more to the situation than meets the eye – but it's not a "conspiracy."

"I feel like everyone needs to put the idea of it being a manufactured conspiracy theory behind them," Kills, 28, told MTV Australia. "There's really nothing to it."

Judging by the some of the comments PEOPLE received on this story, the singer may have been referring to the theory that this has all been some calculated publicity campaign to boost Kills's profile, along with that of her husband Willy Moon.

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Lorde Sends X Factor Contestant Joe Irvine Cupcakes After He Battles Judges

Originally posted 03/17/2015 08:50PM

Lorde sent a singing show contestant a sweet surprise after he endured a particularly harsh critique from some not-so-nice judges.

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Natalia Kills and Willy Moon Fired from X Factor New Zealand for 'Destructive Tirades'

Originally posted 03/16/2015 11:00AM

After their hateful diatribe against contestant Joe Irvine received worldwide attention, X Factor New Zealand judges Natalia Kills and Willy Moon have been removed from the judges' panel, effective immediately.

"Last night on X Factor both Kills and Moon made comments that were completely unacceptable," said MediaWorks chief executive Mark Weldon in a statement obtained by New Zealand's The Edge. MediaWorks produces the New Zealand spin-off of Simon Cowell's hit franchise.

"While the judges on X Factor are expected to provide critiques of the performances, we will not tolerate such destructive tirades from any of the judges," the statement continued. "Contestants put their all into this competition and they should expect to receive feedback and criticism that is professional and constructive.

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The X Factor

X Factor Judge Eviscerates Contestant, Accuses Him of 'Copying' Her Husband (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/15/2015 04:25PM

X Factor New Zealand's live shows kicked off with a bang on Sunday night when judge Natalia Kills ... well, went in for the kill.

Following his performance of "Cry Me a River," contestant Joe Irvine received a critique more severe and more undeserving than anything Simon Cowell has ever dished out.

"Ladies and gentleman, I'm just going to state the obvious: We have a doppelgänger in our midst," began Kills, 28, whose real name is Natalia Noemi Cappuccini-Sinclair.

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Get Ready, Mahomies: Austin Mahone Is Single

Austin Mahone and Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello Break Up

Originally posted 11/25/2014 01:15PM

Just call her "Miss Movin' On" – Camila Cabello and Austin Mahone have called it quits.

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Nicole Scherzinger Says Her New Album Helped with Her Self-Esteem Issues | Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger Says Her New Album Helped with Her Self-Esteem Issues

Originally posted 10/16/2014 08:45PM

After an eight-year battle with bulimia, Nicole Scherzinger has found some relief in her music.

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Hear the X Factor Winners' New Song

Listen to X Factor Winners Alex & Sierra's New Song, 'Just Kids'

Originally posted 08/04/2014 10:10AM

When couple Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton took to the X Factor stage last year with a sultry version of Britney Spears's hit "Toxic," they turned Simon Cowell's – and America's – heads.

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PHOTO: Cheryl Cole Secretly Marries Boyfriend

X Factor Judge Cheryl Cole Marries Boyfriend of 3 Months

Originally posted 07/14/2014 09:05AM

Cheryl Cole is married!

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