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Girl Attempts to Catch Wedding Bouquet, Drops Baby Instead (VIDEO)

Originally posted 07/28/2015 02:50PM

It is a well-established fact that weddings bring out the crazy in us all. And now that we are knee-deep in the Season of Nonstop Weddings, otherwise known as summer, some of us are suffering from the bridal bug more acutely than others.

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Anna and Jonathan Saccone-Joly: Why We Decided to Put Our Childrens' Births on YouTube

Originally posted 07/25/2015 09:55PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4374951498001" "" "" "auto"] Most women probably wouldn't be thrilled if their husbands uploaded their birth video for millions to see on YouTube – but for Anna Saccone-Joly, it was just par for the course.

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If Meghan Camarena Wasn't a YouTube Star, She'd Be ...

Originally posted 07/25/2015 09:50PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4374736503001" "" "" "auto"] It's a long, winding road to Internet fame. In fact, Meghan Camarena almost took a different road altogether.

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Lilly Singh on Struggling with Depression: 'It's Nothing to Be Ashamed About'

Originally posted 07/25/2015 06:15PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4374725648001" "" "" "auto"] What's the secret to Lilly Singh's amazing Superwoman style?

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Kingsley on Gay Marriage and His Big Crush on Big Sean

Originally posted 07/25/2015 06:00PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4374725652001" "" "" "auto"] With Ariana Grande officially out of the way, YouTube trendsetter Kingsley, is setting his sights on the newly single Big Sean.

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Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein Reveals His Most Epic Recipe Fail

Originally posted 07/25/2015 03:50PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4374433620001" "" "" "auto"] From fast food sushi to Four Loko chili to candy pizza, Epic Meal Time's Harley Morenstein has sampled an amazing array of bizarre – and borderline heart-attack inducing – food creations.

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Credit: Ramona Rosales
GloZell Green Explains How She Almost Got Kicked Out of the White House

GloZell Green Explains How She Almost Got Kicked Out of the White House

Originally posted 07/25/2015 03:30PM

GloZell Green almost got kicked out of the White House – and no, it wasn't because she called Michelle Obama President Barack Obama's "first wife"".

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Aw! Trevor Moran Reveals His Song 'I Wanna Fly' Is About His Mom

Originally posted 07/25/2015 02:45PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4374342400001" "" "" "auto"] Cue the 'Aw's', this YouTube star could win the Best Son award!

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Connor Franta Remembers His First Fan Run-In: 'That Was Scary'

Originally posted 07/24/2015 08:00PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4373405833001" "" "" "auto"] Connor Franta was freaked out watching Lord of the Rings – but not because of Gollum's sheer creepiness. The YouTube star had a freaky fan run-in while catching the flick.

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Felicia Day Tells VidCon: 'Embrace Your Weirdness'

Originally posted 07/24/2015 08:00PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4373633813001" "" "" "auto"] Felicia Day didn't get the title "Queen of the Geeks" by trying to fit in.

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