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Amazing Weight Loss

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The Biggest Loser's Chandra Maple: My Family Is Rallying Around Me

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser's Chandra Maple: My Grandfather's Illness Makes Me Fight Harder

Originally posted 10/11/2014 03:00PM

Chandra Maple was once an all-star athlete, but after a career-ending injury she felt broken both inside and out.

"Growing up, I was always the star on the basketball team, so when I had my knee injury and that was taken away from me, I kind of lost that," Maple tells PEOPLE of ending her sports career when she was just 15. "I didn't know what it was like to succeed anymore."

At 341 lbs., Maple knew it was time to take control of her life and applied to become a contestant on season 16 of The Biggest Loser.

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The Biggest Loser's Andrea Wilamowski Explains Her 'Aha' Moment

The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser's Andrea Wilamowski Explains Her 'Aha' Moment

Originally posted 09/27/2014 02:20PM

At 244 lbs., Andrea Wilamowski wasn't happy.

"I never realized how sad I looked," The Biggest Loser contestant tells PEOPLE of watching herself on the 16th season of the NBC reality weight-loss competition.

Wilamowski, 43, says she first started gaining weight in her early 20s while coping with an abusive marriage. Despite being happily remarried, she feels she spent her whole life focusing on other people rather than herself.

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VIDEO: Biggest Loser Bride Who Lost 175 Lbs. Gets a Say Yes to the Dress Surprise

Jillian Michaels Surprises Former Biggest Loser Contestant on Say Yes to the Dress

Originally posted 09/10/2014 09:00AM

Make sure there's a box of tissues handy!

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Mo'Nique Tweets Exercise Tips, Motivational Messages

Follow Mo'Nique's Amazing Body Transformation on Twitter

Originally posted 03/10/2014 04:45PM

Mo'Nique made headlines last spring for shedding more than 80 pounds, and the Oscar winner says she has her family to thank for her continued dedication to diet and exercise.

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Reuniting with High School Sweetheart Prompts Man to Lose 275 Lbs.

High School Sweethearts' Reunion Prompts Man to Lose 275 Lbs.

Originally posted 02/22/2014 09:10AM

When Lee Jordan met up with his high school girlfriend, Beth Schwein, at a Starbucks in Herndon, Va., after more than 20 years apart, he was nervous.

He hadn't just lost some hair and gained a little weight – he was bald and he weighed 450 lbs.

He could only imagine what her reaction would be when she saw how much he'd changed from the 165-lb. boy with a full head of hair she'd fallen in love with.

"People look at you with sadness. Horror. Pity," Jordan, now 50, tells PEOPLE. "And this was the love of my life. I couldn't stomach her looking at me that way."

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Four Ways to Fix The Biggest Loser

The Biggest Loser: Four Ways to Fix the Show

Originally posted 02/10/2014 07:00AM

In the wake of The Biggest Loser's controversial finale last Tuesday, on which winner Rachel Frederickson revealed she had lost a whopping 155 lbs. – including 45 lbs. in the past three months alone – questions have been raised about the NBC show's approach to weight loss.

PEOPLE asked experts in health, fitness and public relations to weigh in on how The Biggest Loser can be improved for future contestants.

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Half Their Size! Meet Two Women Who Lost More Than 100 Lbs. Each

Half Their Size! Meet Two Women Who Lost More Than 100 Lbs. Each

Originally posted 01/02/2014 08:00AM

It's that time of year again! PEOPLE celebrates the incredible weight-loss transformations of real people who went from heavy to healthy in our 12th annual Half Their Size issue.

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Biggest Loser's Francelina Morillo & Jeff Nichols: How Love Helps Keep the Weight Off

The Biggest Loser

UpdatePosted 10/04/2013 06:30AM

The Biggest Loser's Francelina Morillo and Jeff Nichols: We're 'Truly Blessed' to Have Each Other

Originally posted 10/03/2013 10:15AM

Jeff Nichols may have lost the title of Biggest Loser by one pound, but he gained a roommate, co-worker and girlfriend: fellow contestant Francelina Morillo.

"We literally spend 23 hours a day together," Nichols tells PEOPLE. "When one of us has to go out of town you would probably be disgusted with how much time we spend on the phone with each other. She really is my other half."

Nichols and Murillo began dating at the beginning of the year, moved in together in Chicago this past March and now work together for Biggest Loser RunWalk, a race series designed to challenge Americans into getting fit.

"There is no other couple who could spend this much time together and not kill each other," says Morillo. "Over this past year we have realized we are best friends and truly blessed to have each other."

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