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Father's Day

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10 Dads We Met Online: Get Ready to Laugh and Cry

UpdatePosted 06/15/2014 08:25AM

Father's Day: 5 Dads Who Made Us Laugh, 5 More Who Made Us Cry

Originally posted 05/26/2014 04:50PM

This Father's Day, we'd like to thank our own dads for all of their corny jokes and words of encouragement – there aren't that many people who can make us laugh and cry in the same conversation.

Likewise, we're looking at the fathers who have taken their own stories to homepages all around the web. They, too, have made us pause, smile and, sometimes, even reach for a tissue.

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Matt Damon's Father's Day Plans: 'I Get to Put My Feet Up'

Matt Damon's Looking Forward to Father's Day: 'I Get to Put My Feet Up'

Originally posted 06/13/2014 06:00PM

Matt Damon may lead a busy life as the father of four daughters, but the Monuments Men star says the ladies of the Damon household will let him relax this Father's Day.

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The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon & Chris Christie Boogie Through the Evolution of Dad Dancing

Originally posted 06/13/2014 09:20AM

Attention, all dads! Your day is approaching and it's time to get footloose.

In celebration of Father's Day, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stopped by the Tonight Show to get down with the "Evolution of Dad Dancing."

Christie and host Jimmy Fallon put on their best high-waisted pants and blue polos for the occasion, breaking out moves like "The Belt Grabber" and "The Republican Convention."

Both fathers themselves, the pair had no trouble tapping into the caché of embarrassing steps all dads seem to know.

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Colbie Caillat to Sing National Anthem at NBA Finals on Father's Day | Colbie Caillat

Father's Day Special: Colbie Caillat on Her Dad's Influence, Why She Went Makeup-Free for 'Try' Video

Originally posted 06/13/2014 09:00AM

Colbie Caillat doesn't love basketball ("I don't have the attention span for sports," she tells PEOPLE, laughing), but when she takes the court to perform the National Anthem during Game 5 of the NBA Finals, she'll be honoring a very special fan: her dad.

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From Practical to Moving, Mandy Patinkin Shares Father's Day Advice

Wish I Was Here's Mandy Patinkin Shares Father's Day Advice

Originally posted 06/11/2014 02:00PM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr In Wish I Was Here, Mandy Patinkin plays Zach Braff's father – a fitting role for the dad of two.

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See What Kim Got Kanye for Father's Day | Kim Kardashian

Kanye West Reveals First Ever Father's Day Gift from Kim Kardashian

Originally posted 07/01/2013 02:15PM

What to get the man who has everything?

Kim Kardashian knew the way to her boyfriend and baby's father's heart when she gifted Kanye West with a unique Father's Day gift.

The dad to North revealed what Kardashian, 32, gifted him on Twitter Monday.

"One of the other gifts my girl gave me for fathers day," West Tweeted with a photograph of two Apple computer mice signed by the company's founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

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What Makes Tyrese's Heart Melt?

What Makes Tyrese's Heart Melt?

Originally posted 06/05/2013 05:00PM

The singer shares the joys of being a dad to 5-year-old Shayla – and what he's looking forward to when she grows up


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5 Melt-Your-Heart Father's Day Photos

5 Melt-Your-Heart Father's Day Photos

Originally posted 06/17/2013 03:00PM

Say awww! From Channing to Diddy, see why we have a permanent soft spot for these dads


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Alexis Denisof's Very Special Father-Daughter Bond

Alexis Denisof's Very Special Father-Daughter Bond

Originally posted 06/06/2013 06:00AM

The actor explains why he wouldn't trade being the dad to two girls – Satyana, 4, and Keeva, 1


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Treat Dad with the Pioneer Woman's Hearty Father's Day Fare

Ree Drummond's Hearty Father's Day Fare

Originally posted 06/16/2013 10:40AM

Dads work hard to keep us healthy and happy – so when Father's Day comes around, we owe them a little something extra. That's the thinking behind Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond's menu, which features an appetizer, entrées, a side and dessert that will fill his belly – and warm his heart.

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