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Let's Fan-Cast the Gritty Power Rangers Reboot Coming in 2016

Let's Fan-Cast the Gritty Power Rangers Reboot Coming in 2016

Originally posted 08/16/2014 05:30PM

Children and grown-ups alike flocked to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in its first weekend of release, and now Hollywood is betting the the '90s nostalgia wave will last least two more years – on Wenesday, Lionsgate announced that its Mighty Morphin Power Rangers reboot will hit theaters on Jully 22, 2016.

The studio has signed the the writers of Thor, to produce a script off a story by Star Trek's Robert Orci. There are no plot details yet, but knowing that Lionsgate was the studio behind Ender's Game, The Hunger Games and I, Frankenstein, it's likely the Power Rangers movie will skew in the same dour, effects-driven direction.

So let's cast the thing, then, with the quality of actors who might be able to bring a gritty realness to this tale of five teenagers with attitude picked to defeat the evil Rita Repulsa. We're gong to abide by the same racial casting standards used in the first iteration of the Power Rangers squad. If it makes you uncomfortable, that's OK – that awkwardness is practically an integral part of Power Rangers at this point.

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UpdatePosted 08/16/2014 02:10PM

Uncle Buck Turns 25: See Where the Comedy's Wacky Relatives Are Now

Originally posted 08/13/2014 04:20PM

On Aug. 16, one of cinema's best babysitting adventures, Uncle Buck, will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

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Credit: Snap/REX USA
Hook Costar on Robin Williams: 'He Was Truly Peter Pan'

Hook Costar on Robin Williams: 'He Was Truly
Peter Pan'

Originally posted 08/15/2014 12:00PM

At just 9 years old, Raushan Hammond was too young to be intimidated when costar Robin Williams encouraged him to improvise some of his lines.

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Credit: Charles Eshelman/FilmMagic
You'll Never Guess Who Has Alexander Skarsgard Fangirling | Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard Joined The Giver to Work with Meryl Streep

Originally posted 08/14/2014 05:45PM

Alexander Skarsgard is best known for playing True Blood's resident bad-boy vampire Eric Northman, but he found his role as the kindly Father in The Giver to be a welcome departure.

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Inside the Struggles and Comic Genius of Robin Williams

Inside Robin Williams's Private Struggles – And His Comedic Genius

Originally posted 08/12/2014 01:45PM

Robin Williams could do it all: make an audience helpless with laughter, move them to tears, astound filmmakers with take after take of improvised comic genius.

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Credit: Mark Humphrey/AP
Watch Taylor Swift Sing to Jeff Bridges in The Giver Clip

Watch Taylor Swift Play the Piano in a Moving Scene from The Giver (VIDEO)

Originally posted 08/10/2014 03:35PM

After blink-and-you'll-miss-it appearances in trailers for The Giver, Taylor Swift takes the spotlight in a new clip for the film.

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UpdatePosted 08/09/2014 12:40PM

What Does Your Favorite Ninja Turtle Say About You?

Originally posted 08/07/2014 01:00PM

Michael Bay's hotly anticipated reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hits theaters Friday. The comic that the series was based on began in 1984, which means roughly 30 years of Americans have familiarized themselves with the concept of anthropomorphic adolescent amphibians skilled in martial arts. Take a second and drink that in.

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Credit: Splash News; Inset:Gregg DeGuire/WireImage
Nice Seat! Which Celebrity Got a Ryan Gosling Chair?

Jane Fonda Likes Ryan Gosling on Her Furniture: Check Out Her Handsome Chair

Originally posted 08/08/2014 05:15PM

Hey, girl – wanna take a seat with me?

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Sparks Fly Between Daniel Radcliffe & Zoe Kazan in What If Sneak Peek

FIRST LOOK: Sparks Fly Between Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan in What If

Originally posted 08/06/2014 01:20PM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr From boy wizard to rom-com leading man, Daniel Radcliffe has come a long way.

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