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Credit: Catalina Kulczar
Amputee Mom: 'I Am So Thankful' to Be Alive

Amputee Mom Grateful to Celebrate Thanksgiving with Her Family

Originally posted 11/24/2014 01:05PM

Last Thanksgiving, Kristan Seaford was in a medically induced coma at a Charlotte, North Carolina, hospital. Her organs were on the verge of shutting down. Doctors told her husband, Brook, to prepare himself and their five children to say goodbye.

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Credit: Courtesy Parker Family
Missing Mom Michelle Parker's Family: We'll Never Stop Looking for Her

Missing Mom Michelle Parker's Family: We'll Never Stop Looking for Her

Originally posted 11/22/2014 06:15PM

Michelle Parker and her former fiancé Dale Smith had always had a complicated relationship. The parents of small twins, Parker and Smith had split up – but the acrimony continued. They even haggled over an engagement ring on a 2011 episode of The People's Court.

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Credit: Courtesy of Wheeler Family
Parents of Newtown Shooting Victim Welcome New Baby

Parents of Newtown Shooting Victim Benjamin Wheeler Welcome New Baby

Originally posted 11/22/2014 07:30AM

Welcoming a new baby is usually a blissful time, but for Francine and David Wheeler – who lost their beloved son Benjamin in the horrific Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting – becoming parents again is bittersweet.

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Credit: Courtesy Harold Henthorn/Facbeook
Man Accused of Killing Wife Had Map Marked with Spot Where She Fell, Investigators Say

Harold Henthorn, Accused of Killing Wife, Had Map Marked with Spot Where She Fell, Authorities Say

Originally posted 11/21/2014 06:00PM

An "X" on a map of a steep trail in Rocky Mountain National Park, highlighted with a pink marker, notes where Toni Henthorn, 50, fell 140 feet to her death in September of 2012.

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Credit: Courtesy Diana Oh
Why Is This Woman Wearing Lingerie in the Middle of Times Square?

Performance Artist Wears Lingerie Around New York City to Protest Slut-Shaming

Originally posted 11/21/2014 07:00AM

Artist Diana Oh has been wearing her underwear in public – but it's not because she's an exhibitionist.

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Barbie with Pimples?! See an Artist's 'Normal' Doll

Artist Creates 'Normal' Barbie Doll – Cellulite Optional

Originally posted 11/20/2014 09:00PM

What would Barbie look like if she were … average?

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UpdatePosted 11/20/2014 08:00PM

Former NFL Star Walked Away from $37 Million to Feed the Hungry with His Farm

Originally posted 11/20/2014 02:55PM

Jason Brown is happily living the biggest mistake of his life.

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Credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty
The Duchess of Alba, World's Most Titled Aristocrat, Dies at 88

The Duchess of Alba, World's Most Titled Aristocrat, Dies at 88

Originally posted 11/20/2014 04:30PM

The Duchess of Alba, one of Spain's wealthiest and most colorful aristocrats and recognized as the world's most titled noble, has died. She was 88.

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UpdatePosted 11/20/2014 02:45PM

The Story Behind That 'Grizzly Bear Photographer' Picture

Originally posted 11/20/2014 11:30AM

You may have seen the photo of a curious grizzly bear poised at a wildlife photographer's camera earlier this month – it was getting passed around fairly frequently.

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Credit: Chelsea Bruck/Facebook
Michigan Woman Still Missing After Vanishing from Halloween Party

Chelsea Bruck, 22, Still Missing After Disappearing from Halloween Party

Originally posted 11/20/2014 10:00AM

By all accounts, it was a huge Halloween party.

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