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Denver Police Warn Parents of Pot-Tainted Halloween Candy

Originally posted 10/21/2014 02:45PM

Trick or treat? Depends on whom you ask.

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Couple's Ashes Shot into Space Together (VIDEO)

Originally posted 10/21/2014 06:00AM

One couple is taking the ultimate journey together, even if they're not exactly around to "see" it.

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Credit: Courtesy Ventura County Fire Department(2)
Woman Saved from Chimney of Man She Dated, Then Arrested

Woman Stuck in California Chimney Saved, Then Arrested

Originally posted 10/20/2014 05:15PM

A woman stuck in the chimney of a Southern California house has been rescued and arrested.

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Graffiti Artist Humanizes the Homeless by Painting Their Dreams

Originally posted 10/20/2014 04:30PM

Skid Robot is a graffiti artist based in Los Angeles. His latest art project, though, takes on a decidedly different side of the city than the one that most commonly appears in pop culture.

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Credit: Michael Lee/Getty
Pittsburgh 'Wins' Gawker's 'Ugliest Accent' Contest

Pittsburgh 'Wins' Gawker's 'Ugliest Accent' Contest

Originally posted 10/20/2014 12:50PM

Pittsburghers talk funny.

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Credit: Nigel Parry
How Joe Kinan Found Love After Nearly Dying in The Station Nightclub Fire

How Joe Kinan Found Love After Nearly Dying in The Station Nightclub Fire

Originally posted 10/20/2014 12:15PM

For the past 11 years, fire has been Joe Kinan's constant companion.

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Credit: WGN-TV
Suspected Killer Helps Police Find 7 Bodies in Indiana

Suspected Killer Helps Police Find 7 Bodies in Indiana

Originally posted 10/20/2014 11:50AM

The bodies of seven women have now been found in northwestern Indiana after a man confessed to killing one woman who was found strangled at a motel and led investigators to at least three other bodies, authorities said Monday.

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Children's Slide with a Kid Still Inside Blows Away in Brazil (VIDEO)

Originally posted 10/20/2014 09:15AM

Play testcaption testcredit Share on Facebook Tweet Pin on Pinterest Share on Tumblr Heck of a way to wind down a party.

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New Hampshire Pumpkin Festival Devolves into Riot: VIDEO

Originally posted 10/19/2014 01:30PM

This obviously isn't New Hampshire's most sincere pumpkin patch.

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Credit: Wilmot Chayee/AP
Ebola Victim Thomas Duncan Remembered as Caring, Compassionate Man

Thomas Duncan, the First Ebola Victim in the U.S., Remembered as Caring, Compassionate Man

Originally posted 10/19/2014 10:30AM

Thomas Eric Duncan was remembered Saturday as a big-hearted and compassionate man whose virtues may have led to his infection with Ebola in his native Liberia and subsequent death as the first victim of the disease in the United States.

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