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Anderson Cooper

How Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt Coped After the Suicide of Their Beloved Brother and Son, Carter Cooper

Originally posted 03/31/2016 09:00AM

It's been 28 years since Carter Cooper's death by suicide at age 23, but brother Anderson Cooper and mom Gloria Vanderbilt say they have still not achieved closure – and actually detest that word.

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Why Anderson Cooper Won't Inherit Any of the Vanderbilt Fortune

Originally posted 03/30/2016 03:00PM

Anderson Cooper comes from American royalty, but says he won't ever see part of the Vanderbilt family's lavish fortune – and he's totally okay with that.

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Anderson Cooper's Amazing Childhood: Studio 54 at Age 11 and Liza Minnelli Making House Calls

Originally posted 03/30/2016 01:00PM

Growing up as a member of the famed Vanderbilt family, Anderson Cooper didn't exactly have the white picket fence upbringing of his peers.

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Who Is Gloria Vanderbilt? The Extraordinary Life of Anderson Cooper's Heiress Mother

Originally posted 03/30/2016 11:00AM

Anderson Cooper has become famous the world-over for his hard-hitting reporting and tough questions on CNN. But his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, has been famous since she was born.

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The Moment Gloria Vanderbilt Drops a Bombshell About a Lesbian Relationship on Stunned Son Anderson Cooper

Originally posted 03/30/2016 08:00AM

Anderson Cooper and Gloria Vanderbilt have written a book together and they are the subjects of an upcoming documentary, but there are still things the mother-son duo don't know about each other.

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Gloria Vanderbilt Shares 'All Our Secrets' with Son Anderson Cooper in Touching Trailer for New Documentary

Originally posted 03/23/2016 04:35PM

Gloria Vanderbilt is pulling back the curtain on her remarkable life.

In a poignant new trailer for Nothing Left Unsaid, her upcoming documentary with son Anderson Cooper, the famous heiress looks back at her life and reflects on her expansive career, fascinating love life and experiences with both tragedy and success.

"Growing up, it didn't really have any reality for me, that whole Vanderbilt side of the family," Cooper, 48, says in the trailer of his mother, who was born into one of the wealthiest and most famous families in American history.

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2016 Presidential Elections

Bernie Sanders: 'I Am Larry David'

Originally posted 02/04/2016 04:50PM

Bernie Sanders broke down and confessed that he and Larry David are one and the same person during CNN's Democratic town hall on Wednesday night.

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty; Inset: ullstein bild/Getty
Anderson Cooper Teases His Mom Gloria Vanderbilt for Hooking Up with Errol Flynn: 'I Always Knew There Was a Lot More There'

UpdatePosted 01/08/2016 06:55PM

Anderson Cooper Teases His Mom Gloria Vanderbilt for Hooking Up with Errol Flynn: 'I Always Knew There Was a Lot More There'

Originally posted 01/08/2016 04:45PM

Even Anderson Cooper teases Mom sometimes.

While promoting their upcoming documentary Nothing Left Unsaid at a Television Critics Association panel in Los Angeles on Thursday, the journalist and his mother Gloria Vanderbilt joked about her famous dating history.

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UpdatePosted 01/08/2016 11:25AM

President Obama Denies That He Wants to Take Away Guns – Takes Question from American Sniper Widow Taya Kyle

Originally posted 01/07/2016 09:30PM

President Obama set the record straight on his views on gun control during a Thursday night town hall hosted at George Mason University by CNN.

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