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Anthony Weiner

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Why Huma Abedin Didn't Leave Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner Scandal: Why Wife Huma Abedin Didn't Leave Him

Originally posted 07/31/2013 07:45AM

How could she?

While people are speculating about what Huma Abedin was thinking when she decided to stand by her man in his latest humiliating sexting scandal, close friends and family members tell PEOPLE the answer is simple: her toddling, talking 19-month-old son, Jordan.

Confidants of Anthony Weiner's wife tell PEOPLE in this week's issue that Abedin was on the verge of leaving Weiner last fall, after he confessed in September he was sexting again.

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Julianna Margulies: Does She Consider Huma Abedin a Good Wife?

Julianna Margulies: Does She Consider Huma Abedin a Good Wife?

Originally posted 07/30/2013 07:30PM

If anyone's been following the sex scandals of Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer, it's Julianna Margulies.

The Emmy-winning actress's CBS show The Good Wife "ripped its title from the headlines when Silda Spitzer was standing right behind her husband" during the prostitution scandal, Margulies told PEOPLE on Tuesday.

With her character "loosely based" on Silda and other political wives who have stood by their husbands, Margulies says, "The headlines are now imitating us because both of these politicians – Spitzer and Weiner – have gotten back into the game of politics. And now newspapers are saying, 'Huma, take some advice from Alicia Florrick. Go back to work, don't read the papers.' "

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The Best Stuff on the Internet: Non-Royal Baby Edition

UpdatePosted 07/28/2013 11:40AM

The Best Stuff on the Internet: Non-Royal Baby Edition

Originally posted 07/26/2013 01:00PM

As anyone who isn't Nell knows, this week Prince William and Duchess Catherine welcomed their son, Prince George Alexander Louis, in an event that nearly took over the internet with second-by-second commentary on everything from Kate's hair (she looked like she just stepped out of a salon, not the delivery room) to the baby's Seinfeldian name (George Costanza, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus). But more happened this week than just the birth of a babe who may or may not celebrate Festivus. So read on for your Internet fix:

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What Do Geraldo & Prince George Have in Common? The Biggest Reader Reactions of the Week

Royal Baby: Adorable, Adored by Readers

Originally posted 07/27/2013 09:05AM

Baby news – yes, that baby – produced a gush of Valentines from readers this week, while a certain late-night talk-show host took everyone by surprise with his baby news.

On a political note, further incidents of sexting by a New York mayoral candidate ticked people off.

Here are the five stories that sparked the strongest reactions from readers this past week – the news that made you happy, sad, laugh out loud, awestruck, even angry.

And to make your responses known, keep clicking on the emoticons at the bottom of every story – one way to tell us just what you think.

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Anthony Weiner's Wife Considered Leaving Him, Source Says

Anthony Weiner's Wife Considered Leaving Him, Source Says

Originally posted 07/26/2013 10:40PM

Publicly, Huma Abedin said she loves and forgives her husband, Anthony Weiner, despite a second round of sexting revelations.

But a source close to the couple tells PEOPLE she thought of leaving him last fall when Abedin, 36, learned that Weiner, 48, was once again sending sexually explicit messages and photos of himself to other women.

"He came clean to her," says the source, who is a family member.

When he did, Abedin was distraught. "She was seriously considering what to do, thinking: 'Maybe, I can't do this.' There was a possibility of leaving on the table," the source says.

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How Anthony Weiner's PEOPLE Interview Last Summer Stacks Up Now

Anthony Weiner: How Last Summer's Interview with PEOPLE Stacks Up Now

Originally posted 07/24/2013 07:00PM

When they invited PEOPLE into their Manhattan home last summer – their first interview since he resigned from Congress amid scandal – Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin (joined by baby son Jordan) were the picture of a family tested, but healed and happy again, with Anthony's sexting habit kicked.

Now, he tells a very different version of What I Did Last Summer, calling it "a rough time in our marriage." (Asked Wednesday at a campaign event whether he'd been dishonest, Weiner said, "Look, I was going through some things personally – family-wise – and trying to be honest about it, about where we were at the time. But this thing, you know, was still there.")

Here, PEOPLE offers previously unpublished and expansive excerpts from that 2012 interview to shed new light on what Weiner and Abedin are saying now.

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Anthony Weiner Sexting Scandal: Huma Abedin Stands By Her Man

Huma Abedin Insists Husband Anthony Weiner Deserves (Yet) Another Chance

Originally posted 07/24/2013 09:45AM

As new revelations about her husband's indiscretions emerge, Huma Abedin, wife of New York City mayoral candidate and former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner, says she believes his heart has truly changed as he tries to re-enter political life after a sexting scandal two years ago.

"When people tell me they're surprised to see me out on the campaign trail, I understand because, trust me, no one is more surprised than I am," Abedin, 37, writes in September's Harper's Bazaar (on newsstands Aug. 20).

"So why am I doing this? Because Anthony has always been a smart, caring and dedicated person, and while he's the same public servant who wants what's best for the people he represents, he is now something else – a better man."

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Anthony Weiner's Wife 'Loves and Forgives Him' Amid Another Sex Scandal

Anthony Weiner Caught in Another Sex Scandal

Originally posted 07/23/2013 06:30PM

Anthony Weiner found himself caught in another sexting scandal Tuesday like the one that destroyed his congressional career.

This time he stood side-to-side with his wife Huma Abedin to say that he will remain in the race for mayor of New York City.

"I love him. I have forgiven him. And as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward," said Abedin, a longtime adviser to former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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Anthony Weiner Has Worked Hard To Be a Good Husband, Says Wife Huma

Anthony Weiner Shares a Family Photo

Originally posted 07/18/2012 06:20AM

What's next for former New York congressman Anthony Weiner? Baby's first steps, of course.

"I'm very happy in my present life," Weiner, 47, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. "The only next dramatic steps I'm planning on are Jordan's first," he says, referring to his 6-month-old son and remaining noncommital on whether he will run for office again.

In his first joint interview with wife Huma Abedin, who is deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the couple address how they survived Weiner's lewd text and photo scandal that led to his resignation, as well as who has diaper duty.

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Former U.S. Congressman Anthony Weiner's Wife Gives Birth: Report | Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Welcome Baby Boy: Report

Originally posted 12/22/2011 09:25AM

Disgraced former New York congressman Anthony Weiner's annus horribilis has ended on a positive note: His wife, Huma Abedin, gave birth Wednesday to the couple's first child.

Jordan Zane Weiner arrived 10 days before his Dec. 31 due date, weighing just over 7 lbs., the New York Post reports.

Abedin's pregnancy was revealed back in June, at the height of a lewd photo scandal that lead to her husband's resignation.

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