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Anthony Weiner

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Oregon Congressman Resigns in a Sex Scandal

Rep. David Wu: Another Congressman Resigns in a Sex Scandal

Originally posted 07/26/2011 04:05PM

Just weeks after Anthony Weiner resigned from Congress following a sex scandal, Oregon Rep. David Wu is stepping down amid allegations involving a teenager.

A distraught 18-year-old woman called Wu's Portland, Ore., office, accusing the politician of aggressive and unwanted sexual behavior. The woman is the daughter of a longtime friend of Wu, according to The Oregonian.

"This is very serious, and I have absolutely no desire to bring unwanted publicity, attention, or stress to a young woman and her family," Wu, 56, says in a statement to the newspaper.

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Anthony Weiner Resigns as Hecklers Disrupt Press Conference

Originally posted 06/16/2011 02:40PM

Congressman Anthony Weiner has resigned following the scandal in which he admitted to sending messages with sexual content to a number of women.

"I'd hoped to be able to continue the work that the citizens of my district elected me to do – to fight for the middle class and those struggling to make it," Weiner told reporters at a press conference on Thursday Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, where his political career first took off when he was elected to the City Council in 1992. "Unfortunately, the distraction that I have created has made that impossible, so today I am announcing my resignation from Congress."

During the announcement, Weiner spoke for a little more than four minutes, continuing on despite a disruption from the crowd.

At one point a heckler shouted, "Bye bye, pervert."

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Credit: Gregory P. Mango/Splash News Online
Anthony Weiner to Seek Treatment to Become a 'Better Husband' | Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner to Seek Treatment to Become a 'Better Husband'

Originally posted 06/11/2011 04:30PM

In the wake of lewd photo scandal – and pressure from House Democratic leaders to resign – Rep. Anthony Weiner of New York is seeking treatment that will take him away from his duties on Capitol Hill.

"Congressman Weiner departed this morning to seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person," spokeswoman Risa Heller said in a statement. "In light of that, he will request a short leave of absence from the House of Representatives so that he can get evaluated and map out a course of treatment to make himself well."

The statement continued: "Congressman Weiner takes the views of his colleagues very seriously and has determined that he needs this time to get healthy and make the best decision possible for himself, his family and his constituents."

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Anthony Weiner's Wife Is Pregnant, Says Report | Anthony Weiner

Rep. Anthony Weiner's Wife Is Pregnant, Says Report

Originally posted 06/08/2011 06:25PM

Two days after Anthony Weiner admitted to sending a lewd photo of himself and engaging in online relationships with several women, The New York Times reports his wife is pregnant with their first child.

Huma Abedin, 35, is in the early stages of pregnancy, according to The Times, and has not been seen since the scandal broke.

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PHOTO: Anthony Weiner Exposed as 1996 Cosmo Bachelor

Anthony Weiner Exposed as 1996 Cosmo Bachelor

Originally posted 06/07/2011 02:10PM

Long before there surfaced lewd photos of Anthony Weiner, sans pants, the New York congressman made his pictorial debut in the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine – fully clothed.

In 1996, the women's magazine selected the politician, who was, at the time, a 31-year-old city councilman, as one of its 101 real-life bachelors.

The headline: "The Future President?"

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Rep. Anthony Weiner Admits He Lied About Lewd Twitter Photo

Originally posted 06/06/2011 05:15PM

New York congressman Anthony Weiner has come forward about the "terrible mistakes" he made recently.

On Friday, when a photo of a man's bulging crotch in boxer briefs appeared in Weiner's Twitter stream, the lewd photo was quickly removed and the politico claimed his page was hacked.

But fast forward to Monday and Weiner, 46, admits he was the only person using his account. The photo, which he says he "regrets," was in fact meant to send as a direct message, but accidentally posted in his main feed.

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Credit: Amy Sussman/Getty
Did Rep. Anthony Weiner Tweet a Lewd Photo to a Woman?

Did Rep. Anthony Weiner Tweet a Lewd Photo to a Woman?

Originally posted 05/31/2011 03:50PM

A New York congressman says a lewd photo sent to a college student from his Twitter account was posted by a hacker – and he's hired a lawyer to investigate, his office said Tuesday.

The kerfuffle, which some tabloid press is calling "Weinergate," kicked off Friday when a photo of a man's bulging crotch in boxer briefs appeared in Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter stream.

The Tweet was addressed to college student Gennette Cordova, 21, of Seattle – but the image was visible to all of Weiner's 40,000 followers.

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