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Bethenny Frankel

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Bethenny Frankel: 'It's Too Soon to Think About Getting Remarried'

Bethenny Frankel Says 'It's Too Soon to Think About Getting Remarried'

Originally posted 09/05/2013 09:00AM

Bethenny Frankel recently admitted that she's going through a brutal time in her divorce with Jason Hoppy, so it's not surprising that she's a little gun-shy about the idea of walking down the aisle again.

"I don't know that I would get remarried," the 42-year-old admits in October's Redbook. "It's too soon to think about it. But I'd listen to my gut. All through reality television, being honest, saying what's on my mind – that was my gut."

The new daytime host, whose Bethenny premieres on Sept. 9, has a lot on her plate. This includes juggling the new TV gig with her other business interests, such as her Skinnygirl cocktail brand, along with being a mom to her daughter, Bryn, 3.

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Bethenny Frankel's Not the Only One Tired from Working on Talk Show

Bethenny Frankel's Not the Only One Tired from Working on Talk Show

Originally posted 09/04/2013 02:00PM

With her brutal divorce from Jason Hoppy and the demanding schedule of her daytime talk show, it's a demanding time for Bethenny Frankel. But she's not the only one who's dog-tired.

"This talk show is exhausting," reads the caption of a Twitter photo, showing her beloved (and sleep-deprived!) pooch Cookie catching some Zzz's.

Hours before, the talk show host, 42, whose talk show Bethenny debuts Sept. 9 after an earlier test run, Tweeted that each day is like a roller coaster ride with her 3-year-old daughter Bryn.

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Readers Wowed by Jennifer Aniston's Floral Fashion

Jennifer Aniston's Floral Fashion Wows Readers

Originally posted 08/18/2013 09:30AM

It was an emotional week for PEOPLE.com readers – from the shocking suicide of The Bachelor contestant Gia Allemand, to Bethenny Frankel's confession that her contentious divorce has been "brutal."

Fortunately, there was some relief: thank you, Jennifer Aniston.

Here are the five stories that sparked the strongest reactions over the past week, from happy, sad, laugh out loud, angry and wow – and keep coming back to click on the emoticons at the bottom of every story, to let us know just what you think.

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Bethenny Frankel: 'I'm Going Through a Brutal, Brutal Time' | Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel: 'I'm Going Through a Brutal, Brutal Time'

Originally posted 08/13/2013 08:00AM

She's in the midst of a bitter divorce and custody battle with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Jason Hoppy, so it's little wonder that Bethenny Frankel admits that she's feeling "definitely bruised."

"I'm going through a brutal, brutal time," Frankel, 42, reveals in an interview with ABC's Nightline, about the toll the divorce is taking on her.

"It really, really is. I mean, there's no other way to slice it."

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Cool Off with Bethenny's Endless Summer Cocktail | Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel's Endless Summer Cocktail

Originally posted 07/26/2013 03:00PM

Looking for a summer thirst-quencher? The host of a new fall talk show and founder of Skinnygirl Cocktails shares a tropical drink recipe

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Bethenny Frankel Vacations in Saint-Tropez with Warren Lichtenstein | Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel Vacations in Saint-Tropez with Warren Lichtenstein

Originally posted 07/19/2013 12:00PM

The billion-dollar question: Are they travel pals or is romance brewing for Bethenny Frankel?

Frankel was seen Thursday enjoying a holiday in Saint-Tropez with longtime confidant and hedge-fund mogul Warren Lichtenstein.

Frankel, 42, looked cool and chic on her trip in platforms, a short skirt and tank top. She walked side by side with Lichtenstein, a billionaire from New York, who is the chairman and CEO of Steel Partners Holdings L.P.

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Why Bethenny Frankel Is Still Living with Her Ex | Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel: Why I'm Still Living With My Ex

Originally posted 05/09/2013 03:00PM

When Bethenny Frankel filed for divorce in December, she vowed to herself – and to fans – that she and Jason Hoppy would keep their split amicable.

But it didn't take long for their situation to devolve. Now, months later, the duo, who are parents to daughter Bryn, 3, are still living together in the same N.Y.C. apartment – even as they continue to hash out their differences in court.

"My living situation is very, very stressful," Frankel, 41, tells PEOPLE in the new issue, on stands Friday. "I don't think it's very healthy for anyone involved. It's very upsetting. You just have to endure it."

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Bethenny & Jason Reunite for Bryn's Third Birthday

Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Reunite For Daughter's Birthday Amid Divorce Proceedings

Originally posted 05/05/2013 12:00PM

In the middle of their heated divorce battle, Bethenny Frankel and soon-to-be ex-husband Jason Hoppy both attended their daughter Bryn's third birthday party on Saturday.

Held at Dylan's Candy Bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Hoppy arrived to the soiree with his parents, Carol and Bob Hoppy, and according to an onlooker, "Bryn was very happy to see them."

While Hoppy and Frankel were both in attendance, "they did not interact," adds the source.

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Bethenny Frankel Surprised Divorce Is Not Amicable | Bethenny Frankel

UpdatePosted 05/01/2013 08:00AM

Bethenny Frankel Surprised Divorce Is Not Amicable

Originally posted 04/30/2013 07:15PM

While Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy aren't scheduled to return to divorce court for a few more weeks, the reality-star-turned-talk-show-host has been giving a lot of thought to how far apart she and her ex have drifted.

At the time of the split, Frankel released a statement in which she said that she and Hoppy hoped to "amicably co-parent" their daughter Bryn, who turns 3 next month.

Now, in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Frankel says she can see that's going to be a challenge.

"I really did think it would be amicable. I absolutely did," she says. "I wrote that entire statement myself. And every single word, I believed to be true."

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Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News Online
Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Hash it Out (in the Halls) at Divorce Court | Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Hash it Out (in the Halls) at Divorce Court

Originally posted 04/19/2013 04:00PM

Bethenny Frankel and her estranged husband Jason Hoppy met Friday for a matrimonial appearance before a judge in New York – but seemed to do most of their communicating outside the courtroom.

The pair arrived separately to the downtown Manhattan court early for a scheduled 10:30 a.m. appearance. Frankel, 42, wore black stilettos and a charcoal dress. Hoppy, 41, wore a gray suit and, notably, continued to wear the wedding band he's kept on throughout their separation.

News of their split broke in January. The couple wed in 2010 and have a 2½-year-old daughter, Bryn.

Accompanied by their legal teams (and in Jason's case, a pal as well), the pair sat in the halls outside the courtroom. While Bethenny sat with her lawyer on a sofa, Jason sat around the corner on a bench, out of his wife's sight but only feet away from her.

Jason appeared relaxed and smiling. He chatted with his legal team, and when his attorney stepped away, he sat with a pal and passed the time making conversation, frequently smiling.

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