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Bow Wow Films First Sex Scene | Bow Wow

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Bow Wow Films First Sex Scene

Originally posted 09/04/2008 09:30AM

Looks like Bow Wow is all grown up.

The 21-year-old rapper-turned-actor – now known by his real name, Shad Moss – just shot his first sex scene for HBO's Entourage.

"It's with a porn star," he told PEOPLE Wednesday night during the N.Y.C. premiere of the show's fifth season. "It was unreal because I didn't know that I had a sex scene until that day. When I saw a robe in my trailer, I thought, am I taking a bath?"

The actor admits that he shows some serious skin in the scene. So will Moss – who joins the cast as a struggling comedian – be completely nude?

He said coyly, "You have to watch it."
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Bow Wow Talks Early Retirement, 'I Want to Be Will Smith'

Bow Wow Talks Early Retirement, 'I Want to Be Will Smith'

Originally posted 08/01/2008 12:35PM

At the ripe age of 21, rapper Bow Wow is already seriously considering retirement. "After the eighth album, I'm done," the rapper told MTV News.

In the interview, Bow Wow says acting is his passion and he wants to direct all his focus to the screen. His seventh album, The Pedigree, is due out later this year. "[I have] probably one more in me and that's eight. Like, I'm one [album] behind Nas, and that's crazy."

What kind of a path does Bow Wow see for himself? "I wanna be the next Will Smith," he says. Bow Wow is continuing his acting career with a much talked about role on the upcoming season of Entourage. He even has a sex scene.

"I know the girls, they're going to go crazy when they see it," Bow Wow says. "I know when I look back at it, when I see it, I'm gonna be like, 'Damn! Look at this. This is crazy!' I stun myself sometimes."
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Bow Wow Comes Clean on Hospital Stay | Bow Wow

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Bow Wow Comes Clean on Hospital Stay

Originally posted 12/14/2007 10:50AM

Rapper Bow Wow has admitted his hospitalization last week was not due to "exhaustion and stress," as his rep had claimed, but, in fact, because of blood loss that followed an angry pre-concert outburst in which he severely cut his hand.

Upset that certain props were missing for his show last Thursday in Cincinnati, the musician, 20, "hit something and cut my hand," he tells MTV. "It would not stop bleeding. I lost a lot of blood, went onstage, put out a lot of energy, came off, got light-headed. I fainted, went to the hospital."

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Bow Wow Hospitalized After Ohio Concert | Bow Wow


Bow Wow Hospitalized After Ohio Concert

Originally posted 12/07/2007 06:20PM

Twenty-year-old rapper Bow Wow was rushed to the hospital on Thursday night after a concert performance in Cincinnati. He's currently recuperating and "in good spirits," his label says.

Bow Wow, who's on tour with Chris Brown and Sean Kingston, has now canceled his Friday night concert in Chicago after he suffered from "a combination of exhaustion and stress," according to his rep. He's recuperating and promises his Chicago fans "he will be sure to come back soon."– Tiffany McGee

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Ciara, Bow Wow Call It Quits | Bow Wow, Ciara

UpdatePosted 04/10/2006 10:55AM

Ciara, Bow Wow Call It Quits

Originally posted 04/07/2006 08:45AM

Ciara and Bow Wow, the popular R&B and hip-hop artists who collaborated on the hit "Like You," have ended their one-year relationship, TEEN PEOPLE reports.

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