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Camryn Manheim

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FIRST LOOK: Halle Berry in Her New TV Role | Halle Berry

Halle Berry Is Drawn to Her 'Strong, Complicated' Role in CBS's Sci-Fi Thriller Extant

Originally posted 04/07/2014 09:00AM

Halle Berry is coming to a TV near you – and she can't wait.

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How Stars Stay Sexy Forever: PEOPLE

Originally posted 07/25/2001 01:00PM

Big year for big birthdays. Jada Pinkett-Smith and Winona Ryder are hitting 3-0, while Heather Locklear and Camryn Manheim have a good decade on them.

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Camryn Faces Reality

Originally posted 03/10/1999 12:00AM

In her new book "Wake Up, I'm Fat," Camryn Manheim (Emmy-winning co-star of "The Practice") writes about the time she overdosed on crystal methedrine, a drug she took to lose weight when she was starting out in the acting business. She tells Parade magazine that the turning point in her life was when she accepted the fact that "this is my fat body . . . I'm standing at the corner of 'Life' and 'You Better Get Going' . . . I stepped off the curb and never looked back."

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Camryn Manheim: I'm Pregnant

Originally posted 07/06/1998 12:00AM

This is a test of the short summary

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