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Dr. Oz Talks Charlie Sheen's Bipolar Claim: 'I'm Chasing a Cure for Charlie'

Originally posted 02/11/2016 12:55PM

Dr. Mehmet Oz is opening up about Charlie Sheen's breakthrough on-air admission that he might suffer from bipolar disorder.

"He's making inroads," Oz told PEOPLE on Wednesday at the premiere of the film Touched with Fire, which stars Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby as two bipolar poets, and which was written and directed by Paul Dalio, who is diagnosed with bipolar.

Acknowledging that Sheen, 50, has "made mistakes that have changed his life," Oz also revealed what viewers can expect during the actor's next appearance on The Dr. Oz Show and how he is personally committed to "chasing a cure for Charlie."

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Credit: The Dr. Oz Show
Charlie Sheen Calls Doctor Who Claimed to Cure Him of HIV 'Dangerous'

Charlie Sheen Calls Doctor Who Claimed to Cure Him of HIV 'Dangerous'

Originally posted 02/10/2016 06:05PM

Charlie Sheen is renouncing a man who claimed to have cured his HIV and injected himself with the actor's blood.

During his Wednesday appearance on The Dr. Oz Show, Sheen denied Dr. Sam Chachoua's account of treating him in a Mexico hotel room with a medically contested treatment involving goat milk.

"He would have stuff delivered at all hours of the night, and I was an idiot to keep taking it. It was just the BS started to really pile up with this guy. I was in Mexico probably for 32 hours. He says I was there for two months, so his math skills are equally as challenged as his science," said Sheen, 50. "I don't think I was dying. It's very bizarre, his memory of our initial time together. ... I couldn't keep track of this guy. He didn't really have an office I could go to."

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Charlie Sheen Blasts Doctor Who Claims to Have Cured Him of HIV and Even Injected Himself with Star's Blood

Originally posted 02/01/2016 05:35PM

Charlie Sheen is now speaking out against the Mexico-based doctor who claims to have cured the actor of HIV using a medically contested treatment involving goat milk.

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Charlie Sheen's Lawyer Says Denise Richards Is 'Being Greedy' After Her Attorney Called His Comments 'Inappropriate'

Originally posted 01/23/2016 05:55PM

Denise Richards' attorney is fighting back after Charlie Sheen's lawyer slammed her lawsuit on Friday.

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Denise Richards' Battle for Child Support from Charlie Sheen Is 'Like Pulling Teeth': Source

Originally posted 01/22/2016 05:30PM

Denise Richards has filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against ex husband Charlie Sheen, and a source tells PEOPLE she is taking the action to protect her children financially after having trouble collecting child support at times.

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Denise Richards Sues Charlie Sheen for $1.2 Million for Allegedly Evicting Her and Kids from Home, Sending Threatening Texts

Originally posted 01/22/2016 09:50AM

Denise Richards has filed a $1.2 million lawsuit against ex husband Charlie Sheen for allegedly not providing all of the financial support he had promised toward the care of their children.

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UpdatePosted 01/21/2016 12:30PM

Brooke Mueller Is Seeking Treatment in a Rehab Center: Source

Originally posted 01/21/2016 01:35AM

Brooke Mueller is seeking treatment in a rehab center, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

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Charlie Sheen Is the Latest to Join James Burrows Tribute (a.k.a. Hotly Debated Sorta-Maybe Friends Reunion)

Originally posted 01/20/2016 02:35PM

The lineup for NBC's James Burrows tribute special, a.k.a "The One That's Kinda a Friends Reunion Depending on How You Define 'Reunion,'" has been released.

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Charlie Sheen Concedes He 'Might' Be Bipolar: 'I've Come This Far, Might as Well Fix It All'

Originally posted 01/19/2016 10:20AM

Charlie Sheen continues to address his struggles.

The actor has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show three times this month to discuss his struggles with substance abuse as well as what he's learned about his HIV diagnosis. During his Monday appearance on the talk show, he also opened up about potential mental health issues.

When asked by Dr. Mehmet Oz if he's ever thought he might be manic, Sheen said he has been described and "diagnosed" as that before, saying there are "certain medical opinions, certain personal opinions that I might be bipolar."

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Charlie Sheen Says Previous 'Manic Behavior' Came from 'Partying' and 'Deep Substance Abuse'

Originally posted 01/15/2016 05:35PM

Charlie Sheen is continuing to open up about his struggles on The Dr. Oz Show.

In a preview for Monday's episode, Sheen, 50, tells Dr. Mehmet Oz that certain lifestyle choices have triggered "manic behavior" from him in the past.

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