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Christie Brinkley

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PHOTOS: See Christie Brinkley's Red Sox Victory Album | Christie Brinkley

The Boston Red Sox Win the World Series: Relive the Victory with Christie Brinkley

Originally posted 10/31/2013 03:35PM

The Boston Red Sox clinched their third World Series victory in a decade after defeating the St. Louis Cardinals 6-1 Wednesday at Boston's Fenway Park.

Among the celebs in attendance? Supermodel superfan Christie Brinkley, a self-avowed Instagram junkie who couldn't help but chronicle the frenzied evening on her Instagram page.

And snap away she did! The 59-year-old beauty delivered a visual blow-by-blow of the evening, as she posed with fellow fans and shot a barrage of selfies.

Check out her pics below and relive the Rex Sox's big win:

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Christie Brinkley's Advice to Her 15-Year-Old Model Daughter: Ignore the Haters

Christie Brinkley's Advice to Her 15-Year-Old Model Daughter: Ignore the Haters

Originally posted 07/15/2013 04:00PM

The star shares her wisdom with up-and-coming model Sailor

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Credit: Anna Gunselman/Bella NYC
Christie Brinkley Models with Lookalike Daughter Sailor

Christie Brinkley Models with Lookalike Daughter Sailor

Originally posted 07/11/2013 12:15PM

The former supermodel poses side by side with her 15-year-old for the cover of Bella NYC magazine

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Credit: Danny Martindale/Getty; Splash News Online
See Madonna Dance in Her Bathroom – and More Celeb Instagram Videos

Julianne Hough, Justin Bieber & More Celebs Post Instagram Videos over the Weekend

Originally posted 06/24/2013 10:55AM

They're ready for their (15-second) close-ups!

Instagram launched its video service on Friday – where users can upload 15-second video clips to the photo-sharing service – and celebs spent the weekend making their directorial debuts.

Some stars, like Christie Brinkley, posted scenic shots of the sky. Others, like Julianne Hough, stayed behind behind the camera as well to post funny shots of her friends.

And Justin Bieber shared his wounds after falling down a flight of stairs.

Check out who else embraced their inner Martin Scorsese (and Alan Smithee) online!

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Christie Brinkley: Finding Romance Isn't a Priority

Christie Brinkley: Finding Romance Isn't a Priority

Originally posted 12/29/2010 08:00AM

Christie Brinkley has been divorced for more than two years, but she's in no hurry to find love again.

"Most of the time, I've got my kids with me, so I'm not as prone to meeting people," Brinkley tells February's Prevention, out Tuesday. "And then, you never really know if someone is talking to you because you're a celebrity. It's not my number one priority."

Brinkley, 56, has three children – Alexa Ray, 25, Jack, 15, and Sailor, 12 – and says being a mom was always part of her life plan.

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Christie Brinkley Had Tough Love for Daughter After Overdose

Christie Brinkley Had Tough Love for Alexa Ray Joel After Overdose

Originally posted 06/05/2010 08:40AM

Christie Brinkley was empathetic but stern with Alexa Ray Joel after her daughter took some pills and was hospitalized in December.

"Your job as a parent is to listen. And to dole out as much love as you can," the supermodel tells Ladies' Home Journal in its July issue. "That includes tough love. I told Alexa, 'You got yourself worked into such a tizzy. You need to examine that, you need to seek professional advice.' "

Brinkley, 56, says anyone can understand the pain of heartbreak, but that Alexa, 24, overreacted to her breakup. "She tried to do something dramatic to prove to her boyfriend how much he hurt her," Brinkley says. "I think many people can relate to that excruciating pain of love gone wrong. I'd rather have a broken arm than a broken heart."

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Credit: Nigel Parry
Alexa Ray Joel: My Mom Wishes She Looked Like Me

Alexa Ray Joel: My Mom Wishes She Looked Like Me

Originally posted 05/08/2010 09:45AM

Alexa Ray Joel is famous for three reasons: her music, her parents (Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley), and regretfully, a battle with depression that landed her in the hospital after an overdose on Dec. 5.

"I felt like I was in a black hole and I couldn't see out," Joel, 24, reveals in the new issue of PEOPLE. "I hit rock bottom that day . . . A part of me wanted people close to me to know – not the whole world."

The trigger for her depression? A very bad case of heartbreak. Joel says she never really got over her first love, her former bassist Jimmy Riot, whom she began dating at 19. They broke up in 2008, but had fleeting reconciliations. "I was addicted to this man," she says, "and it spiraled out of control."

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Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley Issue Statement About Daughter | Alexa Ray Joel, Christie Brinkley

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley Issue Statement About Daughter

Originally posted 12/10/2009 07:30AM

In light of some media coverage of their daughter Alexa Ray Joel's recent hospital stay, her parents, Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, have issued the following statement. In its entirety, it reads:

Every parent can imagine the pain and anguish we face as parents of a daughter who is working to recover from the dangerous actions she took while suffering a devastating heartbreak. As much as we hate dignifying tabloid stories with a response, we feel we must set the record straight to protect our family. The story that ran in the New York Post on December 8th, and has been subsequently spread across the Internet, is filled with vicious lies and attempts to smear our character and that of our beloved daughter. We ask the public and legitimate media outlets to please "consider the source" and to not further exacerbate our daughter's situation by repeating and legitimizing these false reports.

With much appreciation,
Billy Joel & Christie Brinkley

Credit: Jeff Schock
Alexa Ray Joel Getting Better – Thanks to Parents


Alexa Ray Joel Getting Better – Thanks to Parents

Originally posted 12/09/2009 02:05PM

There's nothing like a little TLC from Mom and Dad after a traumatic experience. And sources say Alexa Ray Joel is bouncing back beautifully after her brief hospital stay on Dec. 5. – thanks to the help of her parents Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley.

"They're focused on making sure she is going to be alright," says a source close to the situation.

The 23-year-old singer, who called 911 after she took 8 Traumeel pills, a homeopathic medication, and had trouble breathing, "has the most attentive parents," says a family friend. "She is very close to Billy, and Alexa and her mother are really best friends."

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Credit: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage
Alexa Ray Joel Out of Hospital | Alexa Ray Joel, Billy Joel


Alexa Ray Joel Out of Hospital

Originally posted 12/07/2009 08:10AM

The daughter of singer Billy Joel and model Christie Brinkley is at her father's home to recover after being hospitalized over the weekend for what's being reported as a reaction to herbal medication.

Alexa Ray Joel, 23, had taken several pills of the homeopathic medication Traumeel after a breakup with her boyfriend of several years, and was taken to St. Vincent's Hospital in New York City's Greenwich Village, according to various reports.

"She became worried about breathing, which is why 911 was called," one source told PEOPLE. Adds another source: "She was apparently distraught over an argument with her boyfriend."

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