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Sister Wives Robyn Brown 'Begged' Meri to Open Up About Catfishing Scandal: 'I Knew Something Wasn't Right'

Originally posted 11/20/2015 09:30AM

Meri Brown's family is well aware of the details surrounding her catfishing scandal that made headlines earlier this year, but it wasn't easy for the TLC star to work up the courage to reveal that she had been tricked into an online relationship with a female admirer who was impersonating a man.

In an exclusive sneak peek at Sunday's tell-all special, a teary-eyed Brown admits it "took a lot" for her to spill her secret to husband Kody and his three other wives.

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Sister Wives' Meri Brown Opens Up About Being Catfished: 'He Was Just Saying All the Right Things'

Originally posted 11/15/2015 03:50PM

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is coming clean.

The star, who admitted to being "catfished" by a female admirer posing as a man online earlier this year, will open up about the experience in Sunday's season finale of Sister Wives.

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FIRST LOOK: The Sister Wives, Including Catfished Wife Meri, Tell All

Originally posted 11/13/2015 02:30PM

"Meri, have you told them everything?"

That's an incredibly loaded question for Sister Wives star Meri Brown, who admitted to being "catfished" by a female admirer online earlier this year.

PEOPLE has the exclusive first look at a two-hour special on Nov. 22 when Today host Tamron Hall grills Meri on the circumstances of her emotional online affair.

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Credit: Discovery
Inside the Emotional Sister Wives Adoption: 'It Was a Validation of Our Family'

Sister Wives

Inside the Emotional Sister Wives Adoption: 'It Was a Validation of Our Family'

Originally posted 10/28/2015 01:00PM

It wasn't an easy process for Sister Wives star Kody Brown to adopt his fourth wife Robyn's three children from a previous marriage.

He had to divorce his first wife Meri – who is one of four women who live a polygamist lifestyle with Brown on TLC's hit reality series – then legally marry fourth wife Robyn before the adoption could even become a possibility.

"We had to do the restructuring so that we would do the adoption," Meri says in this week's issue of PEOPLE. "That was something that I decided to do just for the purpose of the kids. And the adoption, it was something that I knew that they wanted to have their legal name Brown. They really wanted to be adopted."

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Credit: Brian Bowen Smith/TLC
Meri Brown Denies Discord with Her Fellow Sister Wives: 'Our Family Is Holding Strong Together'

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Meri Brown Denies Discord with Her Fellow Sister Wives: 'Our Family Is Holding Strong Together'

Originally posted 10/14/2015 01:15PM

In the days since Meri Brown announced she had been "catfished" into an online relationship with a woman who was impersonating a man, the Sister Wives star is shutting down rumors that her family hasn't been on her side.

"It makes me sick to hear accusations that Robyn has been anything but loving and supportive through this unfortunate situation," she tells PEOPLE.

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Credit: David Becker/TLC
Sister Wives' Meri Brown Speaks Out: How I Got Tricked into an Online Relationship – with a Woman

Sister Wives' Meri Brown Speaks Out: How I Got Tricked into an Online Relationship – with a Woman

Originally posted 10/14/2015 08:00AM

Meri Brown was still dealing with the changing dynamics in her polygamist family when she faced yet another challenge.

After she agreed to divorce her husband Kody so he could legally marry his fourth wife Robyn and adopt her three kids, the Sister Wives star was catfished into an online relationship by a woman impersonating a man.

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Sister Wives

Sister Wives Tell All Sneak Peek: Meri Brown Opens Up About Divorcing Kody (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/27/2015 02:45PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4084272122001" "" "" "auto"] When it was announced that Kody Brown would divorce his first wife, Meri, for his youngest wife, Robyn, many immediately assumed the worst.

However, while the family clarified in a statement that they simply chose to "legally restructure" the family and that the decision was made as a unit, the Sister Wives stars remain emotional about the change.

In an exclusive clip of the Sister Wives Tell All special airing Sunday, Meri, 44, opens up about her "mixed emotions" following the decision.

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Credit: Joe Pugliese/TLC
Sister Wives Family Will Not Face Bigamy Charges

Sister Wives Family Will Not Face Bigamy Charges

Originally posted 06/01/2012 10:00AM

No charges will be filed against the polygamous family featured on the TLC reality show Sister Wives.

Before the show premiered in 2010, Utah authorities had begun investigating charges of bigamy against Kody Brown, 44, and his four wives – Meri, 41, Janelle, 43, Christine, 40, and Robyn, 33 – who have 17 children among them, but the case is now closed, reports the Associated Press.

Brown moved his wives and children to Las Vegas in the wake of the investigation and sued Utah County, as well as the state governor and attorney general.

The state lawsuits were later dropped, and on Thursday, Utah County prosecutor Jeff Buhman filed a motion seeking to have the case against the county dismissed.

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Credit: Jana Cruder
PHOTOS: Meet Sister Wives Stars' Baby Solomon

Sister Wives

Sister Wives Baby's First Photos

Originally posted 10/27/2011 10:00AM

When you have 16 brothers and sisters, four moms and a dad, it takes some time to meet everyone.

Baby Solomon – born on Wednesday to polygamist reality television stars Kody Brown, 43, and his newest (and fourth) wife Robyn, 33, was welcomed by Brown's three other wives and their blended family of 16 kids, who celebrated the at-home birth as one big happy family.

Brown's first wife, Meri, and their daughter, Mariah, 16, were among the first to arrive after Solomon was born.

"Mariah picked up Solomon and just started crying with joy," says Brown. "My second daughter was holding my newest boy and it was beautiful ... And the rest of the family got to come. It was wonderful."

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Sister Wives: Robyn's Pregnancy Causes a Stir on Season Premiere

Originally posted 09/21/2011 10:35AM

Kody Brown and his four wives already have 16 children. But it's news about the 17th that shakes up the household on the new season of Sister Wives, which premieres Sunday (9 p.m. ET) on TLC.

A new preview of season 3 shows Brown revealing to the family that his fourth wife, Robyn Sullivan, is pregnant. But not everyone seems thrilled at the announcement.

Later, Sullivan – the first new wife to enter the family in 16 years – breaks down as she recalls the somewhat chilly reception to her news by some of the family's older children.

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