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Clint Eastwood

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Clint Eastwood's Daughter Alison Is Engaged | Alison Eastwood

Alison Eastwood Is Engaged

Originally posted 12/03/2012 01:45PM

There's more excitement for Clint Eastwood!

Fresh off the heels of Friday's news that his daughter Francesca Eastwood was named Miss Golden Globe 2013, one of his other daughters, Alison Eastwood, 40, is ready to go public with the longtime engagement to her Chainsaw Gang costar Stacy Poitras.

"I actually asked for [Clint's] permission three years ago at a Thanksgiving dinner in Pebble Beach that was attended by Alison's mom Maggie [Johnson], too," Poitras tells Celebuzz.

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And the 2013 Miss Golden Globe Is ...

UpdatePosted 11/30/2012 12:00PM

Francesca Eastwood Is Named Miss Golden Globe 2013

Originally posted 11/30/2012 09:05AM

In a move that most certainly will make her dad's day, Francesca Eastwood has been named Miss Golden Globe 2013 by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

The daughter of Clint Eastwood and actress Frances Fisher, Francesca, 19, appeared in her first film when she was 2, and has been around Hollywood her entire life – attending her first Golden Globe show when she was only 8.

She says she's a little nervous about making her debut as she helps to escort award winners on and off stage. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the show Jan. 13.

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President Obama Says He's a 'Huge Fan' of Clint Eastwood | Clint Eastwood, Barack Obama

President Barack Obama Says He's a 'Huge Fan' of Clint Eastwood

Originally posted 09/02/2012 03:25PM

While it's not being said that Clint Eastwood made President Obama's day, the chief executive does own up to being "a huge fan" of the actor-filmmaker – who last week delivered a long and much-discussed prime-time presentation on stage at the Republican National Convention that was critical of the current administration.

"He is a great actor, and an even better director," the President told USA Today in an interview aboard Air Force One. "I think the last few movies that he's made have been terrific."

The newspaper then asked point blank if Obama took offense at what Eastwood did – speaking to an empty chair that was meant to represent Obama's sitting there and responding to the screen legend's pointed questions.

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Taylor Hicks: Not Easy Opening for Clint & Mitt

Taylor Hicks: Not Easy Opening for Clint Eastwood & Mitt Romney

Originally posted 08/31/2012 02:05PM

Thursday night's performance at the Republican National Convention in Tampa was a first – and a tricky one – for American Idol singer Taylor Hicks.

He was opening for some very tough acts to follow: surprise guest speaker Clint Eastwood and presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

"I've worked many stages in my life, but never, ever have I had to weave in and out of a lectern," Hicks, 35, told PEOPLE while laughing and downing a draft beer at the bustling CNN Grill after the convention adjourned. "And the Teleprompter was definitely a stage hazard – having to dance with that thing."

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Clint Eastwood Takes Aim at Obama, Whose Campaign Fires Right Back | Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood Takes Aim at Obama, Whose Campaign Fires Right Back

Originally posted 08/31/2012 09:00AM

Clint Eastwood made the day of several Republican National Convention-goers Thursday night, when the screen star and filmmaker – without benefit of a Teleprompter – took to the stage and held an imaginary conversation with an empty chair meant to represent President Barack Obama.

Eastwood, 82, tweaked the unseen Obama for campaign promises unfulfilled, such as the 2008 pledge to close Gitmo.

"So, Mr. President, how do you handle promises that you made … I'm not going to shut up, it's my turn," said the Oscar winner. "What do you want me to tell Romney? I can't tell him to do that. He can't do that to himself. You're getting as bad as Biden!"

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The Eastwood Family's Menagerie: Chickens, Rats – But No Cats!

The Eastwood Family's Menagerie: Chickens, Rats – But No Cats!

Originally posted 05/25/2012 10:15AM

Growing up, Francesca Eastwood's friends felt uneasy going over to her house – not because of her famous father, Clint, but because of the rat room.

"We call it the rat room because we have, like, really, 14 rats," she tells PEOPLE. "But they're really sweet animals. They're very clean and loving."

Francesca, 18, who stars with step-mom Dina and 15-year-old sister Morgan in the new E! reality series Mrs. Eastwood and Company, has joined her animal-loving family in caring for chinchillas, chickens, pigs and tortoises over the years, but don't expect to see any dogs or cats.

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Justin Timberlake Has a Southern-Fried Dinner in Georgia | Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake Has a Southern-Fried Dinner in Georgia

Originally posted 03/14/2012 06:00AM

Justin Timberlake was spotted enjoying a low-key dinner at South City Kitchen in Atlanta with two companions – and he was diving into Southern specialties. On the menu: fried green tomatoes and buttermilk fried chicken.

The actor-singer has been in Macon, Ga., filming Trouble with the Curve alongside Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams. At dinner, though, Timberlake was joined by a male and female companion, and a restaurant source says the newly engaged star was "very unassuming and undemanding."
– Jennifer Bradley Franklin

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Clint Eastwood Advises Angelina Jolie to Get Some Rest | Angelina Jolie, Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood Advises Angelina Jolie to Get Some Rest

Originally posted 09/18/2010 03:00PM

Now that Angelina Jolie is set to direct her first feature, her pal and Changeling director Clint Eastwood is offering a few tips.

"My advice for her is to get more sleep than the actors,” Eastwood, 80, told PEOPLE at the Toronto International Film Festival premiere of his latest, Hereafter. "And to have good management – know what you want and know what you are looking for and go after it."

Jolie, 35, is also producing the film and writing the screenplay for the sweeping love story set during the Bosnian War. Despite the many hats she'll have to juggle, Eastwood says he has no doubts Jolie will succeed – and create a masterpiece.

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PEOPLE's Critic Rates Toronto Film Fest's Biggest Surprises

PEOPLE's Critic Rates Toronto Film Fest's Biggest Surprises

Originally posted 09/18/2010 06:00AM

Natalie Portman’s extraordinary performance in Black Swan may have been a foregone conclusion, but there were some delightful moments in the Toronto International Film Festival that took me by surprise. Here are a few:

The Metaphysical Clint Eastwood:
The guy can do anything, sure. But who knew he wanted to explore such a big, ethereal question as what happens after you die? In Hereafter, he intertwines three stories of people who have brushes with death, including Matt Damon as a reluctant psychic, slowly unspooling their lives, then bringing them together in unexpected and not altogether tidy ways. It’s certainly not Eastwood’s best film, but it’s a welcome departure for a man who tends to dwell in a world that’s entirely more visceral and elemental.

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Matt Damon: Clint Eastwood Makes My Wife Happy

Movie News

Matt Damon: Clint Eastwood Makes My Wife Happy

Originally posted 12/03/2009 11:05AM

Matt Damon has plenty of reasons to thank Clint Eastwood for keeping his wife Luciana happy.

"I have come to judge good jobs and good directors by how my wife feels about them," Damon, 39, told guests at Tuesday's Museum of the Moving Image gala in New York City honoring Eastwood, 79. "And my wife loves Clint Eastwood."

In addition to Luciana's approval, Damon heaped praise on the Oscar-winning director for providing the leading man with a balanced family life and the sort of work experience that PEOPLE's 2007 Sexiest Man Alive had always hoped for.

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