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Cody Johnson

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Newlywed Who Admitted Pushing Husband Off a Cliff Wants to Withdraw Guilty Plea

Jordan Graham Wants to Withdraw Guilty Plea in Montana Newlywed Murder Case

Originally posted 03/26/2014 12:25PM

A Montana woman who was to be sentenced Thursday for pushing her new husband to his death in Glacier National Park wants to withdraw her guilty plea to a second-degree murder charge, her lawyer says.

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Did Jordan Graham's Wedding Blues Lead to Murder?

Jordan Graham Trial: Did Her Wedding Blues Lead to Murder?

Originally posted 12/09/2013 07:30AM

As her newlywed husband Cody Johnson lay face down at the bottom of a cliff on the night of July 7, Jordan Graham fired off a flurry of text messages to her friends, discussing her dance moves and planting fake stories to explain Johnson's disappearance, federal prosecutors say in pretrial briefs.

Although there were no eyewitnesses to Johnson's tragic fall at Glacier National Park, prosecutors say those text messages, along with testimony from friends and fellow churchgoers about Graham's behavior before and after the tragedy, will help prove first-degree murder to the federal jury to be impaneled Monday morning in Missoula, Mont.

Graham, 22, "engaged in a nine-day campaign to hide her crime from friends, family and law enforcement," wrote the prosecutors, adding that Graham, "lied to Glacier National Park law enforcement and every other law enforcement agency she encountered in order to hide her crime."

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