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Bill Murray and Original Ghostbusters Cast Praise Female-Led Reboot: 'These Girls Did a Really Good Job'

Originally posted 06/09/2016 01:45AM

If you needed yet another reason to watch the new Ghostbusters film, Bill Murray and the original 1984 cast have given their stamps of approval.

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FROM EW: Dan Aykroyd Confirms Cameo in New Ghostbusters Movie

FROM EW: Dan Aykroyd Confirms Cameo in New Ghostbusters Movie

Originally posted 07/15/2015 12:00AM

The star of the original films let it slip on social media that he's filming a cameo for the reboot

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UpdatePosted 03/10/2015 07:15AM

Channing Tatum and Dan Aykroyd Team Up for New Ghostbusters Project

Originally posted 03/09/2015 07:35PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4102232039001" "" "" "auto"] Can't wait for the all-female Ghostbusters? Well, there's even more Ghostbusters news to be excited about.

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30 Things to Know About Ghostbusters on Its 30th Anniversary | Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis

UpdatePosted 06/07/2014 12:45PM

30 Things You Need to Know About Ghostbusters on Its 30th Anniversary

Originally posted 06/06/2014 01:00PM

You know how the line goes: If there's something strange in your neighborhood, you probably live near the Kardashians. We're totally kidding! Everyone knows that if there's something strange or something weird "and it don't look good," you're gonna call the Ghostbusters.

Those four jumpsuit-wearing, proton pack-carrying heroes first appeared on movie screens 30 years ago this weekend, serving all of our supernatural elimination needs, reminding us never to cross the streams and, as the late Harold Ramis said, "turning the word 'slime' into a verb."    

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Does Neighbors Bring Down the House? Our Movie Review | Zac Efron

See This/Skip That: From Neighbors to Legends of Oz

Originally posted 05/09/2014 05:30PM

Neighbors rocks the block, but Legends of Oz will make you want to stay in Kansas.

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Dan Aykroyd Sworn In As Mississippi Sheriff's Deputy

Dan Aykroyd Sworn In As Mississippi Sheriff's Deputy

Originally posted 01/27/2014 02:30PM

Look out lawbreakers, there's a new sheriff in town – and he ain't afraid of nothing.

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Credit: Courtesy Alie and Georgia
The Only Gin Cocktail You Need This Winter

The Only Gin Cocktail You Need This Winter

Originally posted 12/12/2013 05:30PM

Cooking Channel's Alie & Georgia put a gin spin on one of Dan Aykroyd's drink recipes

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VIDEO: Watch Justin Timberlake's Star-Studded SNL Monologue

Justin Timberlake's Hosts Saturday Night Live for the Fifth Time

Originally posted 03/10/2013 10:00AM

When it comes to hosting Saturday Night Live, Justin Timberlake feels right at home.

The singer – who had hosted the show four times before Saturday – called on some of his famous friends to make his fifth stint extra special.

During his opening monologue, Timberlake boasted that he now had membership to the "Five Timers Club," an exclusive New York organization reserved for repeat hosts. Upon arriving, Timberlake, 32, was greeted by Paul Simon, Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, Martin Short, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks and Candice Bergen.

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Haunted This Halloween? Call a Real Ghostbuster! | Dan Aykroyd

Haunted This Halloween? Call a Real Ghostbuster!

Originally posted 10/31/2009 07:30AM

While the brand new movie Paranormal Activity is, er, knocking 'em dead at the box office, other ghostly spirits have been haunting us for centuries – and not all of them should be welcomed with open arms, according to experts.

Appearing on a special Halloween edition of CNN's Larry King Live Friday, a host of ghosthunters, paranormal activists and psychics – as well as ghost victim Joan Rivers and Ghostbusters star Dan Aykroyd and his séance authority father, Peter Aykroyd – debunked the disbelievers, often with jaw-dropping stories.

Rivers delivered a seriously convincing account about how a malicious spirit was haunting her New York apartment – keeping the place cold, causing havoc with the electrical power and scaring her dogs from entering the residence. When she told her elevator man what was going on, he said, "Sounds like Mrs. Spencer [the former occupant] is back."

"I used to say, this is stupid, this is nonsense," Rivers said of her unseen but clearly felt visitor. Then, "at one point, you cannot say this anymore. Something is going on here."

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