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Daryl Hannah

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Daryl Hannah and Neil Young Have Been Dating 'For Months,' Says Source

Daryl Hannah and Neil Young Have Been Dating 'For Months,' Says Source

Originally posted 09/11/2014 05:20PM

When photographers spotted rocker Neil Young, 68, and actress Daryl Hannah, 53, getting cozy together at a restaurant in Westlake, California, Wednesday, it set tongues wagging – especially since it was only announced last month that Young and his wife Pegi, 61, were calling it quits after 36 years together.

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Splash Turns 30: 8 Memorable Mermaids from Pop Culture | Splash, Daryl Hannah, Tom Hanks

Splash Turns 30: 8 Memorable Mermaids from Pop Culture

Originally posted 03/09/2014 02:15PM

Tom Hanks recently amazed audiences in the Academy Award-nominated Captain Phillips, and it was 30 years ago that the actor's first major movie set sail. Splash hit the big screen on March 9, 1984.

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Daryl Hannah Opens Up About Living with Autism | Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah Opens Up About Living with Autism

Originally posted 09/28/2013 08:00PM

Daryl Hannah is puzzled.

Thirty minutes into lunch at a hip eatery in Venice, Calif., the owner drops by her table to say how thrilled he is to see her back at his restaurant. After he walks away, she stares into her bowl of vegetable soup, stunned that he even remembers her.

"I don't think I've been here in 15 years," she whispers, shaking her head.

Not so long ago Daryl Hannah was a movie star. Problem was, she hated it.

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Daryl Hannah Arrested | Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah Arrested

Originally posted 10/05/2012 11:30AM

Daryl Hannah was arrested (again) Thursday, this time in Texas for protesting the creation of an oil pipeline.

The actress, 51, and landowner Eleanor Fairchild, 78, reportedly stood on equipment on Fairchild's Winnsboro farm to halt attempts at building the Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring crude oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf Coast of Texas.

"It is unfortunate Ms. Hannah and other out-of-state activists have chosen to break the law by illegally trespassing on private property," David Dodson, a spokesman for TransCanada, which is behind the construction of the reported $7 billion pipeline, said in an email to the Associated Press.

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PHOTO: Daryl Hannah Arrested at Protest in Washington, D.C. | Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah Arrested at Protest in Washington, D.C.

Originally posted 08/30/2011 07:10PM

Daryl Hannah was among 100 people arrested Tuesday in Washington, D.C., during a sit-in in front of the White House to protest a a massive expansion of a pipeline carrying oil from Alberta, Canada, to the Gulf of Mexico.

"I do believe we are in a time of crisis for so many things. And in times of crisis, you have to get engaged in the process. You have to walk your talk. Being arrested is something you never hope for. You don’t want to get arrested. But you know it's a risk you take," the Kill Bill and Splash star, noting that "Civil disobedience is a long-heralded American tradition," told PEOPLE after paying a fine and being released.

"The majority of people who got arrested with me were moms, grandmothers and school teachers. Like me, they are standing up against this big corporation and saying, 'No.' "

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Halle Berry, Others Protest Natural Gas Facility | Halle Berry

UpdatePosted 10/23/2006 05:55PM

Halle Berry, Others Protest Natural Gas Facility

Originally posted 10/23/2006 08:40AM

Halle Berry, Pierce Brosnan, Cindy Crawford and Daryl Hannah were among the stars who turned out to protest a planned natural gas facility in Malibu on Sunday.

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Daryl Hannah Speaks from Jail Cell | Daryl Hannah

UpdatePosted 06/14/2006 08:00AM

Daryl Hannah Speaks from Jail Cell

Originally posted 06/13/2006 04:05PM

Daryl Hannah – who was arrested along with 16 other protestors in Los Angeles's South Central Urban Garden on Tuesday – tells PEOPLE by phone from her jail cell, "I'm not thrilled about it, but I felt it was important to sustain my commitment."

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Daily Insider for February 10, 2004

Originally posted 02/09/2004 10:36AM

February 10, 2004GUESS HE FOLLOWED THE RULES... Amy Davidson, star of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, must be breathing a sigh of relief that Average Joe: Hawaii's Larissa Meek sacked Todd Mitchell from the NBC reality show. After all, Davidson's been secretly dating the 26-year-old trainer since August. The couple met almost a year ago when they were both working out at the same gym. When he left to shoot Joe last summer, he kept it a secret. "He told me he had to go away for four weeks to relax," said Davidson, 24. "He said, 'I need to get away.' " It wasn't until October that Mitchell spilled the beans, but Davidson didn't mind. In fact, the couple have been watching the show together. "He's a wonderful kisser on TV – and in real life," says Davidson. "But I don't think anyone likes to watch the person they're into kissing someone else."

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Daryl Hannah

Originally posted 10/17/2003 10:45AM

Daryl Hannah has been a mermaid and an acrobatic android – but never an assassin who dresses like a nurse and wears an eye patch. Until now. The star of such films as Splash and Blade Runner is making life miserable for Uma Thurman (a.k.a. "The Bride") in the bloody, butt-kicking Kill Bill, Vol. 1, the fourth full length feature by director Quentin Tarantino.

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Daryl Hannah Fuming over Nude Pics

Originally posted 10/09/2003 10:00AM

Daryl Hannah is hopping mad over her November appearance as a Playboy bunny.

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