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David Petraeus

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Ex-CIA Chief David Petraeus Avoids Jail Time, Gets $100K Fine and 2 Years Probation

Ex-CIA Chief David Petraeus Avoids Jail Time, Gets $100K Fine and 2 Years Probation

Originally posted 04/23/2015 05:55PM

David Petraeus received two years probation and a $100,000 fine for leaking classified information to his biographer and former mistress, Paula Broadwell.

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Former Gen. David Petraeus Could Be Indicted

Former Gen. David Petraeus Could Be Indicted

Originally posted 01/11/2015 01:35PM

The FBI and prosecutors for the U.S. Justice Department have recommended retired Gen. David Petraeus face felony charges for passing classified information to his former mistress Paula Broadwell, according to reports.

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Who Did Barbara Walters Find Fascinating in 2012?

Barbara Walters Names David Petraeus Most Fascinating of 2012

Originally posted 12/13/2012 06:00AM

Barbara Walters's annual 10 most fascinating list always features an eclectic mix of captivating people – and this year is no different.

The special, which aired Wednesday night, highlighted the achievements and antics that kept fans enthralled. Among Walters's picks were Ben Affleck, who won critical acclaim for his political thriller Argo; Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas; Prince Harry; and even pint-sized beauty pageant star Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson.

And her top pick as the Most Fascinating Person of 2012? Gen. David Petraeus, the decorated U.S. military hero and director disgraced by an affair that forced his resignation as director of the Central Intelligence Agency.

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Paula Broadwell 'Very Grateful' for Husband's Support After Petraeus Affair

Former Petraeus Paramour 'Very Grateful' for Husband's Support

Originally posted 12/07/2012 12:55PM

A month after her affair with Gen. David Petraeus became public and led to the four-star general's resignation as head of the CIA, Paula Broadwell is trying to mend her relationship with her radiologist husband, Scott.

The couple were spotted this week having lunch on the patio at 300 East, a popular restaurant in the Dilworth area of Charlotte, North Carolina. Though many other diners appeared to recognize the couple, the Broadwells, says an onlooker, seemed "relaxed and happy."

"They're trying to go on with their lives," says a source close to Broadwell, adding that it was Scott who suggested he and his wife go out to lunch since he was going to be working an evening shift. "Paula continues to be very grateful that Scott has been so supportive."

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Petraeus Affair: How a Tampa Socialite Exposed the Scandal

The Petraeus Affair: How Jill Kelley Inadvertently Brought Down the CIA Director

Originally posted 11/21/2012 08:30AM

Exclusive excerpt from this week's PEOPLE Magazine:

Jill Kelley had e-mailed the Tampa mayor before: to invite him to parties; to tell him she had talked him up to her pal "Dave" Petraeus; to drop the name of Gen. John Allen. But this time it was personal.

On Nov. 14 she e-mailed Mayor Bob Buckhorn at 6:18 a.m. about the news crews camped outside her home: "To put insult to injury, your police dept. gave the local 911 tapes to the press! . . . I'm scared and cannot believe what my City – in which I have contributed so much of my love, time, money and leadership – has now done to me and my innocent family."

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Paula Broadwell 'Devastated' by Her Role in Petraeus Affair

Paula Broadwell 'Devastated' by Her Role in Petraeus Affair

Originally posted 11/19/2012 02:05PM

When Paula Broadwell and her husband Scott returned to their North Carolina home with their two sons on Sunday from Washington, D.C., 25 friends and neighbors gathered to offer their support.

But for the married Broadwell, 40, who was both biographer and mistress to former Central Intelligence Agency Director David Petraeus, 60, the revelation of the affair and subsequent attention has made her emotional.

"She's been devastated by this," Paula Broadwell's brother, Stephen Kranz, tells PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. "She is filled with guilt and shame for what she's done and she's incredibly sorry for the pain she's caused her husband, her family, Petraseus's family. She accepts responsibility for her actions and knows she made a mistake."

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