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Dennis Rodman

PASSAGES: Rodman Busted for Bar Hours

Originally posted 01/07/2002 01:00AM

Police in Newport Beach, Calif., are saying that basketball's bad boy violated the law by keeping his restaurant's bar open past legal serving hours.

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Originally posted 06/16/1999 12:00AM

Basketball bad boy Dennis Rodman married "Baywatch" actress Carmen Electra over the weekend at Las Vegas' Little Chapel of the Flowers, said Rodman's agent, Dwight Manley. County records confirm that the couple picked up a marriage license Saturday, but chapel officials declined comment. Manley said the Chicago Bulls star was intoxicated and was taken advantage of by Electra and people he called "leeches." "From what I can determine, (the marriage is) not legal. It sounds like he was deeply intoxicated," Manley said Monday. "Obviously, anyone that would marry somebody that was intoxicated to the point that they couldn't speak or stand had ulterior motives of some sort."

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Originally posted 06/16/1999 12:00AM

Rodman-Electra Drama

Originally posted 12/11/1998 12:00AM

Rodman, Electra Off Hook

Originally posted 12/02/1998 12:00AM


Rodman Off Hook

Originally posted 11/30/1998 12:00AM

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Rodman No Diplomat

Originally posted 10/27/1998 12:00AM

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Rodman's Party a Washout

Originally posted 07/22/1998 12:00AM

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The Rodman Show

Originally posted 07/20/1998 12:00AM

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Rodman Sentenced

Originally posted 11/17/1997 12:00AM

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