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Derek Hough

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DWTS Star Derek Hough Shares His Unexpected (and Action-Filled) Fallback Plan

Derek Hough: If I Weren't a Dancer, I'd Be Indiana Jones

Originally posted 07/09/2015 03:30PM

If dancing ever fails for Derek and Julianne Hough, the siblings already have their backup plans in place.

Instead of making a living as a professional dancer, "I'd be Indiana Jones," Derek quipped to PEOPLE at a dance class sponsored by Proactiv+ that the duo led in New York City. "That's not even a joke answer. That's a real answer. … I would be traveling the world finding relics."

Julianne also has a foolproof career ready to go, too – it just involves a bit of luck. Julianne proclaimed, "I would win the lottery so I could travel the world and do seminars with young girls about self-esteem and encouragement and empowerment."

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Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle: The Ceiling Can't Hold Derek Hough (VIDEO)

Originally posted 05/13/2015 01:35PM

It's going to be a sibling showdown!

In a preview of this week's Lip Sync Battle against sister Julianne, Derek Hough does his best Macklemore impression as he lip syncs along to "Can't Hold Us."

Although Hough, 29, does an impressive job of rapping along to every word of the fast-moving song, he doesn't show off too many of the dance moves that have earned him five mirror ball trophies on Dancing With the Stars, opting instead for moves of the "run, jump, pose" variety.

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Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin Weren't Surprised by Their DWTS Elimination

Dancing With the Stars

Derek Hough and Nastia Liukin Weren't Surprised by Their DWTS Elimination

Originally posted 05/13/2015 01:00AM

Dancing with the Stars contestant Nastia Liukin and partner Derek Hough no longer have a chance at the Mirrorball, but both of them agree it didn't come as too much of a surprise after Monday's episode.

"I feel like that when we finished the dance, it felt a little bit like a final dance, a final moment and a beautiful moment," Hough told PEOPLE backstage after the show. "So I think, for us, I'm not terribly surprised, but I'm very pleased. I can't believe what [Nastia's] accomplished."

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DWTS Recap: Judges' Choice Results | Julianne Hough

Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Judges' Choice Results

Originally posted 05/12/2015 11:35PM

After Monday night's impressive and emotional semifinal performances, would it be such a terrible idea to just hand out four Mirrorballs and call everyone a winner? I don't think so. But unlike kindergarten soccer, someone has to win, and someone has to lose in this glittery game.

On Tuesday, one of the couples who earned some of the season's highest scores from the judges was cut, which I'm sure created an uproar from many armchair dance "experts" watching. But, to be fair, this show is as much about the popular vote as it is about dance skill, and, like it or not, sometimes it's not all about the dance. Unjust? I'll let you debate it in the comments, but for now, let's discuss what happened and find out which couples are left to battle it out for the season 20 golden Mirrorball Trophy next week.

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Lip Sync Battle

Julianne Hough Embarrasses Her Brother with Sexy Lip Sync Battle (VIDEO)

Originally posted 05/12/2015 08:55AM

We know Julianne Hough can dance, but how well can she embarrass her brother, Derek?

Turns out she's a pro at that, too, as this clip from the upcoming Lip Sync Battle proves.

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Credit: ABC
DWTS Recap: Judges' Choice Night

Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars Recap: Judges' Choice Night

Originally posted 05/12/2015 12:40AM

It's semifinals week, Dancing with the Stars fans, which this season means more than the usual ramped up chest exposure and ramped up Hough exposure; season 20 means ramped up judge exposure! But really, why has it taken 20 seasons to integrate the judges into the dance to make them prove they're worthy?

I've spent 10 years Googling Carrie Ann Inaba each season to remember what it is that qualifies her to critique ballroom dancing – or any dancing – and 10 years discovering that being a fly girl is apparently all it takes. (That's 20 seasons of face palms for those of you keeping score.)

Tonight's semifinals was about more than technique, skill, and judges stepping on toes (metaphoric and literal) however, it was a show full of surprises, emotion, and a lot of tissues ...

To keep reading, visit EW.com.

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Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars: Derek Hough Channels Len Goodman for Judge's Choice Night

Originally posted 05/11/2015 11:35AM

Monday's Dancing with the Stars Judge's Choice Night might just be the most emotional selection Len Goodman has ever made.

Goodman, 71, has tapped five-time Mirrorball Trophy winner Derek Hough to embody him in a routine with Nastia Liukin. And, in a real treat for loyal DWTS fans, Goodman will also cameo at the end, taking a few turns around the ballroom with Liukin, 25.

In an exclusive clip from Monday's episode, Goodman – who struggles with arthritis – address the emotional motivation for the dance: "For everyone, there comes a time when you can no longer do something. But you always think back to how it was and what it was like."

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Credit: ABC
DWTS Recap: America's Choice Results Revealed

Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars Recap: America's Choice Results Are Revealed

Originally posted 05/05/2015 10:20PM

Eight weeks into Dancing with the Stars, six stars remained. But while they turned up the heat Monday night, two were sent home in tonight's double elimination.

But who would it be? As we learned with last week's shocker of a send-off that found Willow Shields packing, high scores from the table can only do so much and at-home voters can make all the difference.

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Credit: ABC
DWTS Recap: America's Choice

Dancing With the Stars

Dancing with the Stars Recap: America's Choice Night

Originally posted 05/05/2015 01:20PM

Our apologies for the delayed Dancing with the Stars recap – hopefully it's just given you, America, more time to think of suggestions for your favorite dancing duos such as "lots of candles" and "y'all gonna be kissing?" That's not to discredit America's suggestions for hairstyles, costumes, music and dance style, which shaped the first of each couple's two dances tonight; giving the people what they wanted on Monday pulled out some of the best dances of the season, resulting in one perfect score, one near-perfect score and a finally happy (and still bare-chested) Bachelor.

And on top of making these beautiful people dance like the waltzing Barbies you never had, the second dances of the evening were trios! Sure, for Nastia Liukin that's just another day in partner Derek Hough's neighborhood – if you're going to bogart Nastia's post-dance hugs, Derek, please at least bring precious Sasha Farber into your loving embrace, as well – but I think Sharna Burgess said it best for the rest of the night's trios: "With all those extra limbs around, there're just more possibilities."

It was double the dances in preparation for a double elimination on Tuesday night. So hopefully America served its valued stars and pros well …

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Nastia Liukin on Derek Hough's DWTS Injury: 'We're Taking It Day by Day' | Derek Hough

Dancing With the Stars

Nastia Liukin on Derek Hough's DWTS Injury: 'We're Taking It Day by Day'

Originally posted 04/28/2015 12:15AM

Derek Hough demonstrated during Monday's episode of Dancing with the Stars that he won't let an injury slow him down – he's just not quite ready to get back on his feet yet.

After performing a number (while sitting!) with his partner Nastia Liukin and fill-in pro Sasha Farber, Hough was back taking it easy after he broke a toe on his right foot and severely sprained his left ankle last week.

"We don't know yet [if he can dance again] so we are taking it week to week," Liukin told PEOPLE after Monday's show. "Derek will stay in L.A. because he needs to be here for therapy, so all of three of us will be in rehearsal."

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