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Dick Cheney

Credit: Roger L. Wollenberg/UPI/Landov
Cheney's Top Aide Indicted

UpdatePosted 10/28/2005 06:35PM

Cheney's Top Aide Libby Indicted

Originally posted 10/28/2005 08:00AM

Vice President Dick Cheney's chief of staff, I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, was indicted Friday in the CIA-leak investigation.

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Credit: John Sommers/Reuters/Landov; Shaun Heasley/Reuters/Landov
Edwards, Cheney Come Out Swinging in Debate

Edwards, Cheney Come Out Swinging in Debate

Originally posted 10/06/2004 08:00AM

Vice President Dick Cheney and Democratic candidate Sen. John Edwards met face-to-face in a Tuesday night debate that was barely civil and often nasty, with the Republican challenging the younger Edwards's record of experience – and Edwards doing the same of Cheney and President Bush.

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Cheney Home, Bush Wins (Again)

Originally posted 06/26/1998 12:00AM

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