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Dominic Monaghan

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Dominic Monaghan Cuddles Up to Venomous Snakes on New Show

UpdatePosted 01/30/2013 07:30PM

Dominic Monaghan Cuddles Up to Venomous Snakes on New Show

Originally posted 01/29/2013 05:30PM

He travels the world meeting exotic creatures for his new show Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, but the Lord of the Rings actor doesn't really need to go that far to get his creepy-crawly fix.

The L.A.-based star owns a ball python named Conquistador, a pet tarantula named Nancy, a black widow spider called Manchester and Rubix, a chameleon.

"I think owning those type of animals is a slightly different feeling than certainly what you get back from a dog or a cat," he tells PEOPLE. "I'm not looking for comfort or a companion, I'm looking to observe something behaving as it naturally would in the wild."

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Dominic & Evangeline's Hush-Hush Love Life | Dominic Monaghan, Evangeline Lilly

Dominic & Evangeline's Hush-Hush Love Life

Originally posted 01/21/2006 06:00AM

Some Lost castaways are obsessed with numbers – particularly the six cursed numerals that frequently pop up on the hit series. Dominic Monaghan, however, is all about the alphabet.

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Kelly Clarkson's Road Lust | Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson's Road Lust

Originally posted 06/08/2005 06:00AM

For some people there's no place like home, but for Kelly Clarkson being on tour is where she finds her bliss. "I love my friends and family, but I love being on the road – the bus, the shows, the band," the singer, who just returned from a vacation in Mexico, told us at the recent Kids' Extravalooza '05, a fund-raiser for the National Children's Museum in Washington, D.C. "The thing about touring is there's no confusion. There's no label drama, there's no any other drama. It's just you and your band and the fans." The American Idol champ will get her road fix soon: On June 10, she'll embark on a four-day USO tour of the Persian Gulf to perform for the troops and then she'll head to the U.K. on June 17 to promote her Breakaway album.

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