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2016 Presidential Elections

Donald Trump Admits He Needs to Lose '15 to 20 Pounds' After Lab Results Show He's Overweight

Originally posted 09/15/2016 01:55PM

A newly released letter from Donald Trump's doctor showed that the GOP nominee is overweight for his height – something television's Dr. Mehmet Oz affirmed when he gave his assessment on Trump's health in an interview airing Thursday afternoon.

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Donald Trump Shares Two Pages of Reports from His Recent Physical Exam on The Dr. Oz Show

Originally posted 09/14/2016 04:15PM

Amid all the attention on Hillary Clinton's health this week, Donald Trump sat down with host Dr. Mehmet Oz on Wednesday to reveal the results of a recent physical.

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Credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Dr. Oz Will Interview Donald Trump About His Health

2016 Presidential Elections

Dr. Oz Will Interview Donald Trump About His Health

Originally posted 09/13/2016 06:40PM

Donald Trump will talk about his health in a television interview with Dr. Oz airing this Thursday.

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Mothers of the Movement and Mothers of Slain Police Officers Come Together with Dr. Oz to Speak about Violence

Originally posted 09/11/2016 01:30PM

Dr. Oz is getting two unlikely groups together in Monday's episode of his show. The doctor and talk show host will have a discussion with the families of those affected by violence between police officers and civilians – from both sides.

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One Happy Family! Dr. Oz and Daphne Oz Both Take Home Daytime Emmys

Originally posted 05/01/2016 10:55PM

Everything's coming up Oz! Both Dr. Mehmet Oz and his daughter Daphne Oz walked away with Daytime Emmy wins Sunday after the father and daughter were nominated in the same two categories.

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Family Feud! Dr. Oz and Daphne Oz Sound Off on Being Emmy Rivals and Why 'Outworking Everyone Else Is the Most Important Thing'

Originally posted 04/29/2016 09:20AM

Dr. Mehmet Oz and Daphne Oz are not only family – they're also Emmy rivals!

The father, 55, and daughter, 30, are nominated in two of the same Daytime Emmy categories (outstanding informative talk show host and outstanding talk show )for the second year in a row. Daphne and her The Chew team won the talk show host honor 2015. This year, the pair are involved in a friendly wager. If Daphne wins, her father and his team must eat 1,000 calories of her delicious banana pudding, but if Dr. Oz wins, members of The Chew team will have to do one burpee for each year they've been alive.

Talk about high stakes!

Ahead of Sunday's Emmys, where the two are presenting together, the Dr. Oz Show host and his The Chew co-host daughter opened up to PEOPLE about competing against family and who family matriarch Lisa Oz is really rooting for.

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Charlie Sheen Denies Threatening to Kill Daughter and Denise Richards: 'That's Not Who I Am'

Originally posted 02/24/2016 03:40PM

Charlie Sheen is addressing disturbing claims made about him in a $1.2 million lawsuit his ex Denise Richards filed against him in January.

In the lawsuit, Richards, 44, claims Sheen allegedly sent their daughter Lola, 10, a text in which he wrote "Your dad is a rock star genius . . . Your mom is a p--s wart."

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UpdatePosted 02/23/2016 08:05PM

Charlie Sheen Claims 'Post-Two and a Half Meltdown' May Have Been Caused by Testosterone Cream

Originally posted 02/23/2016 04:25PM

Charlie Sheen claims in a new episode of The Dr. Oz Show that his public outbursts following his 2011 firing from Two and a Half Men may have been caused by his use of testosterone cream.

"It was really that whole post-Two and a Half meltdown. That was a very specific period of time that did feel very out of body and very, just detached from all things real," Sheen says in the episode, according to an advance transcript provided to PEOPLE. "I felt superhuman during some of that. It was a lot of highs and lows."

Sheen, who on a previous episode of Dr. Oz said he might suffer from bipolar disorder, adds that he looks back with regret on that period.

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Credit: Dr. Oz
Shannen Doherty and Husband Open Up About Breast Cancer Battle: 'It Has Brought Us Closer Together'

Shannen Doherty and Husband Open Up About Breast Cancer Battle: 'It Has Brought Us Closer Together'

Originally posted 02/18/2016 03:20PM

Shannen Doherty shared her journey with breast cancer in an emotional appearance on The Dr. Oz Show Thursday.

The actress, 44, said that when she first received the news, all she could think about was how her family would cope.

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Inside Big Ang's Final Interview: Dr. Oz Says 'She Was Clear About the Fact That Cigarettes Killed Her'

Originally posted 02/18/2016 12:50PM

On Tuesday, The Dr. Oz Show viewers watched Angela "Big Ang" Raiola open up about her stage 4 cancer diagnosis, crying as she recalled the sudden shock of her illness but smiling while dubbing the cardiothoracic surgeon "handsome."

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