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Farrah Abraham Wants Dr. Drew Gone from Teen Mom OG Reunions After He Joked He'd Strangle Her

Originally posted 07/21/2016 02:00PM

Farrah Abraham does not tolerate jokes about violence anymore.

Responding to Teen Mom OG reunion host Dr. Drew Pinsky's joke that she would be the one OG cast member he would strangle, Abraham tells PEOPLE Now: "I just don't believe in joking about violence anymore," Abraham told PEOPLE Now.

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Chyna's Former Manager Opens Up About Finding Her Dead at 45: WWE Star Was Taking Sleeping Pills and Anti-Anxiety Medication

Originally posted 04/22/2016 05:55PM

WWE Legend Chyna was taking sleep medication and anti-anxiety pills at the time of her death at age 45 and had been "a little emotionally strained" as she confronted demons from her past for a new documentary, her former manager tells PEOPLE.

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Credit: Courtesy Pinsky Family
Dr. Drew Pinsky's Daughter Paulina Speaks Out About Her Eating Disorder

Dr. Drew Pinsky's Daughter Paulina Speaks Out About Her Eating Disorder

Originally posted 03/01/2014 11:00AM

Paulina Pinsky, the daughter of Dr. Drew Pinsky, tells PEOPLE that her recent disclosure about her years-long battle with anorexia and bulimia has caused the public to unfairly lash out against her mother.

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Credit: Courtesy Dr. Drew Pinsky
Dr. Drew Pinsky Reveals Prostate Cancer Treatment

Dr. Drew Pinsky Reveals Prostate Cancer Treatment

Originally posted 09/24/2013 06:45PM

Returning from a Caribbean vacation two years ago, Dr. Drew Pinsky felt as if he had been hit with a nasty tropical disease, with chills so violent he went to the hospital.

The illness passed, but at the urging of his wife he went for a follow-up examination that turned up something else: an elevated PSA, a sign of potential trouble in his prostate. He was treated for prostatitis, an inflammation of the prostate, but not getting better, he reluctantly had a biopsy.

"Lo and behold, I have cancer," Pinsky, 55, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I was doing Lifechangers" – a daytime show on The CW – "and my HLN show was going. My wife and I had this great relationship, very active sexually. This could screw everything up. It was a terrible feeling."

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Credit: Brian Ach/WireImage; Randi Radcliff
Lisa D'Amato 'Devastated' by Death of Celeb Rehab Cast Mate Mindy McCready

Mindy McCready's Celebrity Rehab Cast Mate Lisa D'Amato: 'I'm Devastated'

Originally posted 02/19/2013 12:55PM

On Sunday night, when news hit of Mindy McCready's apparent suicide, Lisa D'Amato got a phone call from actress Mackenzie Phillips, a cast mate on season 3 of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.

"We were just trying to put it all together, figure out what happened," D'Amato tells PEOPLE. "Mackenzie doesn't know either. The one thing about Mindy is that she was very much seeming to be fine and perfect on the surface, but she was battling a lot."

McCready, 37, became the third person from their season to die, joining musician Mike Starr and reality star Joey Kovar. "I'm just numb," says D'Amato. "She was such a beautiful, warm-hearted, giving, lovely woman."

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Credit: Marty Temme/WireImage; Randi Radcliff/AdMedia; Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
Mindy McCready Is Fifth Celebrity Rehab Participant to Die in Two Years

Dr. Drew Pinsky Speaks Out on Mindy McCready's Death

Originally posted 02/18/2013 01:15PM

Mindy McCready's tragic suicide on Sunday makes the country singer the fifth person who has starred in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew to die in the past two years.

"I am deeply saddened by this awful news. My heart goes out to Mindy's family and children. She is a lovely woman who will be missed by many," Dr. Drew Pinsky told PEOPLE in a statement. "Although I have not treated her for a few years, I had reached out to her recently upon hearing about the apparent suicide of her boyfriend and father of her younger children. She was devastated."

He continued: "Although she was fearful of stigma and ridicule she agreed with me that she needed to make her health and safety a priority. Unfortunately it seems that Mindy did not sustain her treatment."

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Credit: Courtesy Dr. Drew's Lifechangers
Kate Gosselin: 'I Am Lonely' | Kate Gosselin

Kate Gosselin: 'I Am Lonely'

Originally posted 02/23/2012 05:30PM

It's still just Kate plus eight.

Kate Gosselin revealed Wednesday on Dr. Drew's Lifechangers that she's still single, though she's open to the idea of dating.

"I am lonely," says the former reality star mom, 36. "I clean up the house, put kids to bed, and there I sit. Ideally I would find that person – I don't know if I feel ready for that."

Asked if she has a love life, she replied: "No. I'm too busy. I think a lot of my friends, who are being constructive, say, 'Gosh, who are you going to meet that is going to be able to deal with eight kids?' My answer is always if they can deal with eight kids in our situation, it probably will be the person."

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Credit: Sara De Boer/Startraks; Kathy Hutchins/Hutchins
INSIDE STORY: Dr. Drew on Jeff Conaway's Treatment | Drew Pinsky, Jeff Conaway

INSIDE STORY: Dr. Drew on Jeff Conaway's Treatment

Originally posted 05/31/2011 08:30AM

Although Jeff Conaway, who died on Friday at the age of 60, often spoke of his longtime battle with drug and alcohol addiction, he "was a terribly complex case with chronic pain, opiate addiction and severe childhood trauma," says Dr. Drew Pinsky, who had worked with the actor over the past few years.

Conaway's family has waived their HIPAA privacy rights, to allow Dr. Pinsky to talk to PEOPLE about Conaway's medical history.

"One of the deeply moving aspects of Jeff's case was the profound trauma he suffered during childhood," says Pinsky. "He described these events on [Celebrity Rehab], but viewers somehow did not really understand the profound, painful grinding quality of what he lived through."

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Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Hutchins Photo
Dr. Drew: We All Need to Pray for Jeff Conaway

Dr. Drew: We All Need to Pray for Jeff Conaway

Originally posted 05/21/2011 10:15PM

Jeff Conaway needs all the help and well-wishes he can get, according to Dr. Drew Pinsky.

The former Taxi actor, who was hospitalized earlier this week, is "not doing well today suddenly," Pinsky Tweeted Saturday evening. The doctor later described Conaway's state as "tenuous."

Pinksy – who previously worked to help Conaway with his addiction to cocaine, painkillers and alcohol on Celebrity Rehab – visited the actor Friday.

"Just visited Jeff Conaway. He is stable & looks like he will recover from his pneumonia," Pinsky wrote Friday evening. "Not an OD like press is alleging & certainly not dead."

However on Saturday, Pinsky said that Conaway, 60, had taken a turn for the worse. "[He is] still considered critical with #sepsis. Many people die from septic shock. yes, he is VERY tenuous," wrote Pinsky. "My hopes & prayers r with him & his family! … Yes, we all need to pray for him."

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Credit: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo; Michael Tran/FilmMagic
Dr. Drew: Charlie Sheen Needs to Take Rehab Seriously | Charlie Sheen, Drew Pinsky

Dr. Drew: Charlie Sheen Needs to Take Rehab Seriously

Originally posted 01/31/2011 11:45AM

Charlie Sheen has made a career of playing down his real-life bad-boy tendencies by playing them up on screen.

That may be good for the actor's career but, according to Dr. Drew Pinsky of VH1's Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, it's not a good strategy for addiction recovery.

Sheen "is not a cartoon character bad boy," the internist, 52, tells PEOPLE. "This is somebody with some character [and] logical flaws that make him like to be a bad boy, but ... [he] has a life-threatening illness."

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