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Elisabeth Moss

How Elisabeth Moss' Cats Nearly Ruined the Mad Men Finale (VIDEO)

Originally posted 06/05/2015 11:00AM

It was Don Draper's final talk with Peggy Olson after seven seasons of Mad Men. And Peggy was … well, a bit distracted.

Elisabeth Moss was on the other end of line when Jon Hamm filmed their critical phone-call scene for last month's finale. But since he was the only one on camera, she was much more relaxed – maybe too relaxed.

"I was, like, in my pajamas with coffee," the actress, 32, revealed Thursday on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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Credit: Justina Mintz/AMC
Mad Men Did Not Pay to Use Iconic Coca-Cola Ad in Series Finale | Mad Men, Mad Men (Season 7), Jon Hamm

Mad Men

Mad Men Did Not Pay to Use Iconic Coca-Cola Ad in Series Finale

Originally posted 05/19/2015 02:00PM

While it may be one of the most famous ads in television history, Mad Men didn't shell out a dime to use the iconic Coca-Cola spot in the series finale of the AMC show.

When asked if the network paid to use the original ad in the highly anticipated final episode, a spokesperson for the company confirmed to PEOPLE, "No money exchanged hands."

But just because Coca-Cola played a big part in the finale doesn't mean the company knew ahead of time how Don Draper would say goodbye.

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Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC
Mad Men Finale Recap: Acclaimed Drama Comes to a Quiet Close

Mad Men

Mad Men Finale Recap: Acclaimed Drama Comes to a Quiet Close

Originally posted 05/18/2015 07:00AM

"You only like the beginnings of things," someone once told Don Draper (Jon Hamm). Well, Don isn't the only one. As viewers, we love the beginnings of things: Remember the excitement of discovering this little 1960s drama eight years ago on some channel called AMC? The beginnings are always so full of possibility. Maybe that’s why, for all of our wild theories about what will happen, the endings never satisfy us.

As I wrote last week, it's often hard to tell the difference between endings and beginnings on Mad Men. Don Draper keeps starting over, only to find himself right back where he started. This show is a time machine, going backward and forward, always taking us back to the same place. "You can put this behind you," Don tells Anna's (Melinda Page Hamilton) niece, Stephanie (Caity Lotz). "It's easier if you move forward." But moving forward is moving backward. Progress doesn't exist.

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Credit: Elisabeth Caren; Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC
Mad Men Finale: Inside the Final Day on Set | Mad Men, Mad Men (Season 7)

Mad Men

Mad Men Finale: Inside the Final Day on Set

Originally posted 05/17/2015 05:25PM

All good things must come to an end – and that cliché extends to great things like Mad Men.

"The last day of shooting was so sad," costume designer Janie Bryant tells PEOPLE of being on set for the last day of filming the AMC drama's seventhand final – season. "The whole entire cast showed up on set. And, with each actor wrapping their last scene, everyone was just crying like crazy."

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Credit: AMC
Mad Men Cast Members Share Their Defining On-Screen Moments

Mad Men

Mad Men Cast Members Share Their Defining On-Screen Moments

Originally posted 05/16/2015 03:20PM

As the series finale of Mad Men nears, fans have started tallying up the show's most unforgettable scenes – moments both moving and motivational, not to mention shocking and occasionally shudder-inducing (it will be a long time before anyone forgets that lawn mower accident).

But what are the highlights (and lowlights) for the actors who have built the world of AMC's hit series from the page up?

Below, cast members Jon Hamm, Kiernan Shipka, Elisabeth Moss and January Jones share some of their standout moments as their iconic characters.

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Credit: Peter Yang; Jamie Trueblood/AMC
The One Thing Elisabeth Moss Will Definitely Not Miss About Mad Men

The One Thing Elisabeth Moss Will Definitely Not Miss About Mad Men

Originally posted 04/05/2015 04:20PM

We can't say we blame her

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Credit: Frank Ockenfels/AMC
Mad Men Review: Don Draper's Last Stand

People Picks

Don Draper's Last Stand: Where Are the Final Episodes of Mad Men Heading?

Originally posted 04/05/2015 03:30PM

Mad Men is back for the first of its seven final episodes, and Jon Hamm's Don Draper is still firmly committed to being admitted to the marble-columned pantheon of Existentially Miserable Businessmen (as Represented in American Arts and Letters).

It's hard to imagine that he won't get in by the end and join such august company as Willy Loman, Charles Foster Kane, Tony Soprano, the Wolf of Wall Street and, going back quite a stretch, Silas Lapham.

But what did we expect? If Don were the Easter Bunny, he would be sitting off in the corner of the egg hunt, nursing his scotch, smoking a cigarette and distractedly encouraging the kids as they filled their baskets. "Good one you got there, Scotty … Nice, Lisa Beth, mm."

Series creator Matthew Weiner has, as he often does, urged reviewers not to spoil any of the episode's surprises. This isn't hard, since not all that much happens in Sunday's premiere. Whatever the series' ultimate conclusion, Mad Men has stuck to its peculiar tone of crepuscular heaviness.

That has been the source of much of its power: The show has been ebbing ever since it premiered.

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Mad Men

UpdatePosted 02/23/2015 02:40PM

This Mad Men Final Season Teaser Is Making Us Sad (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/23/2015 02:00PM

Does it really have to end?

The second trailer for Mad Men's final episodes was released Sunday night during the Oscars, and after seven seasons and countless hangovers with Don Draper and Co., we're still not quite ready to say goodbye.

As Don narrates a heartfelt pitch about nostalgia (from the Kodak commercial pitch during season one), we see flashbacks of some of the greatest moments throughout the show's history.

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Mad Men

Mad Men Releases Sexy, '70s Trailer for Final 7 Episodes (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/19/2015 05:20PM

Aw sookie sookie now!

The tagline for Mad Men's final seven episodes reads, "The Party's Over," but a new trailer suggests it's actually in full swing.

It's the '70s baby. Diana Ross's sultry "Love Hangover" provides the background for a summer Hamptons get-together, and the gang's all there.

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Credit: Kevin Winter/PMA2014/Gett
PEOPLE Magazine Awards: Jon Hamm Wins Television Performance of the Year – Actor | Jon Hamm

People Magazine Awards

PEOPLE Magazine Awards: Jon Hamm Wins Television Performance of the Year – Actor

Originally posted 12/18/2014 09:40PM

As Mad Men fans eagerly await the final seven episodes of the AMC hit this spring, the show's star, Jon Hamm, won the award for Television Performance of the Year – Actor at the PEOPLE Magazine Awards on Thursday.

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