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Felicity Jones

Five Things to Know About the Newest Star Wars Heroine, Rogue One's Felicity Jones

Originally posted 04/07/2016 02:45PM

Felicity Jones is going to a galaxy far, far away.

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The Epic First Teaser for Star Wars: Rogue One Has Arrived

Originally posted 04/07/2016 07:55AM

The dark side just got a whole lot darker.

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It's Official: Felicity Jones Is Headed to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Spin-off & Sequel! Big Star Wars News Revealed

Originally posted 03/12/2015 06:00PM

There's been a disturbance in the Force.

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Felicity Jones: Stephen Hawking Flirted with Me

Oscars 2015

The Theory of Everything's Felicity Jones: Stephen Hawking Flirted with Me

Originally posted 02/22/2015 07:40PM

Who knew that Stephen Hawking is a ladies' man?

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Oscars 2015

How Do You Make an Oscar Nominee Crack Up? Try These Comedies (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/20/2015 09:00AM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4062108881001" "" "" "auto"] They may be fresh off of working on Oscar-nominated dramas, but even these stars can't resist a good laugh from some fan-favorite comedies.

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Oscars 2015

Which Best Picture Actor Cries at the End of Finding Nemo? (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/19/2015 03:50PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4062164215001" "" "oscars" "auto"] Even Oscar nominees need a good cry sometimes.

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Oscars 2015

Felicity Jones Loves Hot Baths- Here's Why! (VIDEO)

Originally posted 02/14/2015 07:30AM

[BRIGHTCOVE "4045957566001" "" "" "auto"] She has a blossoming career and an enviable fashion sense, and Felicity Jones also has the perfect cure for those inevitable low moments. "If I'm trying to pick myself up," says Jones. "I love having a bath. I absolutely love hot baths."

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Oscars 2015

Oscar Nominees Tell All: Early Inspirations, Lowest Points & More

Originally posted 02/12/2015 05:30PM

[BRIGHTCOVE "20900751" "" "" "auto"] With less than two weeks to go before Hollywood's biggest night, six standout Oscar nominees (including four first-timers!) share personal moments with PEOPLE in exclusive, intimate photos and video.

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Stars Line Up to Meet Stephen Hawking at the BAFTAs | Eddie Redmayne, Stephen Hawking

BAFTA Awards

Stars Line Up to Meet Stephen Hawking at the BAFTAs

Originally posted 02/09/2015 02:05PM

There may have been a glittering array of Hollywood stars at the BAFTAs on Sunday night, but the man everyone wanted to meet at the after-show dinner was a 73-year-old physics professor from the slightly less glamorous world of Cambridge University.

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