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Gavin DeGraw

Karina Smirnoff: Gavin & I 'Need to Step It Up' On DWTS

Originally posted 03/26/2012 06:45PM

This season on Dancing with the Stars, we have so many people who are able to dance, and it showed on week one. If they're already giving out nines in week one, I can't wait to see what the rest of the season has to bring.

We can only compare ourselves to ourselves pretty much, because we didn't see what the other couples were doing until the live show. So, based on what we've been doing and how Gavin and I have been dancing up until Monday night, I'm very proud of him. I think he did better in the live show than he did during rehearsals, which is a great sign. It means he works great under pressure.

Even though I think we did really well and I'm super proud of him, I think we need to step it up more. Our biggest hurdle in this whole situation is the schedule. I don't want to be happy based on someone else's problem, but Gavin needs to have vocal rest. I guess the travel and the show and multiple performances have taken a toll. So that will give us a little more rehearsal time in the next few days.

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Dancing With the Stars

Karina Smirnoff Says Gavin DeGraw Is Nervous About Dancing with the Stars

Originally posted 03/19/2012 10:15AM

I'm definitely nervous and excited about our first live performance on Dancing with the Stars Monday. This is the first time I will get to see Gavin in this particular element. It will be interesting to see how he handles the pressure. Everybody is different. If he does as well live as he does in the studio, it will be great. He's just nervous. But it'll be cool. I'm excited.

This is going to be a competitive cast. A lot of people will have good dancing skills, because I know a few have dance experience – whether it's outside of ballroom or whether it's in. I know Sherri mentioned on The View that she was taking ballroom classes from Maks, prior to the show.

So the playing field will be a little different this time. But again, this show is about celebrities and people who know how to dance. You see their journey and how they advance from week one to week 10. And that was really visible last year with Rob Kardashian, who started out as maybe not the best dancer but became really good throughout the season.

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Credit: Courtesy Karina Smirnoff
Karina Smirnoff Says Dancing Partner Gavin DeGraw Has 'Swagger and Charisma' | Karina Smirnoff

Dancing With the Stars

UpdatePosted 03/12/2012 04:30PM

Dancing with the Stars: Karina Smirnoff Says Gavin DeGraw Has 'Swagger and Charisma'

Originally posted 03/12/2012 10:50AM

Dancing with the Stars reigning pro champion Karina Smirnoff will blog about season 14 each week for PEOPLE.com.

In her first post, she writes about what she's been up to since taking home the mirror-ball trophy with season 13 winner J.R. Martinez and how she's getting along in rehearsals with her new partner, singer Gavin DeGraw:

Last season of DWTS finished right before Thanksgiving and I had practically zero days off. But I'm not complaining. I'm super excited about the ability to work. And there's always a lot going on.

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Credit: Robert Buckley/KEF Media
Gavin DeGraw: Dogs Know What Good Music Sounds Like | Gavin DeGraw

Gavin DeGraw: Dogs Know What Good Music Sounds Like

Originally posted 10/06/2011 09:00AM

Gavin DeGraw believes that dogs know good music when they hear it.

"It's kinda cool when you're writing a song and you have your dog in the house and you're playing and they're sitting next to the piano," he told PEOPLE Tuesday at the kick-off party to Petco's National Adoption Reunion held at New York's Central Park, where he performed for a crowd of dog lovers. "As long as they don't get up and leave the room, whatever you're writing must be okay."

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Credit: John Sciulli/Getty
Gavin DeGraw 'Not Living in Fear' Post-Attack | Gavin DeGraw

Gavin DeGraw Speaks Out Post-Attack: 'I'm Not Living in Fear'

Originally posted 08/23/2011 09:00AM

Despite being severely beaten a few weeks ago, a good-humored Gavin DeGraw says he's healing fine and looking forward to Aug. 24, when he rejoins Maroon 5 and Train on tour.

"It's definitely a combination of excitement and nerves, because my breathing isn't exactly the same," the singer, 34, tells PEOPLE. "I'm feeling out my breathing through my nose trying to see if the swelling's going down. The sensation is mildly different, so that makes me fearful about singing."

DeGraw says the Aug. 8 attack by unknown assailants left him completely unrecognizable.

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Credit: INF
Gavin DeGraw Is 'Feeling Much Better' After Beating

Gavin DeGraw Is 'Feeling Much Better' After Beating

Originally posted 08/19/2011 03:30PM

Gavin DeGraw is on the mend.

The singer, who was beaten following a late-night argument in New York's East Village Aug. 8, tells VH1 he's at home recovering from his injuries, including a broken nose, concussion and facial lacerations, and "feeling much better."

Still, "it will take a little bit more time to be back to 100 percent," DeGraw, 34, says.

The singer was attacked near a bar he co-owns with his brother, the National Underground, by a mysterious group of unknown assailants, according to police. Later, he was clipped by a taxi nearly a mile away before a passerby called 911 and DeGraw was taken by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital.

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Credit: John Sciulli/Getty
Gavin DeGraw: 'I Don't Remember Much' from My Assault | Gavin DeGraw

Gavin DeGraw: 'I Don't Remember Much' from My Assault

Originally posted 08/09/2011 05:45PM

Exactly what happened to Gavin DeGraw remains a mystery – even to the victim himself.

In a new message to fans, DeGraw Tweeted Tuesday afternoon afternoon: "Honestly, I don't remember much. I only know I can recover from here."

The singer, who has been discharged from the hospital, went on to thank his fans, but provided no further explanation.

"Thank u all for your genuine concern," he wrote. "I love u guys."

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Credit: Courtesy The National Underground; Inset: Eric Ogden
Gavin DeGraw Beating Mystery Deepens | Gavin DeGraw

Gavin DeGraw Beating Mystery Deepens

Originally posted 08/09/2011 02:45PM

It was sometime around 4:00 a.m. Monday that Gavin DeGraw was walking through New York's East Village when "some kind of argument" broke out between him and a group of men he didn't know, according to a police source.

The words escalated to violence and soon the "I Don't Want to Be" singer was under attack by what New York newspapers are describing as a gang of thugs.

The dazed and badly injured DeGraw then somehow ended up about a mile away, only to be clipped by a taxi.

Someone called 911 and DeGraw was rushed by ambulance to Bellevue Hospital's emergency room where he was treated for a broken nose, concussion and facial lacerations, and later released.

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Credit: John Sciulli/Getty
Gavin DeGraw Hospitalized After Assault | Gavin DeGraw

UpdatePosted 08/09/2011 09:05AM

Gavin DeGraw Hospitalized After Assault

Originally posted 08/08/2011 10:35PM

Singer Gavin DeGraw was assaulted early Monday in New York City and taken by ambulance to the emergency room.

DeGraw, 34, whose hits include "I Don't Want to Be" and "Not Over You," was in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital and believed to have a broken nose and cuts to his face, police tell PEOPLE.

The assault took place in the East Village at about 4:30 a.m., say police, adding that the singer was alone at the time of the incident. He was transported to Bellevue after someone called 911 to report a male needing assistance at the corner of 1st Ave. and 19th St. in Manhattan.

The 911 caller said there was a man with blood on his shirt who appeared to be heavily intoxicated, police say.

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Music News

VIDEO: Gavin DeGraw Croons 'Cheated on Me'

Originally posted 10/01/2008 11:30AM

Pop rock crooner Gavin DeGraw has given PEOPLE.com a glimpse of his new video for "Cheated on Me," the second single from his recently released self-titled album.

"This is the first time I actually sat down and came up with the concept for a video," DeGraw, whose debut album Chariot went platinum, tells PEOPLE. "The video is made so the viewer can understand the mind of the writer."

The song and video follow the disintegration of a relationship. Singing earnestly about his suspicions of his lady's infidelity in a long distance romance, DeGraw proclaims, "I'm lovesick somewhere tonight/I don't need writing on the wall/I felt it for so long."

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