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Ian Somerhalder

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Meet Ian Somerhalder's 'New Love' | Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Falls in Love with Grumpy Cat at SXSW

Originally posted 03/11/2013 01:40PM

Ian Somerhalder's latest relationship might not have a happy ending.

"Me and my new love," The Vampire Diaries star, 34, Tweeted alongside a photo of the one and only, and presumably lonely, Grumpy Cat.

As to be expected, however, meeting the hunky animal-loving actor over the weekend during a Mashable interview at Austin's South by Southwest festival was not enough to swipe the disdain off Grumpy Cat's face.

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Maria Menounos Preps for 'Inevitable Win' at Celebrity Football Game | Maria Menounos

Caught in the Act

Maria Menounos Preps for 'Inevitable Win' at Celebrity Football Game

Originally posted 02/04/2013 06:00AM

While players for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers geared up for the biggest day of their year on Sunday, Maria Menounos and a selection of other famous faces got pumped for the annual Celebrity Beach Bowl a day prior.

And Menounos, who speaks often about her competitive nature, already expected her team to have a victory in the bag.

Before they hit the New Orleans field, the Extra co-host "bantered with teammate Michael Strahan about their 'inevitable win,' " a source tells PEOPLE.

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Credit: Yu Tsai/Seventeen
Nina Dobrev Tried to Fight Her Feelings for Costar Ian Somerhalder

Nina Dobrev Tried to Fight Her Feelings for Costar Ian Somerhalder

Originally posted 09/04/2012 05:00PM

Temptation is tough – just ask Nina Dobrev.

The Vampire Diaries star, 23, went into filming CW's hit series with every intention of keeping things strictly business. Instead, she ended up with a boyfriend: costar Ian Somerhalder, 33.

"The first time I was on the cover of Seventeen, the cover line said, 'Nina: Why she wouldn't date any of her costars,' " she recalls to the magazine in its October issue. "And then cut to two years later ... it's funny that I said that."

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Ian Somerhalder Teaches Compassion Through Animals | Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Teaches Compassion Through Animals

Originally posted 08/21/2012 09:00AM

Last year, Ian Somerhalder testified in front of Congress in support of wildlife and environmental conservation. Now, he's taking that mission into his own hands, with a proposed animal sanctuary to be built in Louisiana through his Ian Somerhalder Foundation that will simultaneously aim to rehabilitate bullying teens by having them work with animals.

"We cannot progress as a society, as a people, if we lack compassion," Somerhalder tells PEOPLE. "[This place] is not only protecting animals, but allowing kids to come from all over the country, hopefully all over the world ... and showing them compassion with these animals that have also been abandoned, also have behavioral issues and have been ostracized."

Inspired by the younger fan following he's acquired as a result of The Vampire Diaries, helping both of these groups, animals and society's youth, has become a passion close to the actor's heart.

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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Master the Art of Sneaky PDA in Bel Air | Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev Master the Art of Sneaky PDA in Bel Air

Originally posted 04/24/2012 06:00AM

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev arrived separately and refused to pose together on the red carpet when the Vampire Diaries actor hosted The Influence Affair, an environmental benefit, at a private home in Bel Air, Calif., on Saturday – but that didn't mean the private twosome stayed apart for long.

"They sat together at dinner, and when Ian noticed Nina was shivering, he offered her his blazer to keep her warm," an onlooker tells PEOPLE of the event, co-sponsored by VeeV. "There was no overt PDA, but there was a certain lovey way about how they looked at each other."

Following a show by graffiti artist Erik Wahl, the pair quietly slipped away for a little one-on-one time during a tour of the mansion where the event was held.

"They were holding hands during the tour," the source says. "They seemed very close and comfortable together."
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Joseph Kony: Why Celebs Are Tweeting About Him

Originally posted 03/08/2012 01:30PM

The film KONY 2012 premiered Monday March 5, at 12 p.m. PST. By noon Thursday, more than 35 million views had registered on YouTube.

With the help of Facebook and Twitter, Jason Russell's documentary has even captured the attention of celebrities including Ryan Gosling, Rihanna, Oprah and Justin Bieber.

The slickly produced 30-minute video follows Russell's efforts since 2006 to raise awareness around the world about Uganda's guerrilla leader Joseph Kony, whose terrifying actions have landed him the top spot of the International Criminal Court's most wanted list. Kony's rebel group has kidnapped thousands of children, turning the boys into child soldiers and the girls into sex slaves.

In a determination to "make Kony a household name," so that Uganda military can find and arrest him, Russell has met with key politicians and his Invisible Children campaign has targeted 20 "culture-makers," including Tim Tebow, Angelina Jolie, Ryan Seacrest and Taylor Swift.

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Ian Somerhalder Goes to Washington – for Animals | Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder Goes to Washington – for Animals

Originally posted 07/29/2011 05:00PM

Ian Somerhalder may play a murderous bad boy on The Vampire Diaries, but in real life, he's got a soft spot for humans and animals alike.

"Wildlife and environmental conservation has always been not just a passion, but a priority of mine," he testified in Washington, D.C., on Thursday before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Natural Resources.

Speaking on behalf of the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, which is dedicated to "habitat conservation, species protection and clean energy initiatives," the actor urged Congress to pass a new conservation act. This would ensure continued funding for the protection of species like the African elephant, rhinoceros, tiger and Asian elephant.

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Ian Somerhalder Spends Birthday 'Naked with a Beautiful Girl'

The Vampire Diaries

Ian Somerhalder Spends Birthday 'Naked with a Beautiful Girl'

Originally posted 12/14/2010 02:40PM

How did Ian Somerhalder spend his birthday?

"I was naked with a beautiful girl all day," the star of The Vampire Diaries, who turned 32 on Dec. 8, tells PEOPLE. "I had a shower scene that led into another scene were I was kind of half-naked and wet."

Though Somerhalder does confirm he was on the set of his hit CW show, he wouldn't say whether his character, the scumbag vampire Damon, finally scored with Elena, who is played by Nina Dobrev and definitely qualifies as a beautiful girl.

"Damon has a long way to go," he says of conquering Elena. "He tried to kill her brother."

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Credit: Art Streiber/The CW
The Vampire Diaries Returns! Which Salvatore Brother Would You Choose?

The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries Returns! Which Salvatore Brother Would You Choose?

Originally posted 09/10/2010 05:00AM

Picking up right where season 1 left off, The Vampire Diaries returned with a vengeance Thursday as Katherine (Nina Dobrev) managed to immediately insert herself between a barely united Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

After realizing he had kissed Katherine and not Elena, Damon felt the sting of Elena's rejection when she told him she wasn't surprised he would make a move on her, but was surprised he thought she'd ever reciprocate. Feeling hurt, Damon fell into old habits, resisting the urge to kill Katherine the next time they met and instead, passionately throwing himself at her. But their reunion proved short-lived when Damon asked her to finally pick just one Salvatore brother, and Katherine chose Stefan, saying she never loved Damon and it was Stefan she came back for.

Never one to give up without a fight, a drunken Damon later surprised Elena in her bedroom and attempted to convince her that there was something between them, even managing to plant a kiss. But echoing Katherine's sentiments from earlier that night, Elena also chose Stefan, saying he would always be the one for her.

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Credit: Kharen Hill/The CW; Everett Collection; HBO
POLL: Which Hottie with Fangs Do You Favor?

TV News

POLL: Which Hottie with Fangs Do You Favor?

Originally posted 07/22/2009 09:00AM

Sure, the mere sound of Robert Pattinson's name can send Twilighters into attack mode, while recessionistas are paying HBO subscription fees to hear True Blood's Stephen Moyer whisper Sookie's name in his classical Southern drawl.

But it's time to call attention to a fresh crop of forbidden baddies getting viewers' blood pumping:

Ian Somerhalder as Damon
The 30-year-old star, best known for his role as Boone on ABC's Lost, brings some bloodsucking action to network TV on the CW's new series, The Vampire Diaries – out this fall. As smug vampire Damon, Somerhalder gets in between his younger vampire brother Stefan and his mortal teen crush Elena.

Kellan Lutz as Emmett
Playing ripped big brother Emmett to Pattinson's Edward Cullen can't be the easiest job, but Lutz – who also stars on 90210 – has his own set of "Twilighters" screaming. The 24-year-old hunk, who landed on PEOPLE's "Hottest Bachelors" list, has girls (and their moms!) ogling over his steamy shirtless shots.

Alexander Skarsgard as Eric
As Eric Northman, the brooding vampire "sheriff" presiding over Bill Compton's Louisiana area, Skarsgard, 32, brings a commanding presence to HBO's cult hit True Blood. The blond Swede's character also owns hotspot Fangtasia.

So which vampire hottie do you want to be bitten by?

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