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Vienna Girardi & Kasey Kahl Split

Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad's Vienna Girardi, Kasey Kahl Split

Originally posted 11/14/2011 05:45PM

It's another Bachelor break-up: Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl have called it quits.

"Yes vienna and I have split. It's been 5 weeks now. I can't fake it anymore. I will always love, be there for her, and wish her the best," Kahl, 27, posted to Twitter on Sunday.

"@KaseyRKahl will always be my best friend, but yes we have split. No idea what the future holds for us but we will always remain friends," Girardi, 25, posted to her account.

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Tenley and Kiptyn Predict More Trouble for Vienna and Kasey on Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad: Tenley and Kiptyn Predict More Trouble for Vienna and Kasey

Originally posted 08/23/2011 08:30AM

As the game dwindles down to the bare essentials, so does the swimwear. Synchronized swimming? Brilliant!

Last year during Bachelor Pad we all kept talking about how great it would be to use this pool for one of the challenges. From swim relays to biggest-splash contests to underwater-lap contests, we did it all. However, the long awaited official Bachelor Pad pool challenge never came to season 1. Which was a bummer too because I (Kiptyn) had my Speedo ready for action.

Thankfully, a highly entertaining pool challenge came splashing down this season here on episode 3. And now the Bachelor mansion has officially seen it all and can put that ever-elusive final check-mark in the historically blank column labeled, "seven grown men chant 'flutter, flutter, flutter, flutter.' "

While the pool challenge was mostly laughs and smiles, the rest of this week's episode was filled with tears and trouble. Trouble these days seems to find couples specifically. Watching Kasey and Vienna fight again this week was brutal. They've both said that the root of their conflict stems from Jake being in the house. Now that Jake has gone home, can we expect to have seen the last of the Kasey and Vienna clashing? We really hope so for their sake and their housemates' sake, but we fear that this relationship is a frequent flyer in the danger zone and the pilot isn't to blame (if you catch our drift).

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Bachelor Pad's Vienna and Kasey Wish Jake Happiness | Vienna Girardi

Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad's Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl Wish Jake Pavelka Happiness

Originally posted 08/22/2011 10:00AM

Is the Jake Pavelka-Vienna Girardi-Kasey Kahl triangle on ABC's Bachelor Pad as tumultuous as it appears?

Well, the three won't be sharing tea anytime soon, but the show's power couple said they actually don't harbor any ill will toward the former Bachelor star.

"Let me publicly say that we honestly have no problems with Jake," Kahl told PEOPLE Saturday at Las Vegas's Studio 54. "We wish Jake the best. Seriously, we're happy. We came to play the game and we did. I wish him the best and she wishes him the best. We're so happy and we really want him to be happy, too."

Girardi, Pavelka's former fiancée, said, "It's forgiven, it's forgotten. Good luck to him in whatever endeavors he wishes to do."

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Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad: Jake Pavelka Faces Elimination

Originally posted 08/13/2011 09:30AM

It's no surprise that tensions are already flaring up on the second season of Bachelor Pad.

Monday's episode finds underdog Jake Pavelka begging for a lifeline from his ex-fiancee Vienna Girardi and her new boyfriend Kasey Kahl to stave off elimination.

"There's about a 90 percent chance that I'm going home tonight," Pavelka admits. "I am in trouble. … You guys are basically the only ones that can save me."

"Can you have our help? Are you stupid?" Kahl retorts.

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Bachelor Pad Winner Natalie Getz Calls New Season 'Super Dramatic'

Bachelor Pad

Natalie Getz Calls New Season of Bachelor Pad 'Super Dramatic'

Originally posted 07/22/2011 10:10AM

New season of Bachelor Pad, new drama.

According to last season's winner, Natalie Getz, when contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette compete against each other for $250,000, tensions are bound to flare.

"I think it's going to be a complete s– show to be honest with you and I can't wait," Getz told PEOPLE. "It's going to be super dramatic."

One source of tension will undoubtedly be the reunion of exes Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, who share the house with Girardi's current love interest Kasey Kahl (best known for getting a tattoo on Ali Fedotowsky's season). While Getz says that the love triangle did result in fighting, the contestants were able to move past it.

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TV News

Heidi Montag Meets Jake Pavelka and Danielle Staub on Famous Food

Originally posted 06/23/2011 09:40AM

What's cooking with Heidi Montag?

The former Hills star is teaming up with former Real Housewives villain Danielle Staub and Bachelor hunk Jake Pavelka on – what else? – a tasty new reality show.

In a clip from Famous Food, which debuts July 10 on VH1, Montag meets her new costars, who will work together to launch a new restaurant in Hollywood.

"People think I'm this train wreck that hasn't wrecked yet," she tells the camera before introductions are made. "Little do they know, I actually have a brain."

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Will You Watch Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi on Bachelor Pad 2?

Bachelor Pad

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Move Into Bachelor Pad 2

Originally posted 06/09/2011 12:15PM

Bachelor Pad is back – so let the backstabbing begin!

The ABC show, which reunites some of the most memorable contestants from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette to compete for $250,000, will bring together exes Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi, a source tells PEOPLE, when season 2 premieres Aug. 8 on ABC.

Pavelka and Girardi's split last June ended in a nasty feud that played out on national TV, as Jake accused his season's winner of being unfaithful, while she said he was a liar and a "fame whore."

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Vienna Girardi 'Absolutely Scared' of Dating Kasey After Jake

The Bachelor

Vienna Girardi 'Absolutely Scared' of Dating Kasey After Jake

Originally posted 04/16/2011 03:00PM

Vienna Girardi is head over heels for her new beau Kasey Kahl, but admits she was nervous to be dating again after her highly publicized split from ex-fiancé Jake Pavelka.

The former Bachelor winner, 24, still has reservations about getting close to anyone, based on what she calls a "train-wreck" experience with her former love.

"Even opening up to Kasey, like, we were dating for a few months, but I didn't want it to go public because I wanted to make sure it was real," Girardi told PEOPLE this weekend at Reality Rocks Expo in L.A. "I am absolutely scared of the possibility of getting engaged again. It scares me 100 percent."

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Heidi Montag & Jake Pavelka Together – for Reality Show | Danielle Staub, Heidi Montag, Jake Pavelka

TV News

Heidi Montag & Jake Pavelka Together – for Reality Show

Originally posted 04/05/2011 05:15PM

This may become one crowded kitchen.

Jake Pavelka, Danielle Staub, Heidi Montag and other reality alumni are all going into the food business together for an upcoming series that places some big personalities under heavy pressure, PEOPLE has learned.

"They are revamping a restaurant from the ground up," says a source on the set of the new reality series, slated to air on VH1. "They started shooting this past weekend."

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Vienna Girardi Dating Former Bachelorette Contestant

The Bachelor

Vienna Girardi Dating Former Bachelorette Contestant

Originally posted 03/25/2011 04:00PM

Her romance with Jake Pavelka didn't work out, but Vienna Girardi isn't giving up on finding love within The Bachelor franchise.

Girardi, 24, has been cozying up to Bachelorette contestant Kasey Kahl, whose catch phrase "guard and protect your heart" was tattooed on his wrist in an effort to impress Ali Fedotowsky when he vied for her affection on season 6.

"They are dating and have been for a few months," Girardi's rep confirms to PEOPLE. "They've been spending time together in his Fresno [Calif.], hometown, working on some projects for his non-profit, Guard and Protect Hearts, Inc."

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