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James Caviezel

Credit: Gary Gershoff / Retna
James Caviezel to Sport Superman's Cape? | James Caviezel

James Caviezel to Sport Superman's Cape?

Originally posted 08/11/2004 09:10AM

James Caviezel may have convincingly played Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, but now Hollywood is wondering: Could he handle the lead role in director Bryan Singer's new version of Superman?

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Credit: Gary Gershoff / Retna
Caviezel Hits the Links | James Caviezel

Caviezel Hits the Links

Originally posted 04/29/2004 9:00AM

Where is one to go after playing Jesus? Jim Caviezel, for one, hit the links – to play legendary golfer Bobby Jones in the biopic Bobby Jones, Stroke of Genius (opening Friday). If that seems like an easy role after the enormous challenge of The Passion of the Christ, then perhaps you didn't know that Caviezel is, well, let's say, not a fan of the sport. "I wasn't into golf – I'd rather watch the paint dry, I'd rather watch Martha Stewart," Caviezel said at the movie's New York premiere this week. "I could care less about the Golf Channel or any golf. I like the fast sports. I like basketball, football, baseball – golf just never really interested me." So why star in a movie about a golfer? "I liked the story of Bobby Jones, I like what he stood for," Caviezel said. "He was a guy who was an amateur golfer that beat all the best in the world. ... (The movie is) about sportsmanship, it's about (the idea that) there's more to life than winning championships. I, like most people, wouldn't want to see it if it was just about golf."

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Credit: Nick Cornish/REX
Hollywood & Divine | The Passion of the Christ

Hollywood & Divine

Originally posted 03/25/2004 10:00AM

Lord of hosts, send legions of angels to the major media centers of the world, such as Hollywood and New York, to assist in spreading Your message and accomplishing Your will.

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NEWS BRIEFS: Lisa Marie to Testify?

Originally posted 03/16/2004 01:00PM

SUGGESTED: Following Lisa Marie Presley's televised comments about her 1994-96 marriage to Michael Jackson -- in which she claimed she "saw things I couldn't do anything about" -- Presley could be subpoenaed by prosecutors to testify against her ex in his upcoming trial on charges of child molestation, say legal experts speaking on NBC's "Today" show Tuesday. Under oath, say the lawyers, Presley, 36, could not hide behind the reputed confidentiality agreement she signed when she divorced Jackson.

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The Gospel of Mel

Originally posted 02/26/2004 10:38AM

On an Italian hilltop where he was staging the Sermon on the Mount, Mel Gibson watched as lightning struck the man playing Jesus in The Passion of the Christ. A pink light engulfed actor Jim Caviezel's body, but miraculously, he was unharmed. Ever since, Gibson has told the story, with a wink, as evidence of a major VIP visitor to the set.

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Jim Caviezel

Originally posted 02/20/2004 10:15AM

Facing whips and lightning strikes – not to mention a heated religious controversy – Jim Caviezel, 36, has weathered a storm in bringing director Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ to the big screen. The film, due Feb. 25, has the actor (Frequency, High Crimes) carrying his heaviest role yet: Jesus Christ. While some groups have claimed that Passion is anti-Semitic, others have objected to scenes depicting Christ's graphic torture (the movie's been called one of the most violent ever). Caviezel recently talked about the physical and emotional demands of the drama, and why he decided to put his faith in Gibson.

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Hunky Jim Caviezel: Keep Your Shirt On

Originally posted 01/22/2002 12:00PM

The star of "The Thin Red Line" and soon-to-be-released "Count of Monte Cristo" is no fan of hanky-panky, on or off the screen.

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