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James Franco

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James Franco Is 'Hit of the Party' at Sundance | James Franco, Mario Lopez

James Franco Is 'Hit of the Party' at Sundance

Originally posted 01/21/2013 11:15AM

The stars arrived by the dozens to Park City, Utah, for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival and PEOPLE has the details of their busy weekend.

James Franco was one of the last to arrive to the Stella Artois-hosted dinner for his documentary Kink on Saturday evening. Later, the Lovelace star hosted a large 1 a.m. "after, after party" at Everest Mansion powered by Saygus high up in the nearby mountains. The actor still managed to be up in time to surprise the guests at the Outfest Queer Brunch at Grub Steak Restaurant in Prospector Square Sunday morning with his Interior. Leather Bar. co-director Travis Mathews.

"James was the hit of the party," one brunch attendee tells PEOPLE. "Everyone wanted their picture with him."

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Mila Kunis & James Franco Dazzle in Oz The Great and Powerful Trailer

Oz The Great and Powerful Trailer Released

Originally posted 11/14/2012 11:10AM

Nostalgic fans of Dorothy, Toto and witches (both good and bad) will soon get to revisit the wonderful world of Oz – this time in a new film from Disney that takes viewers back in time before the beloved wizard behind the curtain found his magical groove.

Disney released its trailer for the ambitious prequel Oz The Great and Powerful, which stars James Franco as Oscar Diggs, a small-town circus magician who is swept away in a cyclone to ... somewhere over the rainbow. Diggs thinks he's found fame and fortune in the magical kingdom until he runs into trio of witches who doubt he's the wizard they were hoping for and expecting.

Signing on as witches for the 3-D movie, directed by Sam Raimi and set for a March 8 release, are Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams, who will play Glinda, the good witch of the original classic, The Wizard of Oz.

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Is James Franco Seeing Ashley Benson? | James Franco

James Franco & Ashley Benson: Are They Dating?

Originally posted 10/24/2012 08:40PM

James Franco wants everyone to know he's not that much of a ladies' man.

The actor, 34, took to the Huffington Post Wednesday to address reports that he's been dating some of young Hollywood's hottest ladies, including his Spring Breakers costar Ashley Benson.

A source tells PEOPLE that Franco and Benson have been "hanging out and having fun for a while."

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Mila Kunis Hits Vegas with James Franco | James Franco, Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Hits Vegas with James Franco

Originally posted 04/26/2012 06:00AM

Following her weekend getaway with Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis has a brief stopover in Las Vegas Tuesday to promote her upcoming film Oz the Great and Powerful at the CinemaCon Festival.

Joined at the festival by costar James Franco, Kunis "looked cute," according to an onlooker, who noted her short skirt and heels. (Kutcher was not present in Sin City, however.)

Later that night, Franco was spotted at Tao Asian Bistro, where he grabbed dinner with three female friends. For the meal, they enjoyed some sea bass, lobster wantons and fried rice with Chinese sausage.

James Franco Sings 'I Love You Like a Love Song'

Originally posted 04/10/2012 04:45AM

Worst lip syncher ever? We beg to differ!

James Franco first posted the above video of himself singing along to Spring Breakers costar Selena Gomez's "Love You Like A Love Song" on Friday. And not only does he know most of the words, he loves it and he rocks it.

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PEOPLE Review: Oscars Like Old Times – for Good and Bad | Billy Crystal

Oscars 2012

PEOPLE Review: Oscars Like Old Times – for Good and Bad

Originally posted 02/27/2012 01:00AM

Considering that last year's Oscars were so thumpingly bad – co-host James Franco behaved as if he'd been taken out of the freezer, left on the counter and unevenly thawed – last night's broadcast was a welcome relief.

The strength of the show ultimately rests on the heat of the biggest contests – I doubt Americans were on the edge of their seats wondering whether the cosmically inscrutable Tree of Life could score an upset over the French silent The Artist – but the production looked great and flowed well.

Billy Crystal was hosting for his ninth time, brought on after Eddie Murphy dropped out in November, and it felt no different from his seventh, eighth or (if one were to project) fifty-seventh time.

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James Franco Dines with Costars in Louisiana | James Franco

James Franco Dines with Costars in Louisiana

Originally posted 01/09/2012 05:55AM

James Franco may be filming his new movie, The Iceman, in Shreveport, La., but the actor is also sampling the local cuisine. The actor (and author) and some friends from the movie set were spotted enjoying Italian food at Ristorante Guiseppe. "He was really having fun," a source tells us. "They loved the ribeye steak; it's fried, Italian style, with rosemary." Jane Bokun

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James Franco to Publish His First Novel | James Franco

James Franco to Publish His First Novel

Originally posted 01/04/2012 05:30AM

Actor, producer, graduate student, Oscars host. He's had plenty of titles. And now James Franco is set to add one more: novelist.

Franco, 33, has sold his first novel, Actors Anonymous, loosely based on his life, to Amazon Publishing, the New York Observer reports.

The book was acquired by Amazon fiction editor Ed Park, a founding editor of The Believer, whose move to Amazon in September caused a buzz in literary circles.

While this is Franco's first novel, it's not his first work of fiction. He released a book of short stories, Palo Alto, back in June, published by Scribner.
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VIDEO: How James Franco Faked It with a Chimpanzee | James Franco

How James Franco Faked It with a Chimpanzee

Originally posted 08/05/2011 07:15AM

Whether it's getting his doctorate or hosting the Oscars, James Franco is up to the task.

In his new movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, the multi-hyphenate, 33, might have pulled off his biggest stunt yet – playing make-believe with a virtual chimpanzee.

"I still don't understand how you guys did that," Jimmy Kimmel said during Franco's Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I know it's CGI and all that stuff, but it is amazing how those chimpanzees can talk and stuff."

"Yeah," Franco said. "Well, it wasn't real."

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James Franco: 'I Was Raised as a Cat Person' | James Franco

James Franco: 'I Was Raised as a Cat Person'

Originally posted 06/17/2011 07:45AM

James Franco: Actor, director, grad student, author – cat guy?

Franco is such a cat guy, in fact, that the multi-hyphenate shows up to black tie events with cat hair on his clothes.

"You can see some of their hair," he told reporters at the amfAR Inspiration Gala in New York on Tuesday.

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