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Jeff Bridges

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Taylor Swift, Movie Star? The Giver Costar Jeff Bridges Weighs In

Taylor Swift, Movie Star? The Giver Costar Jeff Bridges Weighs In

Originally posted 07/25/2014 01:15PM

Jeff Bridges is aware Taylor Swift is a talented musician, but he's also certain of her future as she mines new professional challenges on film.

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Meryl Streep Owns the Screen in Star-Studded New The Giver Trailer | The Giver, Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep, Katie Holmes and a Little Bit of Taylor Swift Steal Screen in The Giver Trailer

Originally posted 06/05/2014 04:25PM

The latest trailer for The Giver turns the spotlight on the film's A-list actors: Meryl Streep, Jeff Bridges and Katie Holmes.

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5 Exclusive GIFs to Whet Your Appetite for The Giver

5 Exclusive GIFs to Whet Your Appetite for The Giver

Originally posted 05/07/2014 01:05PM

Lois Lowry's iconic, Newbury-winning novel The Giver will be tugging heartstrings in theaters starting August 15.

Starring Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep and Australian actor Brenton Thwaites, the film comes to theaters at a time when teen-oriented dystopian dramas are So. Hot.

But The Giver, which has sold over 10 million copies worldwide, is the O.G. of dystopian young adult fiction. It was published in 1993, when "Hunger Games" were something aspiring grunge musicians were playing in Seattle while waiting for their big break.

To help build whatever anticipation wasn't already heightened to a fever pitch by the film's trailer (watch it below), we have five GIFs from The Giver, premiering exclusively on PEOPLE.com now. Enjoy.

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Finally! Official Trailer for The Giver Is Out

Finally! Official Trailer for The Giver Is Out

Originally posted 03/19/2014 11:55AM

The highly anticipated movie trailer for The Giver certainly looks like a winner.

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Watch Jennifer Lawrence Have Total Fan Girl Moment with Jeff Bridges

Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out Meeting Jeff Bridges

Originally posted 07/25/2013 09:45AM

She's won an Oscar, but that hasn't changed Jennifer Lawrence – she acted just like a regular fan when she ran into an actor she liked at Comic-Con in San Diego.

The Hunger Games star, 22, got flustered when she spotted Jeff Bridges in the same press room at the event and rushed towards him to say hello before running the other way in a panic – and it was all caught on camera! (Skip to the 2:30 mark for the action below.)

In the video posted by Extra, Lawrence finally gets up the courage to try again, and she steps up to hug Bridges – catching him in the middle of an interview. She gushes, "I'm such a huge fan. Oh, my God, I'm so sorry."

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Five Things to Know About True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld

Five Things to Know About True Grit's Hailee Steinfeld

Originally posted 12/27/2010 01:00PM

Among a laundry list of seasoned scene-stealers starring in the Coen brothers's latest film, True GritMatt Damon, Josh Brolin and Jeff Bridges – there's a new leading lady ready to make a big name for herself: Hailee Steinfeld.

As her first starring role in a major film, which is the second adaptation of the Charles Portis 1968 novel of the same name, Steinfeld holds her own as Mattie Ross, a fiery teen avenging her father's death in the wild, wild west. Before you catch the film, meet the Thousand Oaks, Calif., native, 14, who isn't afraid to take on hefty costars or a pit of snakes.

1. She got her big break in a Kmart commercial

Just months before she was rubbing shoulders on the dusty plains with Bridges and Damon, Steinfeld was bantering with high school kids in a squeaky-clean "Blingatude" back-to-school commercial for Kmart. She's the girl in the light-blue headband and heart-print top. It was one of Steinfeld's few onscreen roles before being cast in True Grit.

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Jeff Bridges Wonders If Oscar Win Is All a Dream | Jeff Bridges

Jeff Bridges Wonders If Oscar Win Is All a Dream

Originally posted 03/08/2010 11:30AM

Jeff Bridges won't be pinching himself anytime soon. If all of this is an Oscars dream, he's fine with that.

"It's unbelievable," Bridges, 60, told PEOPLE at the Governor's Ball after winning the Best Actor Oscar on Sunday for Crazy Heart, nearly 40 years after his first nomination, for 1971's The Last Picture Show.

"This could be a dream," he said. "I might wake up. Maybe not. Not for a while, anyway."

The actor credited his friends, family and colleagues for their love and support during his long and winding road through Hollywood. During his acceptance speech, he raised the Oscar to the sky and addressed his late parents, Lloyd and Dorothy.

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Oscar History Made: Bigelow, Bullock, Bridges Win | Oscars 2010, Jeff Bridges, Sandra Bullock

Oscars 2010

Oscar History Made: Bigelow, Bullock, Bridges Win

Originally posted 03/08/2010 12:15AM

There may have been few surprises on Oscar night Sunday, but there was plenty of heart.

Glowing in gold as she stood in the winners' circle, Best Actress Sandra Bullock – who noted that George Clooney once threw her into a swimming pool years ago – acknowledged each of her sister nominees, including the "great kisser" Meryl Streep, then focused on the message of her movie, The Blind Side: that the mother figure is the one who brings light and love into a person's life.

In a moment that is bound to be long remembered, Bullock tearfully thanked her mother "Helga B" – Helga D. Meyer, a German opera singer and voice teacher who died in 2000 – whose wise guidance included not letting her daughters ride in cars with boys until they were 18. The Oscar winner admitted that she would have done exactly what her mother feared she would.

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George Clooney Bets on Jeff Bridges at the Academy Awards | Oscars 2010, Elisabetta Canalis, George Clooney

George Clooney Isn't Betting on Himself for Oscar Win

Originally posted 03/07/2010 09:00PM

George Clooney is a betting man – and even he is betting he won't win the Best Actor trophy at Sunday's Academy Awards.

"If you were to say to me, 'Put all of your property on one thing,' I would put all of it on that," Clooney joked with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet. His choice? "I even voted for Jeff Bridges."

Still, that doesn't mean the actor wasn't in good spirits at Sunday's award show. "I am not a lonely guy," Clooney, who brought girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis as his date, said. "Look, I am surrounded by stunning women in long dresses."

And the actor had another celebrity admirer on the red carpet: Sherri Shepherd. "I'm traumatized because I want George Clooney," the View cohost, who emceed ABC's red carpet special, said. Then she asked Canalis: "You don't mind do you?"

While Canalis smiled and said "no," her Up in the Air beau joked that her answer was because she didn't understand the question. "She doesn't understand English or she'd kill you," he said with a smile. "She'd cut you with a stiletto."

Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Hutchins
QUOTED: Maggie Gyllenhaal High-Fives Jeff Bridges's Heart – and His Vodka

Oscars 2010

QUOTED: Maggie Gyllenhaal High-Fives Jeff Bridges's Heart – and His Vodka

Originally posted 02/17/2010 08:15AM

"[During filming], you had everyone come in your trailer and you had vodka and I wasn't used to that, but I had an almost 2-year-old and I was up for it. And I remember in the end it dwindled down [to a few people] and you put your arm around Scott [Cooper, the director] and said, 'This is our leader, man, this is our leader.' And I wasn't sure, but I went with you because you said that and you said that with all your heart … And I know something about his heart, and he deserves every award that you guys could come up with to give him."

Maggie Gyllenhaal, presenting her Crazy Heart costar Jeff Bridges his best actor prize Tuesday night at AARP the Magazine's Ninth Annual Movies for Grownup Awards, at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills.
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