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Amy Schumer Had the Best Reaction to Being Caught on the Kiss Cam at a Mets Game

Originally posted 09/25/2016 05:45PM

Amy Schumer is having quite the Sunday fun day!

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Jerry Seinfeld: 'I Don't Like All the Cursing in Comedy'

Originally posted 09/18/2016 08:05PM

Jerry Seinfeld returned to the Emmys for the first time in 19 years and he's got a message for comedians.

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Jerry Seinfeld Makes First Emmys Appearance in 19 Years

Originally posted 09/18/2016 07:25PM

Jerry Seinfeld didn't know why he was at the 2016 Emmy Awards.

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Seinfeld 9/11 Spec Script Author Says Episode Should've Existed, but Couldn't Have

Originally posted 08/05/2016 01:35PM

A version of this article originally appeared on EW.com.

Writer and comedian Billy Domineau has stumbled into viral fame after posting a Seinfeld spec script that imagines how its well-known sitcom characters would have reacted to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The 44-page episode, titled "The Twin Towers," perfectly channels what Domineau sees as the "nihilistic, no-hugging-no-learning nature of the show" by focusing on how the core characters each react selfishly to the national catastrophe: Jerry develops a paranoia about dust, Elaine tries to break up with a survivor she's seeing, George masquerades as a first responder, and Kramer discovers his friend was one of the terrorists behind the attacks.

It's certainly a shocking subject matter, but one that Domineau says he was very careful to write about in a non-offensive way and contextualized in the voice of the show.

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Bryan Cranston Spills Seinfeld Secrets: Here's Why Jerry Is Always Smiling

Originally posted 07/14/2016 01:00PM

Jerry Seinfeld's small-screen alter ego on Seinfeld had plenty to feel good about: He had a loyal (if eccentric) group of friends, a successful career (good enough to buy his parents a new Cadillac), and a dating life that would put even the most devoted Tinder users to shame.

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Maya Rudolph Channels Khloé Kardashian in Ride-Along with Jerry Seinfeld

Originally posted 07/05/2016 02:50PM

Khloé Kardashian is going for a ride with Jerry Seinfeld in his popular Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series – well … sort of.

Funnywoman Maya Rudolph will impersonate the 5-ft., 10-in. Kardashian sister, on Tuesday's episode of Marty & Maya during a fictional "lost episode" segment of Seinfeld's show that showcases "people who are not only funny, but just people who think they're funny."

"I'm pretty much known as the funniest Kardashian," Rudolph-as-Kardashian boasts in the clip, her head towering out of Seinfeld's convertible. "But I'm not just the funny one, I'm also the tall one."

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Jerry Seinfeld Previews Season 8 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Originally posted 06/16/2016 03:00PM

A version of this article previously appeared on EW.com.

Well before James Corden turned "Carpool Karaoke" into a viral hit, Jerry Seinfeld was mining mobile entertainment for laughs. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, his offbeat, intimate talk show that is conducted in a vintage vehicle (and includes a pit stop for caffeine/foodstuff) returns for an eighth season of ridesharing – and story sharing – between humorists, who have included everyone from Steve Martin to Don Rickles to Tina Fey to Louis C.K. (And let's not forget President Obama.)

"It seems all I have to do is sit down with someone that interests me and interesting conversations just happen," Seinfeld, 62, tells Entertainment Weekly. "I have no cards, I have no notes. Something we just can't stop … Comedians are very chatty, very inquisitive. They're like watch-repair people: They like to take everything apart." Here, he takes us under the hood of season 8 – the premiere of which is now available on Crackle – by previewing all six episodes, before reflecting an installment from the first season that featured an old friend.

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'Car Guy' Jerry Seinfeld 'Very Proud' of Daughter Sascha Learning to Drive Stick

'Car Guy' Jerry Seinfeld 'Very Proud' of Daughter Sascha Learning to Drive Stick

Originally posted 04/22/2016 08:30PM

"Because I'm a car guy, I want my daughter to drive a stick," the comedian explains

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