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Jerry Springer

The Jerry Springer Show Celebrates 25 Years: The Host Shares His Most 'Unprofessional' Moment

Originally posted 09/18/2015 10:00PM

Jerry Springer has hosted over 5,000 episodes of his hit talk show, but there is one particular moment that sticks out to him after 25 years on the job.

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POLL: Will You Watch Jerry Springer's New Show, Tabloid?

Jerry Springer to Host New Show – Tabloid

Originally posted 04/04/2013 06:00PM

Jerry Springer is still dealing with outrageous stories, but in his latest project, he won't get caught in the middle of them.

Already the host of the trash-tastic Jerry Springer Show, Springer, 69, has a new hosting gig: Investigation Discovery network's Tabloid, which takes a look at some of the strangest stories in the weeklies found in supermarket checkout lines.

"The thing I like best about television is the opportunity to tell stories ... stories that cover the entire range of human experiences and emotions," Springer said, according to Deadline.

"Tabloid gives me another chance to do just that, and I can’t wait to get started."

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Jerry Springer: Harry Not to Blame – Who Took Those Nude Pics? | Prince Harry

Jerry Springer Thinks Prince Harry's Nude Photo Controversy Is 'Funny'

Originally posted 08/24/2012 10:05AM

Shock talk show host Jerry Springer is no stranger to outrageous behavior – especially nudity.

So, when he saw the photos of Prince Harry rubbing on ladies while naked in the privacy of his own VIP suite in Las Vegas, the veteran TV host was astounded people made it into such a big deal.

"Honestly, what did he do?" Springer, 68, told PEOPLE on Thursday. "He was in his own room. I don't know what the scandal is. He wasn't with anyone he shouldn't have been with. There wasn't any sexual activity that was inappropriate."

Springer's talk show featured a 2010 episode titled "Stripper Spectacular." (The description, according to TV Guide: A stripper-fest: a stripper sleeps with her sister's guy; a stripper worries she's losing her guy to a fellow stripper; a stripper wants to steal her coworker's deejay boyfriend.)

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Behind the Scenes at Dancing with the Stars

UpdatePosted 11/09/2006 04:45PM

Behind the Scenes at Dancing with the Stars

Originally posted 11/15/2006 10:15AM

He's the ManNow that Emmitt Smith is the Dancing with the Stars champ, does the football star's wife Pat have any apprehensions that he'll have a big head? "Not at all," she told us. "He's going to be so easy to live with."

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NEWS BRIEFS: Jessica Lynch Honored

Originally posted 02/19/2004 10:54AM

AWARDED: Jessica Lynch, the former Army supply clerk who was captured last March in Iraq and became a prisoner of war before being rescued in April, has received the inaugural Lewis McManus Service Award, the Associated Press reports. The award, named for the former West Virginia Speaker of the House, is given by the Ohio-West Virginia YMCA, which sponsors a leadership center and youth government program. Lynch was the subject of a CBS television movie about her ordeal, and she recently released an autobiography as well.

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Jerry Springer the Subject of an Opera

Originally posted 08/09/2002 01:50AM

The TV ringmaster and his outrageous show get the musical treatment at a Fringe Festival in Scotland, where a diaper fetishist sings.

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Springer Sprung Upon England

Originally posted 03/18/1999 12:00AM

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Springer May Recoil

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Originally posted 01/30/1998 12:00AM

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