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Behind the Big Bucks of This Friends and Big Bang Theory Instagram

Originally posted 01/25/2016 03:00PM

[CUSTOM_PLAYER_BRIGHTCOVE "4720793532001" "450" "600"] They're some of the biggest sitcom stars in history, and they've got the bank accounts to prove it.

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The Long Island Medium's Theresa Caputo Dishes on Seeing Famous Ghosts

Originally posted 01/01/2016 10:00AM

The star of Long Island Medium may claim to be able to talk to spirits, but she doesn't have a crystal ball to predict who they will be.

"I've seen people that have departed that are famous," Theresa Caputo tells PEOPLE.

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Getting Supernatural with the Stars! See Theresa Caputo Stun Jim Parsons, Susan Lucci and Jamie-Lynn Sigler on Long Island Medium

Originally posted 11/19/2015 12:00PM

The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons was positively giddy to meet Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo – and then the tears started flowing.

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Inside the Emmy Nominations' Biggest Snubs and Surprises

Emmy Awards

Emmy Nominations 2015: The Biggest Snubs and Surprises

Originally posted 07/16/2015 03:30PM

The Emmy nominations are in, which means there were some happily surprised (we're looking at you, Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany) and others undoubtedly disappointed (maybe next year, Big Bang Theory?).

Here's a look at the biggest snubs and surprises of the 2015 nominations:

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What Four-Legged Star Left Jim Parsons Starstruck?

What Four-Legged Star Left Jim Parsons Starstruck?

Originally posted 03/27/2015 06:10PM

Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons lends his voice to the new DreamWorks animated film, Home but the 42-year-old actor loves traveling abroad as well. He admitted he's in a constant state of frustration when it comes to work, gets starstruck by furry little dogs and a few other things when he chatted with PEOPLE this week about "one last thing" …

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How Jim Parsons Has Been Getting on Rihanna's Nerves (VIDEO)

Originally posted 03/17/2015 08:00AM

There aren't many people in the world who get the pleasure to consistently annoy Rihanna and get away with it.

Jim Parsons is one of those people. The Big Bang Theory star was a guest on Monday's The Tonight Show, where he explained to Jimmy Fallon how he's been getting on Rihanna's nerves while the pair are promoting their new movie Home.

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Credit: Chelsea Lauren/Getty
PHOTOS: Big Bang Theory Star Jim Parsons Meets His Wax Figure

UpdatePosted 03/16/2015 07:35PM

PHOTOS: Big Bang Theory Star Jim Parsons Meets His Wax Figure

Originally posted 03/16/2015 05:40PM

Sheldon Cooper would approve.

The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons unveiled his brand new wax figure for Madame Tussauds Orlando on Friday. The figure will be shipped – carefully! – to Florida for the attraction's grand opening on May 4.

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Credit: Michael Yarish/Warner Bros. Inset:Andrew Burton/Getty
The Big Bang Theory: Look Who Visited Sheldon and Amy

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory: Look Who Visited Sheldon and Amy

Originally posted 03/16/2015 02:15PM

Look who got to geek out with Sheldon and Amy?

Retired Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly recently stopped by the set of The Big Bang Theory. The couple were there as fans, not guest stars, and they got to snap a shot with cast members Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper) and Mayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler).

"What an honor and privilege to meet @gabbygiffords on set with @therealjimparsons," Bialik posted on Instagram. "What a woman she is. Wow."

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Credit: Courtesy Good Morning America
Good Deeds Win Texas Woman a Hometown Movie Premiere with Rihanna and Jim Parsons

Good Morning America

Good Morning America Contest Winner Gets a Home Movie Premiere in Her Hometown

Originally posted 03/13/2015 10:45AM

Hollywood is going to Texas, y'all.

Good Morning America is bringing Home to Plano, Texas, where contest winner Cheryl Jackson (along with her family and friends, of course) will get treated to a screening of the animated feature.

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Credit: Paramount/Everett
The Big Bang Theory Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

The Big Bang Theory Pays Tribute to Leonard Nimoy

Originally posted 03/05/2015 08:30PM

Leonard Nimoy never actually appeared on The Big Bang Theory, but his persona always loomed large in the world of Sheldon Cooper.

To pay tribute to Nimoy, who died Feb. 27 at the age of 83, the show's producers gave a shout-out to the Spock' actor in the vanity card at the end of the episode.

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