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Jimmy Stewart

Olivia de Havilland Opens Up About Her Love for Married Errol Flynn – and Romance with Jimmy Stewart

Originally posted 07/07/2016 12:00PM

Accomplished and alluring, Olivia de Havilland dated her share of Hollywood's most dashing power players at the height of her career.

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Jimmy Stewart Goes on a Crazy Space Odyssey in This Brilliant Alfred Hitchcock/Stanley Kubrick Movie Mashup

Originally posted 10/20/2015 02:20PM

The Red Drum Getaway from Gump on Vimeo. Jimmy Stewart was put through some dizzying ordeals in his two classic movies for director Alfred Hitchcock: Rear Window and Vertigo. But Stanley Kubrick, another director revered for complete artistic control, would have sent poor Jimmy round the bend – and pretty much does – in an inspired digital short called The Red Drum Getaway. (Warning: This video is NSFW.)

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Kevin Spacey's Touching Jimmy Stewart Impression Brought Carol Burnett to Tears

Originally posted 09/17/2015 09:25AM

Kevin Spacey's Jimmy Stewart impression will make fans laugh and cry – and it did just that to Carol Burnett.

The House of Cards actor appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Wednesday and surprised Burnett with a touching impression of the legendary actor, who was her dear friend.

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Credit: Peter Stackpole/Getty Images
FROM LIFE: Life with Jimmy Stewart: A War Hero Comes Home, 1945 | Jimmy Stewart

FROM LIFE: Life with Jimmy Stewart: A War Hero Comes Home, 1945

Originally posted 11/11/2014 01:45PM

Stewart returned to his Pennsylvania hometown to the unsurprisingly wholesome goings-on

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Credit: Leonard McCombe/Time & Life Pictures/Getty
Hollywood Screen Goddess Kim Novak Turns 81 | Kim Novak

Kim Novak Turns 81 with a LIFE.com Photo Spread

Originally posted 02/13/2014 01:15PM

She was a major box-office draw in the '50s, even topping the box-office standing of Marilyn Monroe, and Thursday, the day before Valentine's Day, marks the 81st birthday of Kim Novak.

Speaking to LIFE.com recently, the star of Alfred Hitchcock's critically revered Vertigo, as well as Picnic, Pal Joey, The Man with the Golden Arm and other screen landmarks of her era, recalled her photo shoot for the magazine's cover story of nearly 60 years ago.

"I hoped to show the world my soul," said Chicago's former Marilyn Pauline Novak, whose sultry voice is still very much intact, as evidenced by a highly revealing Turner Classic Movies interview that aired last year. (She told TCM host Robert Osborne that she expected her favorite leading man, Jimmy Stewart, to be waiting for her at the Pearly Gates, when her time comes.)

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Credit: Dr. Billy Ingram/WireImage
'It's a Wonderful Life' Child Star, Now 74: Don't Take Life for Granted

Karolyn Grimes, Actress Who Played Zuzu Bailey: 'No One Has a Wonderful Life'

Originally posted 12/24/2013 11:55AM

It was a cruel irony of It's a Wonderful Life: The actress who played Zuzu, the 6-year-old girl whose flower petals symbolized the triumph of love over despair, ended up living a real life of heartbreak – enduring more pain and loss than most.

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Credit: Everett
It's a Wonderful Life Sequel in the Works

UpdatePosted 11/19/2013 11:55AM

It's a Wonderful Life Reboot: Every Time a Bell Rings, a Movie Gets an Unnecessary Sequel

Originally posted 11/19/2013 09:20AM

The eternal feel-good Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life will be getting a sequel focusing on the descendants of Jimmy Stewart's put-upon bank manager, George Bailey, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

Star Partners, a production firm that has funded Moonstruck, Rain Main and The Color Purple, among other films, will be financing the project in partnership with production company Hummingbird, aiming to get the picture out in time for the 2015 holiday season, according to Variety.

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Credit: Martha Holmes/Time & Life Pictures/Getty
PHOTOS: How It's a Wonderful Life Created Its White Christmas

It's a Wonderful Life Was a Winter Wonderland – in July

Originally posted 12/23/2012 01:30PM

It's the sentimental family favorite that easily induces tears for its heartfelt final scenes, but when it came to creating a winter wonderland for his 1946 It's a Wonderful Life, producer-director Frank Capra was one tough taskmaster.

He wanted real snow – not the painted corn flakes Hollywood was accustomed to passing off as the white stuff – to blanket his setting, the town of Bedford Falls, reports Life.com in its special feature with never-before-seen on-set photos from the holiday classic.

To achieve his goal, Capra – who trained as an engineer as a student at Cal Tech before becoming the talkies' first true stylist, as an Oscar-winning director for Columbia Pictures – collaborated with RKO studio's special effects expert Russell Sherman.

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Credit: Everett
It's a Wonderful Life? Not for Zuzu, Who Lived a Life of Heartbreak

It's a Wonderful Life? Not for Zuzu, Who Lived a Life of Heartbreak

Originally posted 12/05/2011 08:25AM

Her flower petals in It's a Wonderful Life were the ultimate symbol of the healing power of love in an otherwise cruel world. But Karolyn Grimes, who played Zuzu in the iconic 1946 Christmas movie, needed more faith than most in a real life that was a long way from wonderful.

"My mother died when I was 12, and right after, my dad died in a car crash. I was 15 and had no family," Grimes, now 71, says in a new interview in the Washington Post.

She was sent to live with an aunt and uncle, but felt little connection to them.

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